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  1. warn

    Oil seal

    Ok. Thanks?
  2. warn

    Oil seal

    Do you use an old primary shaft cover with the breather pipe or did you make your own pipe?
  3. warn

    Swingarm removal

    Yes i understand that but do you use it as a puller?
  4. warn

    Swingarm removal

    How do you use this "tool"?
  5. warn

    Oil seal

    Found this from a 2017....
  6. warn

    Oil seal

    Do you have a picture on that pipe on the sprocket side?
  7. warn

    Vertigo clothes

    Has anywone tested the Vertigo clothes made by Wolfpro?
  8. Color code on a 1984 Fantic 300 proffesional? Tried ral 3020 but its to way orange...
  9. warn

    Beta Evo 80 torque

    Does anybody know the torque for the svingarm nut on a Beta Evo 80 2011? torque torque
  10. warn

    Fantic 300 1984 sign

    Exactly what i need. Thanks alot. What rivets should i use to the sign?
  11. warn

    Fantic 300 1984 sign

    Cambs couldnt help me, any more ideas?
  12. warn

    Fantic 300 1984 sign

    The sign on the clutch cover was destroyed by the washing machine at work. How do i fix it? A sticker or a new sign or another cover?
  13. warn

    X11 on Fantic 300

    Can i use a tubeless Michelin X11 rear tire on my 1984 Fantic 300 if i fit a tube?
  14. warn

    Vertical R 2020

    Any rumors about the R bike?
  15. warn

    4rt differences

    yes, they like to drink oil.
  16. http://www.equipementmotard.com/product_info.php?cPath=219_233_260&products_id=4577
  17. Hi again! Question number 2. Where do i found this rubber rings for the side panels?
  18. warn

    Chain Adjuster Block

    What do you think about this?
  19. Thanks alot. Now its ordered.
  20. Hi, where can i found the rubber for the sidepanels? Its between A and C on the top of the tank.
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