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  1. Learning something new everyday.. not a 4t person so never looked at a Beta 4T in detail ... thought it was just the usual ebay scrambler bike owner edition like the competition trial bikes that are fitted with Moto-X handlebars and given beautiful paint makeovers.
  2. Is it off a road bike MX/Enduro? a proper domino trials throttle with a black tube for slow action or a white tube if you want quick They only cost approx. £13.00
  3. What domino throttle is that? looks a little like an Amal 80/200.
  4. Will you be splitting the cases to get all the grind waste out of the inside?
  5. Some proper information from an owner with a gearbox fill capacity of 700cc as already stated above... but how does he know? ......,what is strange is there is no manual for the 2018 or 2017 bikes at Sherco factories own site or RYP[ although there is a comprehensive tech fork manual there] and why leosantanalg has no manual with his 2018 bike.... if it is brand new why no manual was supplied with the bike and if its second hand why he could not get the operation and service information.from the seller at the time of sale,.....or when new of course.
  6. Yes unfortunately Sherco are pathetic with their manuals never seen anything that poor but then they probably do not think they need to bother as the motor is pretty much the same as previous years even if it does now have a diaphragm clutch it should need the same oil amount in the gearbox which is as they state 450cc look in a 2016 owners manual at I would have thought that a 2 way adjustable is a spring preload with a rebound adjuster ....a 3 way would be that and also include an adjuster for extension damping as shown in the GasGas manual one adjuster being at the top of the shock and one being at the bottom as shown in the picture. If your Reiger only has one adjuster then it probably is rebound or rebound/extension combined so just turn it one way then the other and feel the difference by hopping the back wheel about.and make a note of how many clics/turns you move it from the original setting....simple. When it comes to suspension the only setting that matters is the one that you prefer not a setting stated in a manual. Your bike has a Reiger 2 way shock in the Sherco spec sheet that is described by Reiger as adjustable in rebound and spring preload only manual needed then.
  7. If your talking about Jeroni Fajardo finishing fourth regularly then yes On the other hand if you are talking about the presentation of facts to back up what I said then I think it is sad that you think that, as a person should always be able to back up what they say or they are an idiot.
  8. He may well be the most unapproachable of the of the top ten but when he does speak he makes himself clear.....he is not for example like Busto or Graham Jarvis in his delivery. Re the resident 4th for Fajardo he has a 4 as part of his Geronimo Logo on his helmet and his shirts The number 4 is adopted on his merchandise JF4 and his internet site alongside his name Jeroni Fajardo 4 Fajardo positions outdoor indoor 2008 4 2009 4 2010 4 2011 4 4 2013 3 4 2014 4 4 2015 3 4 2016 5 4 2017 4 3
  9. And Fajardo ...both living in Spain and speaking the lingo perfectly.......Busto as the serious challenger and Fajardo[good communicator] as the veteran trainer/Busto supporter and 4th place resident in the WTC.
  10. Obviously you cannot dye a black tank bright yellow or a light green tank bright yellow.etc
  11. Good honest God fearing people doing the Lords work.
  12. Yes that's a Sherco Factory........Try Ryan Young is the USA Sherco importer so he would be the authority on that as he has links to the Sherco factory. Google or any search engine will take you to the importer of a bike in your country where usually there will be downloads and information available also try the official manufacturers site they may have information. A 2017 GasGas GP has Tech fork and Reiger shock adjustments shown in the owners manual at Go to CLIC Performance CLIC Suspension CLIC Reiger trials shocks and scroll down to find a description of the shock and its adjustments..........Am I your secretary or what........your bike needs a google switch nevermind a riding switch mode.
  13. Thanks for reiterating that. When it comes to families some people have a bit of a problem understanding that other peoples lives do not revolve round theirs.
  14. I read somewhere in an interview with James Dabill that he was contracted with GasGas to ride World rounds and the Spanish National Championship and no UK events [and pertinent to this, the sole rider; making him the number 1 in the team]; clearly showing where their the same interview he stated that he was not moving over to Gerona[Girona] but would fly back and forth from the UK as he felt it unfair to uproot his family ................If you were the man who had signed James Dabill then I think you may have seen that choice as not really showing full commitment to the job, I know I definitely would.I think it also shows that Dabill possibly knew or felt that his contract as a GasGas rider would be short lived It does not make any difference if it was a wise decision not to move his family to Spain on Dabills part as the GasGas Company are not in the business of helping families to have a stable existence.
  15. Hello could put a tube in but its not really the best fix as the whole rim and tyre bead is designed to run as tubeless for good reasons and it is much easier to have build it up without adding something else to mess with.Blow your tyre up to about 15 psi and cover every thing, the whole tyre and rim with a strongish mix of soapy water and find any leaks.....if you do not have a puncture in the tyre then the most likely leak will be from around the spokes or along the rim where the bead sits.....if this is the case then for spoke area leaks you need to remove the rim band and clean the rim and the rubber sealing band thoroughly where it sits before reinstalling it [if it is in good condition that is nicks or cuts holes etc ] as per the video ...if it still leaks around the spokes after cleaning then install a brand ntew sealing band..........Leaking from the rim bead is the same proceedure clean any dirt from the rim with a fine wire stainless steel brush and then rinse with soapy water. As far as fixing a puncture in the tyre goes you can plug it with a special type of plug that looks like a thin piece of rope covered in rubber that you insert with a metal needle........... trying to repair with a patch is not a good fix as the low pressures used in rear trials tyres[3 to 4 psi only] means that the tyre squirms around and would soon lift the patch. Hope that helps. Your tyre looks battered on the sidewalls but it looks reasonably good on ther tread wear so if it is not punctured or if you can plug it then why throw it away just yet.