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  1. Trials boxes just don't see the heat that causes wear and destruction - unless you trail ride them a lot. The Putoline light gear oils and Nano trans are opposite ends of the spectrum in costs but both look after the clutch and gears. ATF to my knowledge is not actually a gear oil as such but more of a hydraulic fluid. Why put that in you pride and joy when a gear oils looks after gears and the clutch?
  2. Make sure you lay the bike over to tip the swarf out the handlebar after drilling. Be careful you don't scratch anything or drill on an angle. You don't want a bar snapping when you land of a big drop!
  3. Sounds like needle sticking open or floats sticking to me. Time to take a look I reckon.
  4. You're bang on BillyT. All kick starts need a good push not a kick. Only crossers seem to actually be kick start in reality. Four strokes also like a good long push with the leg as well and like you say it can't kick back if a full push has been given. One thing that probably is not helping the thread starter is they know have "the fear" and are not actually using a nice technique - very common when you see people with big kick start four strokes. They get a kick back from using a tired leg then end up being more timid and it makes the problem worse. Once you can do the long push down you can adjust the speed of the push so that it turns the motor over just right and boom! It will fire.
  5. I don't know the numbers but have you tried looking on the trials and tribulations site? They list parts and the numbers. Once you know the numbers get them from someone like Hayley Bearings at a fraction of the cost and get double seal ones if possible. Use Silkolene water proof red grease when you reassemble and it will last ages before servicing again. See here
  6. You have a big piston which needs a good push to get it to go over tdc. Find tdc and then kick it over from just after tdc. This way the piston will be travelling at good speed by the time it comes back up and it won't fire back. Don't go drilling anything at all. If it needed it they would have done it from new as part of the plate. It sounds technique to me.
  7. There you go then. Use a gearbox oil!
  8. Contact a dealer as they will tell you exactly what to use and connect up.
  9. I'd love to watch you check that one out!
  10. The Scorpa is such a nice looking bike. Well done and welcome. Ride, ride, ride, ride and ride again is the key. Training obviously helps and don't be afraid to ask as trials seems to do things differently. One thing you do notice though is the different way is the better way when you ride something else. Trilas should be compulsory and then most bike nuts would be much more skilled.
  11. Gloved thumb up the bum, er sorry pipe. That does not sound any better.
  12. Had both but I prefer my Beta. You need to try both though to know what you like more. They all have "issues" but you are buying to ride not fix. Worry about fixing it when the time comes. Enjoying the riding is the most important bit.
  13. You can cable tie the springs to keep the pressure on whilst fitting.
  14. Try starting without the choke. It may be rich enough already and this time of year ambient temp is much better. It will always be a zingy bike though as that's a busy piston in there.
  15. I use expensive but brilliant oil that saves you doing the "clutch mod". It's Putoline Nano Trans. I use 500ml per change so 2 per bottle. It improves over time as it works it's magic but my Beta is super slick now where before on ATF it was rough. It lasts loads longer between changes as well. You'll know when to change as the slickness goes and it changes colour in the window from pale brown to merky brown (this is about 5 trials and 5 other riding weekends though). A quick change and away you go with the second 500ml. My advice is keep ATF in auto boxes and steering pumps and use gearbox oil in a gearbox.