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  1. The Spanish national championship more WTC top 5 riders on the way.
  2. Transfering the skills from a trials bicycle to the trials motorcycle[All body input]
  3. I Sent mine in a couple of days ago as soon as I got a whiff of Casales exiting ; but I don't think I have much chance....he's met me.
  4. As ralphvfr the original poster of how is trials scored has not been back I assume that it went something like this.
  5. I think you would be better off applying directly...I'm not sure that Donato Miglio reads this.his English is not so good; I think
  6. Now you metioned it ,its patently obvious...I should at least try.
  7. Dump the ATF and try any 75w or 80wt I think the USA has Maxima MTL motorcycle specific wet clutch compatible oil and see how you like that....ATF will make it feel like an on off need something more viscous like the 75w oil .....If you can get it try elf HTX 740.that will probably give the most noticeable will say that it is for dry clutches but ignore that it is a well known oil to use in a trial motorcycle wet clutched gearbox.
  8. WD is to ward off the rust.... Britain has a water content in the air and the ground of about 99% so it is essential here or the chain would rust away before it ever got a chance to wear out. Just run it dry......I would or get some dry lube to use as previously mentioned, can make your own dry lube aerosol by using an old aerosol air freshener can that is completely empty and save £6 or whatever....just point the nozzle at the chain and spin the rear wheel round while it is up on a box stand .....the best thing is it never runs out and costs nothing.
  9. ATF and Gearbox oil are different things that is why the specifications are not the same.The differences have been discussed in this thread..Castrol Tranzmax Z is ATF or Automatic transmission fluid,the Rock oil is 75w gearbox oil.
  10. Yes I stopped oiling my chains years ago and just spray them with WD40 and actually found that my chains and sprockets do not wear as quickly as previously when I used to use the sticky gloop aerosol type chain the end of a trial with sections running through streams/creeks there was no lube left on the chain anyway. Like you say if you lube your chain in sandy conditions the lube is like a magnet holding the particles onto the chain and helping to form a nice abrasive grinding paste.
  11. Pro set up is just a personal set up. the clutches on WTC riders bikes are made to be heavier duty for greater reliability during a WTC/ National event when they are thrashing/slipping the clutch.The gold canister you refer to is just like you said a remote reservoir that is attached to the shock body by a length of braided hose as used on a hydraulic brake system that gives instant access to control the damping characteristics of the shock....more damping oil/fluid is the result and some is taken away from the shock body and therefore in theory should be cooler and therefore give more consistent damping....... In non professional competition this is not needed and will be of very little benefit. Setting your bike up to your personal preference is the same as the pro riders setups, they are personal probably would not like their set ups and they probably would not give you the advantage that you think they would. You can tune your bike in many ways eg your suspension front and rear can be tuned simply by adding thinner or thicker oil... you can experiment in order to find your preferred response/handling characteristics. along with a multitude of other tuning such as engine carb etc .....all very personal.....standard bike setup as they come directly from the factory are very rarely used to their full potential in club trials.
  12. Not taking the pixx at all you are one of the only people on here that has a grip[understands a dark sense of humor].. you are magnesium ;burning brightly a breath of fresh air .you have read it wrong that's all.... the meaning is that a person who does not perhaps fully understand what is happening in the motor lubrication wise will make theiir own asumptions based on their viewpoint.and could go the way you were angling at and use gearbox oil[like the GasGas pro] to give extra lube in the main bearing by using an rs bearing with the seal toward the crank and have gearbox oil enter from the outer side of the bearing.....based on what nubsey said about the state he bought the bike in makes me question if the previous owner had the knowledge to come up with that as a plan. Enjoy your riding....hope that straightens things out.
  13. A perfect assessment of the situation as regards what I said on the subject; down to a tee and on the oil thing the Vertigo motor in the UK and other places in Europe runs on a mix of 200:1 and there have been no complaints over a years usage ..... there is also a post on here of some one in Italy in a region where it gets a lot hotter than the UK and he has been running 80:1 in an aircooled twinshock trial bike for along while and after the first year of running at 80:1 he says that he stripped his engine and found no abnormal wear. This key board Warror thing is getting like Trumps "Fake News" media captioning........mind you it is very on trend ;is it not, given the current sabre rattling going on around the planet ,performed on Twithead and facefxxx
  14. For the price of one of them new; you can own both second hand that are a few years old in very good condition if you do a good search.