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  1. I tried to get the future4rt page up but its a 404 error for me so unfortunately its a no go but thanks anyway
  2. If the lfarmer has to look after the land,... as in not polluting it to get his money off the government; then running offroad gasoline powered motorcycles over it with possible oil and petrol spillage along with damage to flora etc will not be in their interests. As stated in the OP this is something being discussed and brought forward as a result of leaving the EU ;so it having little to do with Europe as you state seems a bit odd
  3. You forgot to mention that this bike is a 300cc Future Montesa [This may have some bearing on the answer you receive as your throttle body is probably the HRC one used on the Montesa works bikes around 2006/2007 ] or as a well informed Trials bike seller on Ebuy states in his ad for one a 'Futura' Montesa .....nothing like a seller who knows his products..
  4. Bad move that is owned by Jim Snell,someone else put that on youtube and he had it are just going to pXXX him off. And perhaps TRS owners may not receive as much information because he gets sick of people doing what they want with his stuff.
  5. Still located in Girona.From what I read in Spanish trials Moto magazines Pibernat is not interested in expanding and funding a team to travel round the World...this being the reason Tarres and Arano left to form TRS ;both having greater ambitions, I read somewhere that the previous incarnation of the GasGas factory when Pibernat was still on the board was spending close to 700,000 EUROS per season on its World championship teams....perhaps his first hand experience has something to do with his lack of interest and the fact that he is an Enduro enthusiast not a trials aficionado 2017 Jotagas projected production figures for worldwide sales are around 1000 units,if you put those against other manufacturers that have outputs closer to 3000 trials units per year then its possible to see that Pibernat likes his operation to be more of a cottage industry just ticking over.Abit of a business mans hobby in his retirement.
  6. Did you have a private viewing or is it possible to see pictures on a webpage.
  7. Brexit is looking better everyday.
  8. If you did not know it was cracked perhaps he did not know it was cracked.
  9. On behalf of the pro owners I thankyou. And of course Great thanks to the philanthropist Jim Snell who shared his knowledge.
  10. If your front wheel was dragging when you pulled it out of the shed then you need to check the calliper and make sure the pistons are moving freely in their bores as a starter. Less use of the brake or braking intermittently will cause less friction therefore less heat.
  11. Brake fluid is expanding because it is getting hot causing lack of freeplay......check your adjustment of the lever has enough freeplay as per manual check that the master cylinder is not overfilled...check your pads are releasing properly and not dragging against the disc[lightly dragging is normal..I mean causing the wheel not to spin easily] when the lever is released. This has just been on here in a post by zippy turned out that his front wheel bearings were binding causing heat that then moved to the disc and then to the fluid through the pads and calliper pistons.
  12. If you have the time; would you be so kind as to post the first part of your workshop manual on DVD..........I think I am asking on behalf of hundreds of people Thanks.
  13. My tip is to take it to a trials motorcycle shop that has a workshop with mechanic and get them to do it.
  14. Haven trialsport.... Vince the UK importer.....I should imagine he would have some idea about what Jotagas were upto........or is full factory kev the new importer.
  15. That rim can be fixed with zero skill and a pair of vice/mole heat required..,just bend it back into its original shape slowly and carefully. The front tyre has a tube in it; so its not that critical the shape the edge of the rim is. I have straightened out rims that were a lot worse than that one.