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  1. Its a twinshock built in the 70's if you want to modify thats fine but why?
  2. i say try it dont be so lazy........nothing to do with thick.
  3. Make sure all jets are clear and clean, the banjo is spotless and the float height is 18 .5 then a new plug. If it still does it its some thing else other than carb. Youve got it fully turned on the tap as these are always awkward.
  4. show a picture of the route it takes maybe with tank off then it would be easy to see the problem
  5. so my explaination isnt clear enough @model80 ?
  6. snorkels are obvious really short one at the back holes point to middle if i remeber.if they are cut on top they fit together like a jigsaw, so its straight forward .
  7. Is it? Says who?
  8. I'm assuming someone other than you WAS there?
  9. rubbish, its much more to do h0w abikes been looked after when its ten years old.
  10. remind us when you were there last?
  11. Name names derek @laird387a@laird387 this innuendo isnt helping.
  12. @laird387a Derek, im not famous i just help out here and there, rather not be measured by what I have or havent done...... Not sure a general critisism is either helpful or justifed. I wouldnt have thought the large numbers of rmc guys who help with the scott were inexperienced but having ridden round with them over the last ten years or so what would I know? When were you last at the scott?
  13. @hgas Honda were not paying him afaik. Fredo was offered a bike (maybe Laias) and a bit of travel allowance and a few euros per month to do the world champs but nothing really other than pocket money. He took the decision that it simply wasnt worth it (pretty sure the family felt they had paid his way enough by then), so ended up where he is now. A good rider but looked "untidy" and never in total control to me, and like far too many juniors disappeared too quickly. I think the current situation may help some stay but only time will tell.
  14. Is that a critisism of the hard working RMC clubman?
  15. Goats if im not mistaken?