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  1. pretty sure there was a thread on here which got the numbers close to 5000. the book is innaccurate afaik
  2. Age less when used regularily? That would wear them out though? So wont help much with storage will it? DOH!
  3. You cant stop yourself can you @dadof2 "second is really the correct gear" even when so many say otherwise. If you can generalise for the SSDT many more sections by average riders are better ridden in first, as stated by riders with experience in RIDING the event Best you dont say anymore.
  4. its there in black and white for you to read? Whatever you do it will still be a bultaco clutch and it isnt going to make much difference. Ride it.
  5. Before accepting a computer based diagnosis i would simply get everything spot on. Give the bike a full service and pay particular attention to the carb spark plug (new) air filter and so on. Do not think one thing will cure any "problems" you may have this is unlikely. A well set up bike with all controls working as they should is a great starting point. A slow throttle is no substitute for getting some throttle control by time spent on the bike rather than changing this or that.
  6. banyeres?
  7. Beta was something to do with Roy Carey after sandifords?
  8. needs to be rigid
  9. 20 units? ive got one and so has @bikestat within a few miles of each other can that be right? 200?? @psla
  10. Best for clubman? 250 or less
  11. Does the 199b not have different transfer ports and (originally)piston windows? @woody
  12. clutch is fine as is, comparable to most others tbh
  13. I dont know why the 340 isnt admired in spain could be the dry grippy conditions i dunno. I would say the frame set up and the 6 speed was always nice and the torque are all bettr out the box. I do think they fettle the 325's and then say they are good but dont do the same to the 340. Very few late 250's in spain
  14. ..maybe in somerset? I doubt the same would be true in Yorkshire. Joking apart if the above were true the 4rt would be the only bike ridden theyve been around ten years now and are still thin on the ground.
  15. This is probably true but they cracked back in the day andas much as anything its a preventative modification.