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  1. Beta 240

    my italian will need more than a dictionary, but thanks.
  2. Edge tank bag

    minders started their use to carry tools spares etc
  3. Beta 240

    Mine is a Beta 240 twinshock not a tr 32/34. Thanks
  4. Softer Dellorto carb spring?

    Disagree mark I have cited 2 reasons why its the preferred method. I always did this on my shercos, done 4 with complete sucess, method was shown to me by ace mechanic and tuner who has helped riders win two world championships in seperate disciplines of motorcycling, so imho the best way!
  5. Beta 240

    Anyone know a good source of spares for these bikes?
  6. Softer Dellorto carb spring?

    my method works and has the correct size of spring to start with.
  7. Edge tank bag

    delay do them, think ryp have their products?
  8. Softer Dellorto carb spring?

    i wouldnt do this
  9. Softer Dellorto carb spring?

    Best way and ive done this several times, run the spring up and down a grinding wheel, removing a bit of the thickness, if you apply a little pressure it winds itself in and removes a consistent amount. It can be done in stages and also you maintain the closed coils top and bottom. @mbeers6
  10. Montesa 315R Clutch Problems

  11. Montesa 315R Clutch Problems

    youve never ridden?
  12. Redex octane booster

    kehien carb can cure pinking on 315
  13. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    you can get zero % finance on most bikes, BUT that shouldnt influence your choice.
  14. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    this is the most important post on here, absolutely 100% right.
  15. Montesa 315R Clutch Problems

    does the 315 have pushrods?