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  1. Beta SSDT Waterproofing Recommendations

    Buy fire retarding reticulated foam and cut the foam in a shape that does not touch the muffler and if you are still worrying then use some heat shield in between the foam and the muffler.....basically just use common sense really.
  2. Sherco st 300 operating temp

    Wire the fan to run all the time ...not much else you can do without custom building a bigger radiator etc and adding cooling fins to the clutch cover
  3. Is it just me?

    No its hard to find sponsors for Trials competitions in the UK Yes TrialGP is free to spectate in France an EU member as stated by the OP No Greece is not big on trialing No They have money problems similar to the UK's Perhaps this sheds some light on why UK TrialGP is not free to spectate.... an outsiders view https://youtu.be/AlKJPf8btKE
  4. Is it just me?

    If there is any extra money kicking around the last place it is going is on the NHS,Police and the roads...sorry I got to go with faussy on that.....if it does my hat is going to taste bad.
  5. Is it just me?

    You are taking life far too seriously. In Europe they have the FIM and can find it a lot easier to get sponsorship because they draw large crowds and get some TV coverage sometimes...this covers the cost of running the events ....because Britain is Great it cannot manage this so the spectators help foot the bill.
  6. TRS clutch biting point

    He is talking about a TRRS nigel .....GasGas do not sell a 17 Raga rep. All three bikes are TRS's
  7. Is it just me?

    Its because the UK pays for everything in Europe; according to the majority of Brits .....but do not worry when you leave the EU everything in the UK will be free as there will be so much money in the coffers that the British government will pay to put on the British trialGP and entry will be free ...only a year to wait.
  8. TRS clutch biting point

    Seems like someone at the NILS factory made a boo boo and loaded the gear oil stickers on the Dot 4 filling lane or other incorrect fluid was labelled gear oil.
  9. Sherco st 300 operating temp

    You will ....when you use a digital thermometer to find out.
  10. TY 250 A shop manual and questions????

    Setting the points can be done with little effort using a 12v battery and a bulb....the moment that the light dims is when the points are set to optimum. Hopefully some one else will be along to reiterate this in a while.
  11. Scott trial- What to expect/how to prepare

    it will be fabulous!..... hope that helps.
  12. 240 climber

    www.apriliagenuineparts.co.uk/components-climber-280-1990-1994 try using a search engine like google and put this as a title 'Aprilia climber spare parts' or 'ricambi Aprilia climber' or 'Recambio Aprilia climber' or 'partie Aprilia climber' .......the internet is a library full of everything and the search engine search box is the librarian at the front desk... put in anything you want to ask in the search box eg 'Why do people not use search engines to find information' and then search through the numerous responses you will receive in order to get what you want. A flywheel cover looks cheap @ £217.00
  13. Difficulty finding neutral

    That is how they are unfortunately all you can do is make sure the clutch lever is adjusted correctly to make sure the plates separate enough and put ATF DEXRON III in the gearbox to help..... also make sure the adjustment is correct as in the Jim Snell video on youtube as follows https://youtu.be/G55FU27Z9bU CLIC this
  14. Best tyres for a beginner on a Fantic 303

    As no one else can be bothered I will answer you If you do not think you will be keeping the bike then find some part used on Ebuy....For the rear tyre Michelin X11.... Dunlop 803 or 803GP and the IRC winner is good in muddy conditions .......the best all rounder is the Michelin and they are more common for sale used On the front the best tyre is a Michelin Any other makes are not proper trials compound tyres for modern competition use but a cheap new tyre is the Pirelli MT43 but grip levels on rocks and stone is not as good as one of the tyres recommended above that is in a worn condition so its not the best choice.
  15. Front wheel removal

    trialspartsusa account by Jim Snell on you tube has video tutorials for certain GasGas stuff and the parts manuals are available at gasgas.es with exploded images to give an idea of what parts are involved ..but there are no Haynes type manuals available.