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  1. Mud

    Depends on mud. Different types, deep shallow grassy etc. If you spin it in 4th it might work on deeper stuff. second and very careful use of throttle can work ditto first, but from what im imagining you need to look around and see if there is a run up even small or grippy part to get going.
  2. as above a spare wheel allows even more grading.
  3. Well done. I notice a bulge in the rim tape(?) if so, put the tyre back on and leave 60 psi for a few days and it will flatten out nicely!
  4. Again you clearly show lack of any understanding of our situation which is a simple fact that the value of the pound against the euro has dropped and so stuff from there (we get alot) costs us more. Trump did not romp home whatever spin you put on it. If you think he is credible to outsiders, isnt some kind of pervert who thinks its ok to molest women then good luck. Im sure he will be could be better than Clinton but ffs he is a joke to us.
  5. Only an American could say"strong support" when more voted against Donald than for? @steveo Brexit was 52 48 so hardly a landslide, and im guessing some will be having doubts when they go on holiday and realise shopping is more expensive week by week?
  6. So someone hears a rumour in America about a european bike but no one here knows anything? If that aint fake news I'm Donald Trump.
  7. have you done back to back comparisons with the original amal as my 242 runs sweet as a nut with stock carb?
  8. I wouldnt want to hold Vazquez as some of god, the bikes are good but they do nothing that cant be done in England.
  9. Maybe.
  10. and compared to a gasser?
  11. Paxau is an excellent mechanic. Future bikes are much better.
  12. sorry, what i shouldve said is set up your trials clutch so that it works well enough as to get anything any better involves a fair bit of workshop time. Anything you want to do can be done with engineering but youd better spending this time riding a trials bike. Having saig that ive got the kx plates ready for install.
  13. we've been here before. Grip is lost with a tube in.
  14. if the design were any good gas gas when they couldve wouldve. No one is gonna make it or buy it - suck it up
  15. I love you @feetupfun I'm glad someone could explain, I cba. The schools in somerset are obviously not as good as the ones in Aus. As for the few out there that were run in the past by the catholic church for orphans best not mention that perhaps.....