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  1. Is it just me?

    That is the reason. I like andy have been to a few in the past and im struggling to think of a WTC that WASN'T supported by some local or regional authority. The round in Fort William was there specifically because of the tourist board support?
  2. Is it just me?

    please come in here every year for the next ten and prove your rose tinted prediction is correct. Im hoping your joking?
  3. Not shutting off properly....

    moisture in kehin can make it stick. in line filter?
  4. Flywheel Weight ?

    flywheel weight will make it run on, i think this can be a disadvatage for a novice.
  5. Keihin Jetting for 300.

    3.0 slide is best.
  6. TRS clutch biting point

    he was my mistake, ten years of gas gas raga reps, and someone calls a trrs a raga rep you can guess the rest....
  7. Front wheel removal

    dont forget to pop in a new plug too couple of pounds well spent.
  8. TRS clutch biting point

    In the uk speak to steve saunders he will advise. Whether its a bad batch of oil based on two completely different makes of bikes is an assumption too far imho.
  9. TLM rings

    Need 315 rings as well from somewhere......
  10. Piuma Kickstarter

    I got one also from Steve Goode, but not sure it's not a gas gas top and adapted bottom. I bought a new kickstart shaft from someone who had a small batch made.
  11. Arnaud Farre's replacement at Vertigo

    He was out of contract.
  12. BOOTS!

    i dont like alpinstars and a pal who swore by them has gone stylmartin now.
  13. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    There is absolutely no difference in polluting vehicles (although even recently it was diesels that were best now its petrol) but as the gaurdian article indicates, its not a few trials bikes in any enviroment which causes asthma in london, and its here that concerns us surely. Global or world is there a difference? Yes everything has an effect on the Ozone, unless you're trump of course, but whats a thousand trials bikes equal to? 1 jumbo taking off at heathrow? Oh right in your world (or globe) they will be electric in "a few years"
  14. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    You clearly have no way to construct any simple arguments to back up a single statement you've made, frustratingly. regulate against it, against what ?? how?? End to it, What? they legally, who are they? Legally prohibit? How/who would police it when you cant even get a copper to come out to a burglary or vehicle theft currently? By governments, its our government you plonker. The thing is I can see a place for electric and it may very well be coming but not for many many years if ever. It doesnt in the slightest interest me or the massive majority of off roaders, either here or where ive ridden in spain and France. OUR government couldnt ban ice cos there are far too many of them around, billions in gdp dependent on them, and even with gradual regulation and restrictions there would always be exceptions and concessions just as classic vehicle have NOW. To think that electric bikes will ever take over trials completly well you might be right in 100 years but I even doubt that.
  15. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    I said they wont ban ice. Its impossible to "ban" ice. You can make rules and regulations to stop further sales, my van is euro 6, but you cant ban whats there