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  1. I have 3 Villiers engines, an 8E with Albion gearbox, a 6E with 3speed box and a 9E with wide ratio 4 speed all fitted with standard 9E clutches that work fine. Why fix something that isn,t broke?.
  2. Simple answer to your gearing problems trialsrider46, fit a Villiers engine, lol.
  3. Sorry to be a prat, but Im sure the engine you,ve got isn,t what you think. The bottom end is 9,10 or 11e, but the cylinder 8e, totally different. Good luck.
  4. Is that not a Hodaka Commbat Wombat?. Iown 2 Dalesmans(men) and are both full duplex cradles,the bike shown has a similar appearence, but?.
  5. Gearbox sprockets wear more because of the much smaller radius, i,e, less teeth. If the the chain fits the rear sprocket o k, assuming the teeth on the sprocket are o k, just renew the sprocket on the gearbox. Don,t tell the dealer what I said, he wants to sell you the lot!
  6. Am I the only person in this Island of(once was) ours that understands that the whole country has been taken over by parasitic lawyers and solicitors, aided and abetted by scumbag politicians(the lowest form of life). Yet another reason why this once great nation of ours is down the pan.
  7. I think you will find it was Ocelots from Guisbrough, Messrs Smith and Buckworth. Trev Buckworth still rides the occasional trial.
  8. Villiers service, 9E conversion works almost as good as a modern clutch. I know, i,ve got 1.
  9. Extra mounting on the tail pipe/silencer is one that i remember.
  10. Possibly the bearing has been turning in the housing, but why it leaves a copper colour i don,t know, seen it many times. Try bearing grade Locktite.
  11. Do as Yamaha say and all will be well.
  12. Simple, clean the brake drums and liners, oil the cables on a regular basis, and use quality clutch plates, sorted. Or is that too much work?
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