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  1. Matchless front wheel

    Roy Bacon's book shows brake diameters of 6 1/2", 7" & 8" for road bikes, 6 1/2" & 7" for the comp bikes & 5 1/2 " for trials bikes. Not easy to judge the sizes in a pic. They probably pinched a lighter hub off something with brake drum on other side. All sorts of strange things happened in those days. Dick.
  2. The pic's show the two bolt flange on the adapter is not vertical as it would be on a flanged tow bar. Check the fitting, hard to believe it's been made that badly as it looks good.
  3. Tube tyre repair kit

    This is the one I use, small, light, tapered edges, cheap & two minutes for the glue to dry if applied thinly. Get 'em from a cycle shop. I always carry two tubes as well. Message me if ye stuck, I'll send one to the IoM for ye, I'me a bit nearer than you are. Dick.
  4. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    Ye spoilt for choice now Turbo, get experimenting. Let us know the results. Dick.
  5. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    Just checked it on the Web, I'm sure that's the one I used & it's been in a lot of years. I wasn't aware of the Bio Rust product but think I would be trying that if I had another one to do. Sounds a lot easier than shaking a petrol tank.
  6. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    When I had a leak in the AJS tank I needed an Ethanol proof coating, can't remember the name but it came from Wyldes of Leeds & has been very good. The instructions for cleaning the crap out before coating was to chuck in a load of self tappers & shake it. I would suggest a couple of hundred Turbo Gold Wood Screws (small ones, say 16 mm) ffom somewhere like Screw Fix. Not the laziest fix I know, but ye tank deserves looking after, why not clean it & coat it & be happy for years like me? Dick.
  7. Arthritic fingers ?

    Try Aloe Vera, slightly orange flavoured drink. I'v been taking it daily for about 15 years & it sorted my rheumatic knee. Not guaranteed but it's well worth a try. About 18 quid a litre I think. Takes a couple of months to get into ye system at 20 ml a day. The agents often have a stall at craft fairs. If ye get stuck for it I'll see if my missus can come up with a Surrey connection from her agent.
  8. 2016 "Demo" Montesa 260 vs 2018 Beta Evo 200

    Beta 200 for you! Similar to myself!
  9. Should I drain the carb

    I run 4 strokes & my last run of the year is the Scott Trial in October, it then sits until April or May, due to cold & white finger, when it starts second or third kick after flooding the carb & a few priming strokes on the kick start. I fill it with the cheapest fuel at whatever petrol station I find when I need fuel. Seems the problem may be with two stroke oil separating from petrol when standing & oil blocking the carb. Two stroke guys, drain the carb & slosh around what is in the tank to remix. Now't wrong with basic petrol!!!!
  10. Hello from teesside

    Check out the web for Scarborough MC, they have there own practice ground & plenty events at Harwood Dale, south of Whitby & past the Flask Inn. If ye fancy a brit bike in a relaxed atmosphere check VMCC South Durham web, they have a trial at Chop Gate on the 18th.
  11. Beta 4t

    Water in the petrol? Warranty!
  12. Taming a 300??

    If it suits you, enjoy it. If it doesn't suit you then change it! Test days! Use 'em!
  13. Bultaco Sherpa 159 Restoration

    Brill! Do you want to sell it? On second thoughts, I can't afford one that good!
  14. I started at a similar age, stick with the 250, it will do far more than you can do, a 290 will be savage for what you want & you won't enjoy riding it! Fix the Beta!
  15. Matchless G3C Front Forks

    They are obviously past there use by date, don't mess about, get some new made. I had some for my Jampots & never looked back. The AJS & Matchless Owners Club are very good, failing that send a sample to a spring manufacturer, can't remember who did mine. You will need the free spring length, I'll have a look in my parts book, might be in there, what year is it? Dick.