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  1. wasnt he injured last year? Maybe op or summat in off season?
  2. I cant remember who said it or what book it was in but afaik no one does, especially factory top riders. They may have two bikes available but they always have a no 1 machine which is the one they ride the most. More common is changing this no 1 bike more frequently, maybe 3 months or so i wouldnt know. When marginal gains (sky) help familiarity far outweighs any negatives. Raga always had a new chain at each event etc. so they just change stuff that wears more often also i imagine bous bike is a one off anyway. I know for sure when on the 4t in sweeden cabestany changed to a 2t when it blew its self up in the warm up, so he had no spare at all, or certainly one he would ride.
  3. So getting back to trials, this is why quite often people say that tlr 200's grip really well, because they have no (sharp?) power. easier to control easier for a less skilled rider to find grip. @dadof 2 @dadof2 do you know anything about trials at all?
  4. wrong again. laws of physics are all well and good and this typifies your ridiculous arguments because whilst in a given circumstance some things may be true when you add in throttle control human reaction to imput and slippery changing terrain rough ground steps etc to say carte blanche that a higher gear is better is simply daft. As an example. Drag strip. morris minor and top fuel dragster. which spins its wheels?
  5. @dadof2 @dadof 2 listen to someone that has been there and done it! 220bhp wtf has that to do with trials? cars with traction control ditto? Mx short shift into a non power band whats that to do with trials...shall i go on???
  6. Billy is hard on his bikes, for sure. He also thinks the world is flat.
  7. Wrong dadoff. That may have been true to someone of millers ability (saw him ride a few times in muddy trials down south) and in the day when bikes were half the power of today, but wind a bike up in a high gear and itll spin easier in the hands of a novice, average guy. Speed in the correct gear not a higher one = more traction.
  8. @gasgas249uk any news james?
  9. (All as in spanish)
  10. Sorry your answer (as usual) doesnt make much sense. The manuals for the gas gas on usb are more than adequate have you seen them, sherco is much the same I believe. Because you think evolution is pointless doesnt make it true, and I would imagine is also wrong. The new Hidra ignitions which all manufacturers are now fitting make for better performance who wouldnt want that? Just one example @dadof2 @dadof 2 which shows your opinions are flawed
  11. advertising costs money. Do they have any?
  12. would you splash a grand on it? 1500?
  13. spark erosion?
  14. No more evolution? Who wants that? Dadddy if they sold the numbers of mx bikes that honda did in the 80's then you could have a perfect manual with a bow on it. Wake up. The reason they post simple questions is not a lack of manual (which most get on a cd or usb) but lack of experience in repairing things that go wrong
  15. Dont get me wrong if a bike was available for a grand then i think it holds a certain appeal to some and possibly an introduction to the sport, but at 1500 you'd be much better off with decent 315, surely?