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  1. Montys in Trial 2 this season

    so the honda influence reigns again. So yes if they can go to 300 they could be fairly trick.
  2. Beginning of the end?

    But you said this ?
  3. Sherpa Electronic Ignition

    250 has a lighter flywheel than 325. what are you comparing it to, what trials will you ride?
  4. Hakan Carlqvist R.I.P.

    went to namur just the once, best track ever.
  5. 2014 txt pro 300 stiff clutch,250 pro softer springs ??

    pack height is the thing. Latest clutch has 3 settings to alter bite characteristics.
  6. Beginning of the end?

    i didnt say he didnt ride well just that he got a move on, bou didnt. all part of trials.
  7. Beginning of the end?

    err is not breaking your back serious?
  8. Chain Tension & Wheel Alignment

    wheel or tyre?
  9. Beginning of the end?

    Early number trial so Fajardo was lucky rather than inspired, to do badly in qualifying. I wonder if Colomer said get a move on? Bou may have struggled with the grip of the 4rt for the first time in along time. I saw the Camprodon round on tv and the bike looked like it engaged reverse on one section.
  10. Struggling

    Speak to them.
  11. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    Seems sections were 5 or clean, not much of a "Trial" .
  12. ACU licence in Italy

    Depends which events I would guess. Can't see you could ride a club trial without an Italian licence. You can't here afaik.
  13. Struggling

    Did you speak to the club?
  14. Keihin slide return spring

    Throttle control is the most important thing, but I've never felt a spring affected this for me, because as I said above the hand should connect with the motor. I've softened a Dellorto several times as my wrist tires without this and I guess twisting it in the workshop, but I always felt a keihin was right. Personal choice as you say.
  15. Highland Classic Trial.....Montesa Edition

    Don't put yourself out just for me😉