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  1. melba26

    Beta evo 250 2011

    Could be split link on chain getting worn, try a new link.
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    New April 2018, good condition, one owner, road reg on SORN, over 60’s rider, CSP water pump kit (metal impellor), new chain & sprockets. Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria. Tel 07969187734. £3495.

    3,495.00 GBP

  3. Hi Luc, Would appreciate an update, how are you getting on with the Mont or are you staying 2T. I was thinking of change to 4RT and am interested how you have got on after some time. Thanks, melba
  4. Hi, starting trials at 45 should not be a problem with motorbike experience. I suggest doing some training/experience days. Bumpy Ltd are not far from you. This will give you more confidence and confirm that you will enjoy it before buying a bike and gears. Good luck.
  5. I think the current format is as good as it can be in view of very few elite riders. I really enjoyed last few BC rounds I watched. Championship class for those who compete in or aspire to compete in WTC with lower classes to have a decent size entry to justify putting a trial on. As machines & tyres have advanced over the years the difference in sections which the top riders can get up is so different from lower level (but still good riders) that same course is not practical. At best many years ago I was a mid level green course riders and remember in late 70's and early 80's riding same course (only 1 in most trials) as Malcomb Rathmell and Martin Lampkin who were competing for the WTC at the time, I could get up the majority of the sections although anything less than a 3 would be an achievement, this is not possible these days. My only comment would be I would like to see the ACU doing more to encourage youngsters to enter then stick with the sport to get more up and coming riders to the elite level.
  6. melba26

    Clutch noise?

    Hi, I've got a 2018 TRS250RR, bought new from dealer, has had loud rattle from new, took it back to dealer who said it was normal, also checked with couple of other owners at a trial and they were similar. Noise goes away when clutch engaged. Some are louder than others. seems to be normal for TRS. I believe GasGas with diaphragm clutches are similar. Not had any problems with mine and had it for over 2 years now. Suggest listen to others if you get a chance. If anyone knows a solution I would like to know but I just live with it. All the best. Melba
  7. melba26

    trs v sherco v beta

    Over years I've had various Beta & Sherco and recently TRS with my most recent history being 2015 Beta 250, 2016 Sherco 250 and 2018 TRS 250RR. The TRS was bought new in April 2018 and has not had any issues at all apart from service items and front wheel bearings have been changed. I would say reliability is similar to Beta & Sherco as I did not have any major issues with any of my recent bikes although I am a veteran clubman course rider so my bikes do not get hammered. After being laid up for several weeks the TRS started 2nd kick. I heard early TRS had some issues with petrol tanks and recently I see a thread on CDI units. Overall I would recommend a TRS for reliability. The clutch has a rattle when in neutral which goes away once clutch is pulled in. Melba
  8. melba26


    My 250RR bought new in March 2018 (nearly 2 years old) has had no problems at all. I ride clubman route and about twice a month so not a hard life. I changed the water pump impellor to an all metal CSP one as I was warned that the original plastic impellor with metal insert can break and not circulate coolant. Also fitted a head spacer to soften power a bit. I think you have been unlucky, suggest you contact the importer as it looks like the CDI should be under warranty.
  9. I have same but and it seems to be due to screen "not seeing" the full page width. If I slide the bar at the bottom left of screen along I can then see list of advert sections on the right and click on the one I want. e.g. Petrol Trials Bikes. Hope this helps. melba
  10. Hi, Thanks for replies, Steve is correct and wire disconnected is hard setting, I can feel a very light difference and am going to leave it disconnected. I have black throttle and this seems a good setting for me. Melba
  11. Hi, I decided to remove the map switch from side of the radiator as it was always wet and I am not sure if it is working or not. On checking the manual and sticker on the bike show different position for the soft (cloud) and hard (sun) settings. The sticker shows depressed for soft which is how I have used the bike. The manual shows depressed with the sun for hard setting. On checking the switch is closed (current flows) when depressed. To be honest I can not tell difference when using the switch but would like to know if depressed is the soft or hard setting hence if I should connect the wires together for soft setting with the switch removed. Thanks in advance for your comments. Melba
  12. My guess probably was dreamland but if Mr Bou is not well paid I am surprised he has not had ago at another sport. Any idea how much appearance/prize money is at Sheffield indoor?
  13. Total guess but several components to pay = basic salary + bonus for position in WTC etc + personal sponsors + appearance money/prizes at indoor trials etc. Bou = 200+100+50+50=£400k Raga = 130+60+50+40=£280k Caby/Fajardo = 100+40+30+30=£200k Dibs = 40+20+10+15=£85k
  14. melba26

    Knockin' Not Rockin'

    Have a look for damaged teeth on the kickstart idle gear and gear on clutch drum this engages with, this caused a knock a Gas Gas I had
  15. Suggest:- Test ride on similar bike if possible to see if different or way it should run although if less power than a techno something is wrong. Check with previous owner for any changes made? How good is petrol/oil mix you are using, could it be contaminated/left for long time. I had a bike run badly and flushed out the petrol and it ran fine - although petrol was "new" it must have been a bad batch. Might be worth trying a different batch. Is the octane ok - not sure what gassers need. Set mixture screw - with reasonable tick over - screw mixture in until revs drop, screw out until revs drop - set between these 2 points. If revs do not drop either way or screw is right in or out could be jet sizes, air leak or other issues. Check timing as mentioned above - might have been retarded to soften power. This is not a big job but requires a puller and tool to hold flywheel. Carbs can be difficult especially if worn - any chance of borrowing one off a different bike which runs well and testing with this. After that it is more difficult things like air leaks or swapping electrical parts from other bikes. Good luck Melba
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