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  1. It's time to throw my 15 year old gaerne boots out ... it's been a long time, any recommendations on good quality / reasonable price ? Thanks ?
  2. I think you may have misunderstood the irony of my Segway post !
  3. I think trials clubs should look at buying land and open a bit of a 'trials centre' for experianced riders along with areas for new comers to hire and ride bikes around simple sections. It would generate lots of interest from folks with other bike interests , road and mx etc . Most people will have a lot of fun on a trials bike even if it's pulling up a few shallow climbs and over a log or two. The problem at the moment is that to get into it you really need to go 'balls out' at it, full gear, bike, van, acu license .. and so on before u even get a practise ride ! .. the timed kickstart idea is great and would certainly make it more of a spectator attraction .. one thing for sure is if we do nothing, it's gonna go by the looks of the numbers in the poll
  4. That's all, let's face it, disappointing... pegs ! .. I post this with a heavy heart ❤️ the man.
  5. You are spot on here , wish there had been a 60-70 option. Anyhow, we are a declining sport with less and less places to ride and a very small under 20's vote , less than 2% under 20 and more than 60% 50+ ! ... what will things look like in three decades ?
  6. Billy has done awesome in France this weekend, a fantastic future in enduro for sure ..
  7. Has anyone figured out which mini moto seat fits the 4rt nice yet ? You can save a lot going down this route ! The thumpstar seat works on the 2001 - 2009 sherco perfectly ?
  8. Hello, has anyone out there got one of these ? I love the concept but how good are these bikes ? Some great offers around on the pre registered 2016 models . Would we be better off re gearing a standard 4rt and get the lonride seat ? . Would love to hear any feedback on these , to be honest I don't think they will be produced for long, the market is small, a bit like the Scorpio Tride, but they are very rare now and rocketing in value ! . There's a place for an in between trials / enduro for some people ? What do you think ? .. I know the pic is not the standard machine by the way .
  9. Hello, After months of riding in the warm and dry sun and thinking my scorpa 125 was the perfect partner for me, I went out on Sunday and came across some deep muddy Sh!t .. I just found out that small engines are not good in deep mud ! .. need more cc's Whats good in the mud ? and do you like riding wet ? (hehe, come on get that thought out of your mind !) 4t ... 2t ? Looks like my scorpa 125 is going up for sale soon .. these are rare but plenty demand, folks seem to love em. . at the right price of course What should I get ? .. I feel like I want it to pull me arms out rather than rev the tittys off it (if you know what I mean)
  10. Hi All, Interesting conversation with my fellows today - What is the best 'show' of skill on a trials bike ?, i know we have assorts these days, but the walking pace sit down wheelie came top during our discussion, anybody got any others in the 'i'd love to be able to do' category ? cheers
  11. Thanks for the great advise guys, much appreciated. ... good point ourian on the oset becoming a gasgas in the not too distant future, it has certainly made my mind up to go for a bigger van.
  12. Thanks For your advise here John .. Merry xmas
  13. Merry Christmas all. Im looking for a van to get round the trials. Does anyone know if a 4rt and oset 20 will fit into a nemo (Citroën van) or will I need something bigger ?. Been looking and there are some great bargains around at the minute :-) .. If not the Nemo, what's your opinion on the best van for the job ? Cheers and all the best.
  14. Hi, My boy is getting a 20.0 from santa..... can he enter local youth trials on this ? .. what are the rules ?, advice appreciated. Thanks
  15. After much debate here on TC on where is ok, where is right, safe, bad or ‘ethical’ to ride, I can report that after having my bike road registered I have ridden for most of the summer straight from my house twice a week when and where I like without any trouble. Ive done roads, woods, quarries, disused rail lines and most places I like the look of to ride. Ive had a few questions from folks (ramblers & horse riders) along the way and ive just been polite and honest with them!, I also enjoy the countryside but I like to explore it on my trials bike instead of on foot. I always stop when horse riders appear and ive never had a bad experience with anyone. Been stopped by the police and produced my documents, no problem. So – Stay young, stay foolish, road register ... invest in a longride seat and enjoy.
  16. Got you now !, yes, its the one from wobblies
  17. oh right, the guy did mention something a wobblers trial or something, so what does that mean ? do you know the bike ?
  18. Thanks Andy i'll get on to Birketts. I didn't get is off wobblers ... at least I don't think so ! lol . Got it from Scotland, to be honest paid next to nothing for it and its in great order !, the guy next door paid more for his mountain bike. The more I ride it, the more I like it, its got to be the best fun for spend bike ive ever owned :-) . Thanks again for the advise ..
  19. So whoever it is can delete my post within seconds because I, like others mention a web site that is appropriate to the subject matter. BUT CANT COME FORWARD AND SAY ITS ME !, AND THIS IS WHY I DELETED YOUR POSTS ! its a farce. Im gona contact Andy
  20. Good information thanks very much. I was out on it earlier today, it is a cracking, easy to ride bike. Anyone done the longer clutch pull lengthen mod ? does it make it much lighter ? Cheers
  21. Nah, Andys not online and he wouldn't delete posts for the sake of having the power to do so !
  22. So its a straight forward question ... who is moderating at the moment ?, ive had three of my posts unfairly deleted, who are you ? .... or are you just going to delete this post as well ?
  23. Who is currently the site moderator ?
  24. I don't think this is the case for a day time MOT, you are on hand signals. I was surprised myself, not even a reflector is needed. If the bike has any lights on then they must work, so make sure it doesn't have any !
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