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  1. Limited camping, not so much limit on area, you've got quarter of a million acres, but no nice green fields, just gravelly bits by the side of the forest tracks. For camper vans it's ideal, for tents not so comfy. I can do some digging about local camp sites if you want though. Cann Office Hotel is nearest accommodation at SY21 0PL
  2. Thanks everybody for a really well spirited event. Just under 200 starters. As always, the weather helps, but the observers helped too. Thanks to the Clive club for taking a whole group of 8 sections, and to South Shropshire club and the Midlands Centre in general for their great help. And of course to everyone that helped make it a great success. ForestTrophyResults2015final1.pdf
  3. Final Entry List is out for the Forest Trophy Trial this Sunday. It's pretty similar to the provisional ones form this week. Very few alterations. I'm not likely to be available online for a while due to being stuck up a mountain, but will pick up Facebook updates to the Llanfyllin Trials site at least from time to time if you have any queries. ForestTrophyEntryList2015f.pdf Cheers, Gaz Hinton
  4. Quick note to add the results straight from the venue. 73 entries16 none starters57 startersNo retirements Cheers, Gaz Hinton S3 Parts Results 2015final.pdf
  5. If Tom Ablewhite is on here, let me know your class please. It won't be in the program as we just finished and printed it but I can get it in the results program ready to go. Results should be available on the big TV at the finish, and hopefully if I still have internet access at the finish I'll get them on here pretty soon after the last rider is in.
  6. Probably 6 years ago now I managed to leave not 1 but 2 tyre levers in a tyre as I put it on. One of those last minute Saturday night ideas after a few pints. Was fine until it moved!
  7. Hi All, If the whole course isn't under water, we'll see you Sunday. Bring your waders At the moment, local forecast gives good weather Saturday and burning sun on Sunday. Watch this space First rider off at 9.31 starting from the Cann Office Hotel in Llangadfan, 20 miles West of Welshpool along the A458 Postcode for start - SY21 0PL If anybody would like to help out with observing, please speak to the secretary Kev Bowden on 01938 850292 Or reply on here and I'll pass it on. Be great to see the day go smoothly as far as observers are concerned. s3 powys cup riders list 2015.pdf
  8. Provisional results from todays S3 Clubman Championship. A quick shot out from the finish, will check things out later, but looking solid. S3 Parts Results 2013final.pdf
  9. I'm Sherco but I'm guessing fairly standard: Oil - 10 quid? Fork seals - 8 quid a pair Clips - couple of quid Wipers - stupid amount, I think about 20 quid (each). I don't do them every time. One in 5 maybe. Bushes? I've replaced them once (in 9 years of hammer), cost a fortune, I think about 90 quid all in and were a nightmare to get out and in. I'd avoid it if you can.
  10. Ah, maybe it's not installed. How d'ya fancy it Andy? I know you've always got spare time to while away ;-)
  11. Loving the way it fits in with smart phones now. That's been half my problem, I very rarely use a personal laptop, everything's smart phone. The forum works pretty well on iPhone now. Might be even better if I could work out the touchbb app. Anyone used it? Good stuff anyway!
  12. In 3 years it will still be worth about 1500 I suppose
  13. There's a 201 engine on eBay at the moment. I know nothing about it, just know because I have a permanent search for Fantic.
  14. Hard to say the value. Depends on condition, but maybe 500-700 if tidy. Not as desirable as the twinshock model 'yet', but they were a very rideable bike. Came out as the Ty mono was proving to be stiff competition for the 240. I had a 301 after my 240, and was a great little bike. Most people took off the lights for a number plate by the way.
  15. No, don't think so mate, was quite a few years ago that Cliff, Dave, Max and co handed over after many years, and needed a rest. A team took over and kept things going for a couple of years (at least), including moving the club from mid Wales to Midland Centre but they also moved on and there were no takers. We got offered a few bits of land, but fortunately, we had more land than you can shake a ****ty stick at. I think Oswestry ran a trial at Bell Isle farm, and we were just glad to see the land get used. You looking to take it over? :-) Can put u in touch with some people if you need. Gaz