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  1. DU = 1 rubber seal rs = 1 rubber seal Difference = zero
  2. you can email them.
  3. jbanyeres lists a full piston kit [ 'A' 'B' and 'C' IN STOCK] for 325.00 euros .......luckily the exchange rate is excellent at the moment so that will help a little.
  4. Mind you it has got Maxxis tyres on it, they account for about £30.00 of the robbery... You need to keep that price quiet or Trials bike manufacturers will start charging £15.599.00 for a top of the ranger ..............
  5. Contact your local Beta dealer and ask them, they may be able to obtain the information from the Factory.
  6. Forgive them for they know not what they do.....................An ac rectified cdi unit can produce an out put in the secondary winding of the coil of upto 40,000 volts or more[your mains in the house is around 230/240v] that then travels via the ht lead and to the spark plug that you held in your hand and so became an earth.In a rare case this could cause your heart to beat irregularly etc ......not recommended.
  7. The information you asked for about is it in or out has already been given here.......I sense another ceelo video coming from b40rt.
  8. Try Splat shop they have pistons listed on their webshop or try in Catalonia.
  9. That will be two big mistakes then. Nice to see a wedding where it isn't just a big money show trying to impress all and sundry some hope.
  10. check the box in the bottom left hand corner of the footage and then check what round of the WTC you are watching..........not too good is it; from a professional perspective, let alone still mispronouncing riders names. I hope they never mention the minder and good friend of Toni Bou.......his name is Quim.....he likes cheese and reading Cervantes
  11. An interesting end to the WTC when the Czech republic held two rounds of the championship,the first was won by Adam Raga,Bou in 2nd place and Busto taking 3rd. In the second Czech round oddly held in Italy it was Toni Bou who took the win followed by Adam Raga in 2nd and that boy Busto taking 3rd spot again It was nice to see Noose Murcia [known to her family as Nayoose] for the umpteenth time thanking her sponsors and Hames Dabeey did well also.this year. Heres to a great 2018 series headed by Jakeh Meeyair and the team
  13. To save mess, try slowly filling the reservoir first and then flick the clutch leaver rapidly a few times and look for a stream of tiny bubbles coming from the hole at the bottom of the reservoir... keep flicking the leaver and every now and again slowy pull the leaver to the grip and you should find that you get your clutch fairly quickly without having to crack open the bleed nipple at all .
  14. For the record the pressurising the brake system by holding permanent pressure on the leaver[front or rear] for a week [possibly two] is NOT a method of firming up the feel of a hydraulic brake system that has a leak or needs is for getting rid of the little spongey feeling that is to be found in systems that are bled and have no leaks.......after a while this spongy little feeling will return and so you repeat the procedure or of course you do not if you are a non believer.