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  1. Be careful not to overtighten and use penny washers cut to fit on underside.
  2. sorry completly missed the 4 bolt 6 bolt thing. ...and ive got more than one315!
  3. not for a very long time......
  5. its a bit tough for you dom, one route and fuiji lost marks!
  6. Why having won that class when it was very competitive would anyone want to come and try again? Most of the riders you mention have proper jobs now as trials wouldnt pay then, and certainly wont now.....
  7. its plastic
  8. there is no 2 stroke. Only the 315.
  9. Didnt beta have bou before he won?
  10. Take it back NOW!
  11. Thats exactly like a normal (13?) gas gas sprocket so im not sure mitani or jitsie dont buy from a british manufacturer or s3 anyway, its nothing special.
  12. Got one.....
  13. Slides wear but for trials not mx its a good carb.yz is not trials either, and its japanese. People who feel they need electronic ignition probably do not set btdc as a regular thing. As part of prep for 119b's I think its essential.
  14. raga and others broke magnesium swinging arms. You can check alignment front to back of wheels in a few minutes with a piece of string, you know how? sprocket looks twisted
  15. ive had both, i do think the sherco grips well enough but found you need to get your weight further back on the bike than the gg.