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  1. Looking at the fixture list for the 2018 ACU Classic Cup it seems the series has just one trial. Is there an alternative for those of us with a pre65 who prefer a single lap road based trial? Cheers.
  2. Entries for the MCC's Exeter Trial on 5th and 6th January 2018 are open. Details here: https://www.themotorcyclingclub.org.uk/?page_id=12. Cheers, Ian.
  3. How about the MCC's trials? Around 200-300 miles for the event, and often a ride to the start on Friday night, and back home again on the Sunday. Mostly on the road but with a few lanes to get to the sections, about half of which are done in the dark. Smallest bike I've done one on is a Beta Alp 200. The ride back from Cornwall after the Land's End on Easter Sunday is a tradition . I wouldn't want to ride one on a modern trials bike though.
  4. I have one and no issues with the bike. No significant mods needed. I've tried a few other bikes over the years and come back again to the Sherco 250. The only bike I'd even consider as an alternative is the new Scorpa - looks more or less the same bike except the frame surrounds the radiator and the fuel tank is in the more conventional spot.
  5. ian640

    Gas Gas Future?

    That’s a really good analysis Dan, both in terms of emphasising the cyclic nature of this market and in terms of looking at the strategy the manufacturers pursue. I started trials in the early 80s and of the manufacturer’s around then only Beta - just starting out in trials at the time, and Montesa - a brand of Honda for a long time, remain. But what your post illustrates to me, comparing the bikes available in the early 80s to what’s available now, is that there is little differentiation in the market. Only Honda offer something really different at present to the rest - that is selling on the quality of their product with a higher showroom price - both factors that help to make your product more attractive. Don’t think so on the showroom price? Why do folks buy a Rolex when a Casio will still tell them the time? What is playing out here, yet again, is a market driven by cost and hyper-competition - most of the bikes available new are broadly similar in terms of product features and most cost about the same. It could be argued that this is bad for both the manufacturers and the consumer. The manufacturers don’t have much to increase their sales over the competitors, and they and their importers and dealers may not survive if they don’t maintain their market share. The consumers don’t have much choice because most of the bikes are similar. So hats of to the likes of OSSA, JTG and now Vertigo for trying to build a product that’s a little bit different. There are other ways they could differentiate themselves - for example by selling a brand rather than just a bike, but as far as I know, as far as off-road bikes go, only KTM have made that work of late, and they’ve had to play a long game to do it.
  6. ian640

    Sherco 250 2011, Unused

    Are you sure it's a 2011 and not a 2010? What colour is the frame? What makes you think it's flooding? My 2010 would 'flood' if it didn't start on the first few kicks.
  7. I've not seen the WTC rules but in 2014 ACU TSRs for non-stop engine stopping alone doesn't mean a failure and for stop allowed doesn't mean a failure provided only the tyres and no other part of the bike nor the rider is touching the ground. Be great to see Bou in the SSDT - isn't it about time? Cheers, Ian.
  8. ian640

    4Rt Chain Length

    Thank you both (I'll collect the prize for missing the obvious ). I moved the fastener to the rearmost of the three holes - chain still in one piece, properly adjusted and loads of adjustment left. Relief not to have to bother with half links.
  9. ian640

    4Rt Chain Length

    Hi, I fitted a new Regina chain, 100 links long, to my 2014 4RT two or three trials ago. It has 9/41 gearing. The problem is the chain now appears to be too long. I realise new chains often stretch at first but it's only done a few trials so I wouldn't expect it to be worn out yet. Anyone know if it's possible to go to 98 links or would this be too short? Thank you. Ian.
  10. Thank you. (Jitsie catalogue especially useful ) The neighbours would complain if I copied the video
  11. Apart from getting generally fit, anyone any recommendations on getting 'bike fit' erm, without using the bike? Winter evenings rule out mid-week practice. Suggested options so far range from mountain biking to yoga. I was wondering if using a trials bicycle would do the trick. Thank you.
  12. Tried it once, indoors. Cue broken furniture, cuts and bruises....
  13. No, haven't found a supplier for that. I habitually use Splatshop who stock the Elf. I've used the Castrol as well in the engine I've assumed (rightly or wrongly) that Honda-Montesa would know what they're doing when specifying the oils.
  14. Why not just use the Elf oil recommended in the 4RT manual? It's readily available in the UK at least.
  15. Thought you might like this shot of my Cota in the Highlands:
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