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  1. When GasGas employed James Dabill as their N0 1 factory rider I think that they may have decided which events would be a priority as they are paying him and paying the costs of attending the events. Probably in the same way that the blokes on the shop floor do not decide what task that they are going to undertake and when they will undertake it.
  2. Yes understood perfectly.... not quite sure Dougie Lampkin rides at the same level as an Average Joe [in the USA your average Joe's must be more like Pat Smage ] the kind of sections average Joe rides in the UK would be considered easier than linked parts of a circuit at GP level so it probably is not so critical as when your attacking large steps that require good leverage of the bike. Not sure I said that bar position was especially important to a paticular height of rider. In a recent interview with Albert Cabestany he mentioned that he was working on a lower front end on his bike and I assumed he was meaning lower handlebar mountings or such. Anyway we will have to agree to differ on this as you are talking about a different level of riding than I am and any person reading this thread can make their own mind up about what set up is best for them; taking into account how the bike is used. To finish I can say from experience that after fitting 2cm high bar risers with 4 1/2" bars that my bikes reactions have not noticeably changed but I can definitely notice that the riding comfort has.
  3. Not being dis respectful here but could some body explain to me the way that adding a small bar riser is going to make you ride wrong at an average Joe level .....obviously if your riding in Trial GP Class and going up 8/10FT vertical steps and need to get your body forward to keep the front to the face of the climb....but seriously[make you ride wrong..he is 6ft2"] On a TY with tiller type clamps [sloping back towards you] then I can see how that would push you back a bit;but the Techno clamps are direct.....replies that came from a thread about the fitting of taller bars like 5 1/2" to 6" suggested that taller riders on this forum[ 6ft and over] felt that it was a marked improvement to riding their bikes.So surely adding spacers to the clamps is like adding taller bars,and adjustments to rider positioning are made by moving the bars forward or backward in the clamps We are not talking fitting Apehanger bars off a HD Easyrider chopper here. After reading those comments I tried it myself[fitted spacers not taller bars] and it is better and has improved my riding IMO; as I am not stooped over the bars..with my neck at an uncomfortable angle. The way a bike is set up is purely personal....there are guides that suggest that there is a specific way to do this but in reality a rider will set his bike up how he/she feels comfortable[and should do] regardless of those guides. Riders like Bou, Fujinami,Fajardo and Busto are from Lilliput and when they hold the bars they can stand almost straight as if just stood on the ground very comfortable for them.....a minimum of back bending for them unlike being 6ft 2".
  4. Its a bit of a one is it not; dumping any positive pressure that can come from slight blow by gases and on the down stroke in order to keep less than atmospheric pressure in the crank case while moving oil from crankcase to the timing chain through the orifice in the casing that goes to left side casing.....that is what seems to make sportssawyers theory about relieving the vacuum[less than atmospheric pressure in the closed crankcase]on the up stroke of the piston seems to have something about it if the timing is right for the reed petal [as in atmospheric pressure from outside of the crankcase enters through the reed valve on the upstroke as stated before......the thing that people assume is that this engine braking force is substantial when it probably is not on its own; but worked in as a part of the reductions as a whole i.e electrics, valves and crankcase reed valve makes a big reduction . In the Honda Montesa 300rr sales brochure it states that improvements in less engine braking comes from better decompressing of the crankcase and work on the electrics.
  5. Buy/make some spacers [20mm/ 3/4''] that fit in between the top triple tree and the bar clamps and some longer allen cap head bolts to fit the setup. You will stand more upright....Try it and see how you like it, its not a bank breaker. If you have back pain do some core/back excercises to strengthen your back.
  6. A xxxx that's out of order..........I will not have that.....................I've always thought of myself as an absolute xxxxxxx axxxxxxx.
  7. find a large deep nut that fits inside[be creative with a small angle grinder] and put a ring/open end spanner on the bit that sticks out above the face of it.
  8. You will have to give Dadof2 more than 8hrs to advise on a quietness issue before getting rid and buying a new bike.
  10. The first part of the video shows the location of the reed valve at the bottom of the crankcase for those that are interested
  11. Try Nigel Birkett the Scorpa importer he used to be a works Suzuki rider and was a mechanic at Crooks Suzuki Barrow-in-furness 70's/80's maybe he knows of some old stock lying around somewhere....he has his works Suzuki still I think.
  13. Have they put a lighter petal in the 2017 valve for more free movement of pressure ? No other valve is shown in the 2016 parts list.
  14. I will go with that.