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  1. when you say true @mink_man, up and down or side to side?
  2. im sure its more to do with holding the bars with the first index finger than anything else. weird
  3. Local 4 lap trials? Please dont get me started.
  4. Without a doubt a smaller rider of equal strength,fitness,endurance and ability would ultimately perform slightly (power to weight) better. but its only at the very top level.
  5. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY, its a personal thing which make suits you.
  6. everyone makes their own engines except montesa who have Hondas. (Scorpas were yamaha) Its the age of the OSSA that would put me off as its an early one its much more likely to fail.
  7. Shercos are made in Spain @mrturtle
  8. Thank you @on it for your mechanical insight.
  9. I think some people like you @on it will moan and complain and probably are better off playing anyway. If you need an explaination, the reason why I dont bother too much with trials around here is simply the quality of terrain, and access to suitable spots, you are so lucky where you are its a shame you dont realise it...... and if you think its cos Richmond is "different" Im guessing you dont know what real trials are. For the best part of 10 years i struggled with one other person to secure a piece of land for a practice area in Milton Keynes which is as good as it gets imho round here, so I dont need any advice from you either. Whether I know best is neither here nor there but clearly its time for you to see things more objectively?
  10. ...but 3rd rider in the team? Perhaps he was given no choice?
  11. that sounds like a feeble excuse, if youve been riding for 46 years i would have thought you might have found a club that puts on trials to your liking. Some dont realise how luky they are living in places as you do. Try riding in the south midland centre then you might see it. I cant believe you cant join a club and help find siutable trials. Lack of consistency is a problem we all have to deal with and as @jimmyl says get involved.
  12. i never said it wouldnt work just that if you do a job right there is no need for any silicone. Having never read Beta ssdt prep @on it i wouldnt know about this but as most are flanged now it must be an old version youre reading? @2stroke4stroke I ve always got my rims tensioned and trued every 6 months as i like to have wheels spot on down the road, and in the sections. Maybe a bit over fettling but ive never had a spoke break and the rears can do this on the flanged rims if not looked after (different situation of course)
  13. Plumbers mate, sikaflex or any kind of silicone sealent around the nipples is avoiding the problem and will not allow for broken or re tensioning trueing of wheels. If the rim tapes is fitted correctly it should work. NB leaking through spokes is what you can see, there isnt the leak, and the rims were not designed to seal on the spokes.
  14. The vast majority ride competitions of some sort so anecdotal evidence of practise only riders is a complete red herring.
  15. Where's @faussy?