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  1. 2016 Scorpa SC Factory 250

    Time Left: 4 days and 3 hours

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    2016 Scorpa Twenty Factory 250, Bike is in excellent condition and has been maintained properly by a professional mechanic and has had no expense spared, Far superior spec to the standard model with having Tech Aluminium forks & Reiger rear shock, Dual spark CDI etc, S3 cylinder head with changeable compression insert etc.. Very crisp motor for a 250 but maintaining the low end smoothness. Just had the rear suspension linkage serviced and has had a protector fitted from new so it's all as good as new underneath with no play! New top spec chain and sprockets just been fitted (£80 DID works chain & Haase rear sprocket). Few extras fitted inc Brembo works front Master Cylinder (£250 worth) orange aluminium bolt kit, lightweight rear spindle and chain adjusters, Scorpa rim tapes and a few titanium bolts. Various modifications made inc chain tensioner for less wear. This was the last 250 factory model imported into the UK, New in June 2016. Genuine reason for sale as upgrading to a new one. These are very underrated bikes and ride fabulously, Not one to be missed. Cash on collection or Bank transfer only please, Viewing welcome on request. Delivery can be arranged for a charge, Just let me know your location. Please feel free to email or ring me on 07799216499 with any questions at all, Thanks.

    4,195.00 GBP

  2. Tech fork on 2013 GG

    Does the 98204Y have rubber shields? I'd make sure beforehand, I had same problem on mine with a tech conversion, Used same 20x42x9, either that or change the hub! SKF produce them with rubber shields but there not cheap!
  3. Tech fork on 2013 GG

    If the bearings for the Marzocchi now are the 6905 you won't be able to simply swap them for 6004 as the 6905 are 9mm in width opposed to the 12mm for 6004, So you'll need a 20mm ID bearing with a 9mm width also
  4. Hello,

    I'm sorry to bother you, but I just saw your answer to a question in the forum. I also have a SCORPA T-RIDE 250 SEF, year 2008 and I'm looking for a carburetor VHST 28 mm es DELL ORTO, with accelerator pump. You said you know someone who has one (that was last year). Do you know somehow if he still has the carburetor? I would like to buy it. Or, maybe you could direct me toward another person. I already contacted Nigel Birkett and waiting for his reply.
    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you,

  5. Scorpa T-Ride 250F - Missing Carburetor

    The VHST 28 with the pump jet hasn't been available from Eurocarb (Dellorto UK) for a long time, You'll have a hell of a job finding one, I have two of them on my bikes, I know somebody with a brand new one if required.
  6. Showa Rear Shocker

    I used to run one on my Evo factory, Was very good, It would only fit with the bump stop at the bottom but it is very tight on the exhaust side, Like you say the reservoir wouldn't clear the swingarm if it was the other way up like the Monts are, They are adapted for the Beta as the Montesa is a different length, Beta is 280mm and Montesa is 265mm, Mine had different internals and the nitrogen pressure was lower than what Monts use.
  7. Scorpa 300 Twenty Taming

    As above I'd go for the Flywheel weight first and also the slow action throttle, I had a ride the other day on a 16 Sherco 250 & 300 & a 16 Scorpa 300, Both 300's felt far to powerful for me even compared to my 300 Evo, and I agree the revs do build up very quickly which is probably why you are struggling with grip, The flywheel weight should help this a lot, Also make sure the rear suspension is set up for your weight, This will also help with grip, Hope you get it sorted.
  8. Hard Starting After Big Fall?

    Is the fuel tap in the correct position? It should be facing upwards, If it's downwards it won't shut the fuel supply off when the bike is on it's side, It's an electronic tap, If the bike won't run right with it in the upwards position the tap has failed.
  9. Enduro Gone Trials!

    He's after a 250F 4t, Not a 2 stroke.
  10. New Bike Rough Running

    Try a BPR5ES plug rather than standard 7, Engine runs cleaner, It may help improve it.
  11. Parkwood Off Road - Likely To Be Open?

    From Facebook ' Trials practice tomorrow open 9am if there is any change overnight due to weather it will be posted on here tomorrow morning at 8am thank you'
  12. Parkwood Off Road - Likely To Be Open?

    Just sent a message to them on Facebook, Haven't got a reply yet though
  13. I suggest to put it on and see how you get on with it, Personally I prefer having a flywheel weight fitted, It only tends to be the top riders who take them off as they need the power much quicker, But having the weight on will make the bike more manageable to ride at low speed, Help stalling and not spin up as easily
  14. Bright?

    Looks good, Has he put the rear sprocket on yet?
  15. 2014 Evo Flooding Keihin

    Sounds like the float needle has had it's day, I've had a few in my bike, If you need to tap the bowl and it clears, The needle will be stuck open causing it to flood.