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  1. Montesa Cota 123

    Contact the fuel company's in your area and ask specifically which of their garages stock non ethanol super uleaded fuel. (reason for using your area is some companys who do ethanol free super unleaded, do not supply it to ALL their forecourts.) Aspen is one way to go, (and I've also got a 123 cota which I'll be running it on, when its up and ready), Shell have always refused to answer direct questions re ethanol in their fuel, so draw your own conclusions from that.
  2. Show Us Your Montesa!

    I've got Aspen mixture for the 123 as its the non metal tanked version.............not back together at the mo, so cannot comment on running issues. I do know there are a couple of company's who produce non ethanol fuel, in their Super Unleaded range. Murco and Texaco (although NOT in all area's of the uk) I'll be firing off emails to all the company's local to me to get their answers at a later date. (as you say Aspen is expensive.......but I am led to believe it can be left in tank as it doesn't go 'off')
  3. Which one would you buy?

    By my saying Major factor, here I was referring more to the swing to electric propelled vehicles; Already citys are looking to ban (or cut right down at the very least0 fossil fuelled vehicles (ok diesel at the mo), and certainly the government - at one time, (maybe still for all I know) were looking at introducing 'sweetners' to those who took up using electric vehicles. fast recharging points,.....I've heard of some that will charge, fron zero to full in half an hour (ok no good if your out for the day in the boonies..........) - but like most things once the technology is gained, things get quicker, (and smaller) Having used an electric pushbike, I was amazed how close I could get to wildlife (and ok its not trials related, I know........but silence, sometimes, is golden.
  4. Which one would you buy?

    I think there is a genuine swelling of interest in Electric power, be it Trials (Yamaha wouldn't be pushing its development if it wasn't going to become a major factor in a few years), to all roads machines At present, biggest hurdle is battery capacity, and the real time lack of fast recharging points...............but these will come.
  5. Which one would you buy?

    Interesting topic...gonna throw a spanner here, though................, there is really NO current trials iron I'd want, (I'm not good enough to ride them)...........or the sections as they are today,..........BUT there are a few 'older' models I'd like to ride (and ok, fall off as well ) RTL Honda Gollner KT250 Kawasaki (the re-framed yellow version) Not including Montesa's, as I'm happy with those I have.......
  6. Show Us Your Montesa!

    ..........always a bonus !
  7. Show Us Your Montesa!

    I'm guessing kick start clears it as well, which is a bonus.........
  8. Show Us Your Montesa!

    Nice..........have you re-positioned your footrests ?
  9. 70's cota 123 into later cota 200 frame

    Think your safe, there.......spoken with him, and he's not done anything for Montesa........yet.
  10. 70's cota 123 into later cota 200 frame

    Thanks brewtus.....interesting
  11. fibre glass tanks

    I'd be loath to bin it...............its a little piece of history, and once its been crushed etc, its gone forever........
  12. 70's 123 cota into 200 frame

    Thanks for your thoughts section swept On the 123 cota it when new it came running 20" front and 17" rear , which seems to be near impossible to find, certainly in the uk................(same as 172 cota swing arm, which would allow and give room for 18" tyre/rim. Wheel, at present is right back in s/arm, as per your idea, but tyre (at present am running 400x18) still rubs on chain guard, and very close to swing arm pivot. My other thought is going down to a3.50 x18 section tyre, (only found one distributor of these in uk) which will give slightly more clearance Have also posted question in Montesa forum
  13. 70's 123 cota into 200 frame

    Anyone know if the motor of early 123/172 cota (red one) will fit into later 200 frame ? Am running a 123 with 400x18 rear tyre, and clearance in swing area isn't good to all.........easiest way would be to find a 172 swing arm, but they seem like hens teeth in the uk I'm aware exhaust/silencer is different on the 200 cota
  14. 70's cota 123 into later cota 200 frame

    Can anyone give me an idea if an early cota 123 engine will fit into a later cota 200 frame........( and all 123 ancillaries swap over), although I realise exhaust/silencer is different) Reason for asking is at present running 123 with 400x18 rear tyre, which is rubbing, (still using 123 swing arm, as not been able to find a 172 arm)..and the '200', I believe was the later version of the 172 with the wider swing arm. Any idea's ?
  15. 247/330/348 manuals linky

    Thanks for link