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  2. Roger Higgs.
  3. I emailed requesting information and was told that my email was forwarded to the correct person. I was asking about the rear stays on the Ariel HT frame some one told me that they had to be bolt on as per original. I thought this could not be correct as then GOV 132 would not be eligable for the trial. I never got a reply.
  4. Just to let you know in the past i put oil filler the on the left side of enlarged rear gussets. Did this when Sammy sold my frames and also when Martyn Adams used my frames. John Bartram
  5. Sorry my mobile was off I was away on my hols. The only frame I make is the HT. Regards John Bartram
  6. Please do not use a flash.
  7. Nikon have view NX which is free. Its also easy to put a discription of the picture in the exif data.
  8. I liked the Ebay sellers Name !!!!!
  9. The mainshaft i use is from the Ariel singles i extend the thread that holds the clutch on and trim to required length. The AJS i find is too short. I think the longer main shafts you find are from the Ariel twins and the square 4 ? Regards John
  10. As you say the standard HT Box GB47 had a what they called a wide ratio. Second gear closer to first. Third as standard ration then a jump to forth. The gears that Mick Ash had made had an extra wide ratio, jump to forth to get a better road speed. Many years ago i found a Burman box with reverse gear i found that i could use one set of the gears for third gear. My third gear was like a std road box second i could pull third in some sections.
  11. 52 inches is the number.
  12. I also asked the Electrex chaps at Telford 2012 there reply was that they were working on it.
  13. My HT3

    From the album Ariel HT

    This is the bike i am building for my self.

    © (C)2012 John Bartram, all rights reserved

  14. Drive side

    From the album Ariel HT

    Note the foot rest hangers.

    © (C)2012 John Bartram, all rights reserved

  15. Alloy silencer

    From the album Ariel HT

    © (C)2012 John Bartram, all rights reserved