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  1. I can tell you that I did once have an old 1990's GasGas that had one of those 2 pot pattern callipers[the castings were not as good quality as Ajp/Grimeca/Brembo] and it was a problem on that bike...was very poor braking with that calliper until I changed it for a Grimeca made 2 pot 1 and then the braking was excellent...It may just have been that particular calliper but that is my experience with one of those parts.....cannot help with experience of a mastercylinder though;sorry.
  2. Please do not put diesel in this one or I may have a breakdown.
  3. Hello, there is little choice really if you want a reasonable price [read that as A price] I think they were fitted with a Brembo calliper and AJP master cylinder if I remember what was on mine correctly,anyway Splatshop webshop has an AJP 2 pot calliper brand new and you have little choice but Braketech for the mastercylinder brand new which you can find easily,good luck finding what your after. BRAKETECH......WHO!! WHAT!! ......sorry about that of course I mean ......BRAK.....TEC no 'E' and no 'H' on the end .....' BRAKTEC ' to those that say it does not matter........ when someone describes your car as a Ford opus instead of a Focus lets see what you will say about that. Focus...Opus its all the same... sounds similar.
  4. The best technique is to turn off the fuel tap and lean it up against something; then get it over with and kick it so it falls on the floor.....Job done!,then go inspect the sections If of course you are a perfectionist;find a rock and throw it at the tank to dent it and scratch the paint.....perfect!......The man upstairs hates that .
  5. To me that looks like a new piston.
  6. I would not be hitting the flywheel on my bike while it was on the crank......the main bearings will not appreciate that much among other things.
  7. Trials bikes lean at quite an angle on their side stands Google this' Yamaha Ty175 images' and have a look[there are plenty of examples] at the length of a standard side stand in relation to the swing arm, you probably think that the bike should stand more upright than it actually does.
  8. With Braketech callipers and mastercylinders.......Joking aside; my advice for what its worth would be to buy Ryan Youngs training videos[ There are 2 of them] [I always give this advice...,you would think that I would have come up with something different by now but what can I say..If I had a £ for every] and also go on you tube and watch and search for trials training videos;of which there are plenty to keep you busy........Then go and practise as much as you can before you enter any competitions. Watching a trials event; it looks easier than it actually is when you get there yourself with the bike.
  9. Try emailing Nigel Birkett at ossauk and maybe he knows or can find the relative information for you.
  10. Have a short peg welded on the side that you can catch your boot on to push it down.
  11. parts books/manuals and set up info
  12. Excellent, Thanks.
  13. A lot of people use the imaginary braks that are commonly known as Braketec. not sure if those are Chinese copies or such......If it says Braktec they are probably genuine. Have you removed the pistons to check for damage and then lubricated the pistons and seals with Dot 4 before pushing them back in the calliper.
  14. Are you mad, what kind of sense does that make.