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  1. I think this is for you cub200
  2. Thanks.
  3. Maybe a Beta trials bike is the best trials bike for an average to typical starter rider......the amount of times that a Rev3 200cc is recommended it must mean something. What does seem to be clear is that they get what is required by Clubmen in a trials bike and I think they probably have nailed it with the 300SS EVO You get to be able to announce to all and sundry that you ride a 300cc bike, RRRRRRR...... but it behaves like a 125cc bike so ticking all the boxes.
  4. The service manual for the 240 ALPINE 1990 is the one which has some relation to your bike as the engine should be very similar Call Beta UK the UK importer and ask for John Lampkin maybe he can get you something from Beta Italy. The ZERO has a 2 piece clutch casing and the ALPINE a one piece clutch casing but they are similar engines Also search for Beta SYNT which is a steel tube framed version of the Zero aimed at Clubman riders as it was cheaper to buy but had the same geometry as the Zero If my memory serves me well [Wheels on fire rolling down the road]anyone who knows what that relates to will appreciate a reference to another of their songs in Highland-Wizards post where he mentions shedbound.
  5. Do you know the manufacturer ot the brake pads por favor Tio.
  6. As long as it can move it will be ok and as you use it the parts will wear abit and it will become less tight ......If you prang the disc and it has alittle run out it will soon move about when you brake.
  7. Hello, in my opinion yes; but I would say that the weight saving is what I think swings it, When I weighed them both the difference was nearly 500g. The X11 will last better than the X light and the sidewalls are slightly thicker so will take more abuse. In Hot weather I do not think you would notice any difference between a X light and an X11 tubless [ all IMO]
  8. Probably better......Michelin X light are not much more than an X11 and in colder weather will be more flexible. I Just changed from an X light to a X11 and there was a noticeable difference [IMO] in grip between the two at this time of year in UK.
  9. https://youtu.be/ODYuQa08R64 Jordi Tarres proving that weight is not the issue, at National level anyway......that bike has about 15 cartons of milk strapped to it to stop it foating away. Note that he wears no helmet in a bid to save a few kgs as the average weight of a helmet in those days was 5kg +/- 1kg He also prefers the feel of a drum brake on the rear made from an very large funnel by the looks of it.,although it does not seem to work well on slopes as he keeps rolling backwards. With a bike that performs as well as that then perhaps we will see that introduced by Beta as the 2018 clubman model with a price tag of £3000.00
  10. Hello again, this problem you are having is a common thing with Beta rev3 with Mikuni carbs fitted. The reason you cannot start your bike is because the crankcase has a quantity of fuel in it that is greater tthan normal through flooding of the carb , this excess fuel wets the plug making it not start. Until most of that fuel has been expelled or evaporated away;then it will not start. There is more on how to expel it but that is another story. The fastest way to find what you need to know to fix your bike is to type into your search engine[Google etc] Beta rev3 leaking fuel from carburettor; and then you will find a link to some relative information......Also Google How does a motorcycle carburettor work and get to grips with that or you will not fully understand what and why you need to do certain things to rectify the problem.
  11. Quality adds weight though, about 6kg difference between a GasGas 300 gp 2017 and a HM 300RR 2017 That's quite a lot.... as in you would need to ride the GasGas around with six 1ltr cartons of milk strapped to it to get the quality effect.
  12. Trail and trials UK have them but they are £99.00......might as well buy an Mich x light
  13. Yes you have a point there, they are only selling tube type only they must have no stock available.......probably too expensive to import at the moment to make a decent profit and stay competitive with Mich/Dunlop on price. People have Dunlops though.
  14. Have you tried googleing it in whatever country you live in.......I just found quite a few dealers who are advertising them...took me about 10 seconds in the UK.
  15. Youre not suggesting that members of the human race are not trustworthy surely..........anyone who trusts what another human being has to say when it comes to money matters obviously has not been alive very long.