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  1. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Very hot brake discs being dumped into cold water is happening on a regular basis if you ride a lot of sections that include streams and low water river crossings during an event or practice; so not much to worry about really.
  2. monty wont start

    Does liquid of any type pour through the new fuel pipe......if it does then Clean the fuel cap breather. then take the fuel tap off and clean it all out by taking as much apart as possible, also clean the carburettor[Again] inside completely and make sure every thing works in there...... if it has been stood not being used it needs servicing before you use it. Have you put the floats in upside down etc?
  3. Mecatecno T18

    same as the GasGas?
  4. Rear sprocket ??

    Akront or DID ? Labyrinth hub 6 hole? jt made sprocket ...steel ?
  5. Beginning of the end?

    Whats wrong with Farjado?
  6. How good to do ssdt?

    You could try the Lakes 2 day trial in October to dip your toe in a longer trial if you have not done anything other than closed circuit club trials and see how you feel physically and get on with a bigger event......if completing that is not very easy for you then you may have to up your game to ride the much harder sections and longer loops in the SSdt https://youtu.be/3wqj2K-YfI0 https://youtu.be/RdaIqKXFBoc Ross Noble [not a bad off road rider] finished the SSDT with help from a very experienced rider pushing him on and with very good weather conditions ........I personally do not think he would have finished without his experienced friends help and being pushed to get a move on throughout each day It would probably help to arrange to ride your first SSdt with another rider. Go to Hawks nest in Staffordshire and ride up the famous Hawks nest section 20 tImes from bottom to top and in between each attempt go for a 5 mile ride on the road to give you a very loose idea of what you would be up against in the SSdt then imagine that the road riding part would really consist of 30 miles or so of energy sapping boggy moorland crossings in the rain.
  7. Chain Tension & Wheel Alignment

    You are getting a little confused by all this.....your wheel rim is not running true, not the hub[unless your wheel bearings are so worn out that the hub is actually moving from side to side on the axle] If there is no play in the wheel bearings then you need to take your wheel to a wheelbuilder and have it trued up.....or better still take the whole bike to a bike shop that knows what they are doing and get them to check everything else is correct.......that upside down chain tensioner slipper block is an indication that other work you have done may not be correct. Edit ...As Grant said its not important for the wheels to be true on a trials motorcycle and the tyre always rubs on the chain guard .....its job done. My bike must be the only one where this does not happen.
  8. Chain Tension & Wheel Alignment

    From your description your rear wheel is either missing the wheel spacer on the sprocket side of the hub or your rear wheel has been built incorrectly positioning the rim too far toward the sprocket side of the hub.......or you have your snail cams on in opposing positions which makes the axle sit out of line/cock eyed.
  9. batteryless kit harder to start

    Perhaps you could fit a battery to power up the electrical system or buy a ten year old bike and just start it on 1st or 2nd kick and then ride off on it.
  10. Morad rim replacement

    https://youtu.be/q-RVJyNpfDk?t=1m8s All the Morad rims I have had suffered this because of my lack of interest regarding wheel maintenance, If you ride in streams or any water that covers the rim; it enters via the spokes [obviously] and goes inside the chamber formed by the tyre and rim[unless you have sealed the spokes to the rim and nipples with tiger seal etc] .......water air and alloy even when anodised will eventually end in corrosion.....It is part of servicing for longevity of parts to strip inspect and clean them periodically to avoid this....there is nothing particular to a Morad rim that makes this problem occur;it will happen to any rim if water is left inside the rim/tyre for long periods .
  11. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    Unusual to see Fajardo place fourth position.
  12. Enjoy.

    https://youtu.be/vuOFLEWPvHA?t=4m58s ...........Zac Sherwin with his Rev 3 aswell.
  13. Montesa 315R Clutch Problems

    I don't think i'll be able to come back after this.
  14. Daniel

    Compared to what the members of 'Skull and Bones 322' 'The Deep State' and 'Shadow Government' get upto Donald Trump looks like a good guy.