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  1. Mud His name will be mud.
  2. My vote for your bike is a Beta rev3 or a Scorpa SY at the money you are wanting to spend and your old bike was a Yamaha ty ....keep your bike in the house or a remote locking underground secret bunker if you want half a chance of keeping it and not being surprised when someone steals it. out of a wooden shed with a £3.50 Chinese padlock on it or even a garage with ground anchors/kryptonite chains/ locks that just slow thieves down abit; but are not that effective as they arrive prepared for work.
  3. Mud
  4. Mud

    You are at the right end of the country to visit Steve Saunders for a 1 to1 Trials class, he is a master of muddy conditions and is situated near muddy bank trial land.....It will cost but would have a lot of value. Make sure you pick the right time of the year to go when its raining sodden and slippery...Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec are all months when the conditions should be at their worst.
  5. clic this.
  6. If you are a nervous wreck then take it to a motorcycle shop and get them to do it.....Its easyish if you are mechanically minded..... if you are not as your post suggested before you bought the bike then my advice is have it fixed then trade it in for a Honda Montesa 260 4RT so that you will have a better chance of staying away from the spanners as you live miles from anywhere.
  7. If it is fitted with an R16V shock then it is adjusted with a screwdriver at the top spherical joint carrier. turning clockwise more dampening...anti clockwise less dampening,
  8. Sounds to me that you are a rugged type who would destroy any make/ type of work I used to destroy steel toe boots in a month but I have plenty of pairs of trials boots that I have had for years must be be doing some serious damage I have a pair of Alpine stars that used to belong to Jack Price and the tops are nearly perfect with the sole still attached perfectly; yet the sole is completely smooth except for a few stubby blocks at the heel so they have obviously seen a serious amount of use;and they are not known for their longevity.
  9. Go to Ebuy and get yourself some secondhand Diadora Stone2 or Stone3 boots for £50 to £70 they are well made and will probably last until you retire from trials riding. If you live in the lost city of Atlantis then the 100% water content causes premature failure of everything that you have and own.....I am amazed that your boots have not dissolved yet.........Dunlop trials wellies??
  10. Mud

    Move to Mallorca....... This is last week-end. No more slipping and sliding about in grimsville!
  11. I think it will depend on if your wife looks like Ena Sharples or Jane Fondle.
  12. Bart Simpson is the 1/4 gear on the kickstart shaft so named because it resembles Bart Simpsons spikey hair.
  13. Looks like its a full strip down jobe then to locate the problem........If I were you I would get them to pay your fuel costs and take it to who ever GasGas UK wants it taken to.