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  1. Toby Martyn

    Grattarola has a foot on the rock at 11.07 in the video but was given a clean.
  2. Evo 4t Carb

    Spoke to a chap from Acklams about a mate`s bike that he was having problems with. He said they fit a 130 main jet as a matter of course in all the Beta 4t`s, replacing the 120.
  3. beta 2019

    The pictures look like they were taken at Silsden over the weekend. Acklams had the bike on display. Would it cause an issue if the kickstart was moved round on the spline to match the exhaust cutout ? It might stop it smashing into my new frame plastics and spoiling them after one ride
  4. OOF!!!

    He did get this one right though
  5. OOF!!!

    All down to running out of time I think. I followed the GP for most of the sections but got bored watching Raga and Bou walking the sections for 20 minutes each time. I moved along a few sections and managed to beat the crowd and watch some brilliant rides. At section14 (I think) I watched Raga turn up to the gate, nod to the official and ride the section without even a glance at it, indicating the last 2 were running very short of time, Bou did the same. Raga had the big off on the next section. Overall a brilliant event, my first world round, but I was disappointed to find no trade stands in evidence apart from 2 food vans, a beer stand and 4? dealers vans with some new bikes on display. Asking one of the vendors why there were no trade stands It was hinted that the cost was prohibitive. No T shirts to buy, no riding gear etc. etc. Compared to MotoGP or MotoX events it was a pretty poor show on that front.
  6. IOW 2 day

    I think you will find it a decent challenge. I looked at some of the sections tonight, nothing dangerous but look fairly tough for me (3rd season novice just qualified for pension ) We hope it proves to be fun as well as challenging ...... and it stays dry
  7. IOW 2 day

    I`m going .... but then, I do live there Sections are reckoned to be standard club trial level. I am doing easy, non road which should relate to the novice `C` route I normally ride. Our twin shock riders mainly ride C route or Clubman 50/50 so you should be fine. Road section is not too far BTW. See you at the trial, and the evening do I hope
  8. Best trials gear for bigger riders?

    Most tops I have in XL size are generous to the point of being loose fit. Trousers on the other hand, even in XL seem to be a size smaller than labeled
  9. Do I keep it or sell it?

    Ha Ha, the Folly is quite famous for the table dancing. Perhaps you should bring the bikes next time and ride the IOW 2 day in April
  10. Do I keep it or sell it?

    This guy has a shedload of videos about building and modifying old trials bikes, mainly British, but does some serious frame mods. Worth a watch
  11. Help with Beta Rev 3

    Did you jetwash bike after your ride ? It may have got water into where the pickup is. Undo casing opposite side to clutch and check for water, dry it out and give it a squirt of WD40
  12. Cleaning Trials Clothing

    Stop cleaning the chain with your trials gear ?
  13. Plastic Restoration

    Careful use of a hot air gun can restore colour to `bruised` plastics.
  14. Hi from the Netherlands

    Welcome. I hope you have a lot of fun with your bikes. In my many trips to the Netherlands I have found something else that may be missing ......... HILLS