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  1. Enjoy.

    https://youtu.be/vuOFLEWPvHA?t=4m58s ...........Zac Sherwin with his Rev 3 aswell.
  2. Montesa 315R Clutch Problems

    I don't think i'll be able to come back after this.
  3. Daniel

    Compared to what the members of 'Skull and Bones 322' 'The Deep State' and 'Shadow Government' get upto Donald Trump looks like a good guy.
  4. Montesa 315R Clutch Problems

    Looks like that's the cause of your problem .......or I just got caught out bull****ing again[ not alone there], still I have got away with it for a good while now ......not bad for an accountant who has never even ridden a trials bike let alone taken one apart.......Its the ledger ......I just need some kind of outlet for the creative mind you see.
  5. 02 txt 280 pro kickstarter

    Iridium plug gives better protection against fouling than a standard plug, it is not performance enhancing,[I am sure the manufacturer will claim otherwise,but then they would for sales purposes] it provides a spark for ignition as does a standard plug you would not notice any difference.
  6. Montesa 315R Clutch Problems

    Take the clutch plates out of the basket separate them carefully and clean up the metal plates usuing a fine grade of wet and dry to remove any residue or dirt....... take the clutch pushrods out and clean and polish them with some metal polish or T-cut make sure you have the ball bearing in between the 2 push rods or it will not push the pressure plate out far enough to release the drive plates from the fibre plates properly.
  7. Redex octane booster

    You do not need to get it made....you can make one yourself using a few simple tools such as a Dremmel type tool[cheap] and the necessary attachments for cutting and grinding etc ..a household hand held electric drill and the suitable drill bit size and a mini hacksaw and a set of mini files to finish and shape aswell .. You can find a piece of 1mm thick almunimimimmun sheet on Ebuy for around £10 .....the last 1mm thick ready cut spacer for a gasgas I saw was £25; so not cheap to buy one...even if you could find one for a 315
  8. Hi guys ... I'm Cristian ...

    Funny talk is not that popular on here so its better to go for the straight to the point angle, unless its for your own entertainment of course.
  9. Redex octane booster

    As you have already added a 1mm base gasket to lower compression it should have stopped it pinging .....are you using super unleaded 97 ron or even higher ron rated Shell V power? If that does not stop it happening then I would look at the port edges to make sure they are clean and radiused.and check the condition of the rings aswell ....it seems strange that it is pinging on the run down as it normally will happen when the motor is under load. Yes I know that detonation is referred to as Pinking ....I used pinging to describe the noise ....or tinkling if you prefer.
  10. Rear suspension sag.

    Sounds like your shock needs re gassing....it is not only the mechanical spring that gives support to the rear end....take it off the bike...take off the spring and compress the rod into the shock body with your hand, there should be a fair amount of resistance and when you release it then it should pop back up again to its fully extended position........ If the pressure resistance is poor.and your shock is not leaking oil then you can re gas it yourself by drilling a hole in the shock body and tapping it to accept a schraeder valve in the correct place....then use a shock pump rated to 300psi and put 180 to 200 psi in it. In my experience of using a standard sachs and an Ohlins shock on a GasGas ......I prefer the sachs shock Gassing the shock to a high pressure makes hopping the rear end about easier as the back end does not compress so easily and pops back better.if you have the damping set to a low resistance
  11. Hi guys ... I'm Cristian ...

    En Francais s'il vous plait............La!! Greeting a German that speaks French when you are British and disguised as an Italian Forza Italia ! ......heffergm is the man for this where has he gone.
  12. Daniel

    'Britains diesel scandal' cheating the emissions and endangering peoples health in the process .............yeah right.... that will be a first if that was actuaully true.
  13. Hi all ,

    Does it breathe .......does your cap make a sucking noise when you remove it after your engine stops after 15 mins of use Its probably the cause of your problems........
  14. Redex octane booster

    This has already been discussed in some depth recently by the chap your talking to ....It has been said on more than one ocassion by those that know 315's well that they have always been prone to pinking just like the early Jotagas bikes were until they put lower compression heads on them at the factory...........during the last discussion regarding this a current owner of a 315 said that his pinking problems were cured by fitting a 1mm head spacer.....these are no longer freely available for obvious reasons..... it was suggested that one was made but a lot of people just like to buy things....... for obvious reasons.
  15. Hi all ,

    it should be the tube that comes out of the fuel tank cap................unless a previous owner changed the type of breather on it for a button type.