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  1. Don't prat about with so called PUKKA trials boots, sizes and quality seem to be rubbish. Make the trip to North Yorkshire & get measured up at Alt-Berg in Richmond. Suppose that depends on where you are in Scotland. I met up with some Police bikers in the mid '90's, they all had dry feet 'cos they had Alt-Berg boots. Myself & the missus got measured, similar problems to you, & have had dry feet ever since. I chose the sole stiffness to suit me standing on footrests. I gave mine hell for 16 years before they let water in, Alt-Berg fitted new welt & sole at reasonable cost & I still have dry feet in 2021. Push the boat out, you won't be disappointed. Beware the hole at the top, it will let water in. They do Sympetex (think that's how it's spelt) membranes which are equally as good as Gore Tex in my experience. Dick.
  2. dick

    BTC results?

    Try this: WulfsportACUTrialGB_2021WulfsportTrialGBChampionshipClassification
  3. Fit it on the side that has the retaining arm fitting, which needs to be in TENSION, NOT COMPRESSION.
  4. As your bike is only a year old I would start by checking another bike of the same age, also check at a dealer. You couldn't misalign by that amount through two clamps let alone three! I suspect Sherco have found a cheap solution to a problem! How does it ride? If it's good don't worry about it. Dick.
  5. dick

    Tank liner

    I sealed my steel tank on my '53 AJS a lot of years ago & it's been right ever since. I remember the sealant came from Wyldes of Leeds, think it was called Flowliner. Been excellent. Dick.
  6. I had polished stainless fitted by John Smith on my AJS. So easy to clean & looking good years later. Never regretted the extra cost. Dick.
  7. dick


    What's happened to Doug Lampkin? Not riding?
  8. Fully synthetic from Stihl (which I use in my chainsaws) is fine in my mates 1927 Scott Squirrel. It's been drinking it for about 20 years, doesn't smoke, & goes like hell. Very much a ridden bike not a polished one. Seen him doing 70/80 many times. Can't quote a ratio as he has a Pilgrim Pump on it. Dick.
  9. Turbo, what is a Festiva? Never heard of it! Fiesta-yes. Got a pic?
  10. Can you get the Citroen Berlingo Multispace (estate), or Renault or Peugeot equivalent, in the states? I have a '67 model 1.6 diesel (runs on Ad Blue) that gives 60 mpg average & that includes occasional towing with an 8' x 5' box trailer. My mate has the Berlingo van (double road tax in UK for vans) & carries a 500 Norton trials bike in the back. Remove one of the back seats from the estate & getting a modern trials bike in should be no problem. Averaging 60 mpg (OK I do drive gently but I'm not mean) I can't go wrong. Dick.
  11. Bottom line is: if ye boots are made of leather they will need treating! If not the leather will crack & split! They need to be clean & dry when treated. No use applying treatment to mud! I got a pair from Alt Berg at Richmond with their Sympatex membrane (on par with Gore Tex from experience) in 2000, they failed in 2016 when the sole came off, resoled by Alt Berg for 55 quid. I am now back to riding, standing in becks etc with perfectly dry feet. They do made to measure which is probably cheaper than some of the supposedly big names! I use their leather grease regularly, it's good & it works. How many people have waterproof 18 year old boots? Only downside to boots with a waterproof membrane is when ye do fill 'em with water they take ages to dry out. Dick.
  12. Roy Bacon's book shows brake diameters of 6 1/2", 7" & 8" for road bikes, 6 1/2" & 7" for the comp bikes & 5 1/2 " for trials bikes. Not easy to judge the sizes in a pic. They probably pinched a lighter hub off something with brake drum on other side. All sorts of strange things happened in those days. Dick.
  13. The pic's show the two bolt flange on the adapter is not vertical as it would be on a flanged tow bar. Check the fitting, hard to believe it's been made that badly as it looks good.
  14. This is the one I use, small, light, tapered edges, cheap & two minutes for the glue to dry if applied thinly. Get 'em from a cycle shop. I always carry two tubes as well. Message me if ye stuck, I'll send one to the IoM for ye, I'me a bit nearer than you are. Dick.
  15. Ye spoilt for choice now Turbo, get experimenting. Let us know the results. Dick.
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