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  1. If you're in a position to change the head steady to a late 3 point aluminium, cheap and very good mod.
  2. Oh by the fire but only if im oliver reed.
  3. @andy is this kosher? No pun intended.
  4. was there any activity?
  5. What actually happens is there are plenty of places to train in spain if you know where, im thinking its more a tax issue, but as the border isnt policed that strigently, except sunday pm, i guess he says he lives in Andorra.
  6. No it's all there and mint
  7. 3 slide 128 main 45 pilot check float level
  8. that is so untrue.
  9. google it but in short turn upside down and measure 18.5 to tang. think its on ryp site somewhere?
  10. its true but can not start for a tew kicks for whatever reason, sometimes, so be aware it wont always start this easy.
  11. kehin?
  12. on my old bultacos i always set the timing by the points gap. I assume that the gap is in the range as thats where it was set originally, and can be crossed checked after. This ensures the btdc with a simple make or break light sets the timing. Monts must be the same im sure.
  13. not sure how many zaps you could do before the tiredness would hinder technique.
  14. if you have starting problems you are doing something wrong in technique or set up.
  15. think its just an insert on a 280 250 swap on a 13