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  1. Bangor stopped because the local authourity didnt feel it was justified in spending the money to get a world round there. Nowhere in Newcastle is siutable. I was asking for a specific venue not a "general location" , and you can see why your choices dont work as above. Its you that needs to keep up and answer the question @faussy
  2. 4 bolts and a jubilee wonder where they got that idea?
  3. I would suggest a properly sorted and running well 315 almost as good as most 2008 bikes.
  4. Great help thank you very much @collyolly @auster @jon v8
  5. @faussy where? answer the question? I do know that venue is the hardest thing to sort from previous threads.
  6. how do you get "oversize" shoes?
  7. Where are you thinking it could be held?
  8. Averyon worst trial i ever did in France.
  9. Thinking of a gasser @imexian?
  10. i dont know why there is even a reservoir as when shercos had it under the seat i just had the pipe full of oil and that worked fine. Is it he finds the new type rubs his boots?
  11. a beta and aprillia t shock with as much work as the fantic above would be better?
  12. Have you looked at reducing spring pressure?
  13. be nice to hear how youre getting on and what you decided.....
  14. Yes a good result. Also id say clear second place Jack Price (19) was worthy of mention but again Dougs single dab ride over shadowed that.
  15. Didnt want the gp then?