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  1. You only need one call. Eric Peronnard.
  2. Bad back and all. Shades of 2008 - when the kid was on the podium nearly every event - with a fractured back.
  3. I believe they'll have one of these stationed at each section as to see the no-stop rule to be strictly enforced.
  4. No, not the "Guest Class." It's the "Open International Class." Big difference. Ray Peters is competing in the "Guest Class."
  5. All the hoopla and this thread grows mold for 5 months. Come on, where's all the jumping up and down about the event. It's five days away.
  6. Shout out to competitor #39, Sven Bley, from Illinois, USA. Sven amassed 1764 points for 233rd place. Not bad for a flatlander.
  7. British or Italian, this "Guy" had a rough day. Still managed to stay in the top 20. Well done, Guy.
  8. UK. Italy. Now I'm really confused.
  9. You want a well worn phrase, this is it. So, if you look at the changes from stop, to no stop, speeding the trial up should then -- in reality -- make the youth want to participate in trials all the more. Section riding should move along much faster, gratifying the younger crowd. After all, who really likes to stand on a bike while it isn't moving?
  10. Martin, Glad we're not going to argue on the subject of our country being able to host a World Round, again; given the fact our best rider refuses to participate overseas. (I'm still miffed the kid was leading the Junior Class, finishing his last event with a clean round, and pulls the plug.) That being said, I know Pat will ride this World round. That, and Cody, and the rest of our boy's giving it a go, should be worth the money any American motorcycle fans should pay to see. Can anyone say "rider in the shute" like I can? I'm even toying with being an observer that weekend. You up for giving a tutorial to the group a day before the event?
  11. Martin, my comment wasn't to raise a stir. My apologies if it came off that way. I, too, am excited WTC is coming back to the good ole' U.S.A. While I've had the fortune to see the World's best overseas, my most fond memory is Pat winning in 2007 at TTC-- and 2004 in Duluth -- during one of those Minnesota regular drizzles. It was a rain storm that Dougie called "torrential rain". Bike's submerged underwater, sections so nasty riders were taking five's every other section; and the crowd going nuts.
  12. I just spent an hour reading those comments. Lot's to digest. One thing I do know, this is going to cause major conflict between riders and observers over boardline forward motion calls.
  13. Note to self. Don't ever wander into a thread for the first time that's 10 pages long.
  14. Is this one of Pere Borrellases 29 fives? This sure couldn't have been his only clean of the day.
  15. Big congratulations to Ross. Well done, young man!
  16. It's all Nick Mantzoroses fault.
  17. Disclaimer: Non-trials information. Great story. 41-year-old earns first National AMA win after 23 years of racing.
  18. First time for everything. A typo that was funny.
  19. Ringo's more than welcome to join in on the act. I just put in a call to my buddy, Mich Lin, for some help. Tried to talk his wife into doing a headstand on her Yami while the kids jumped through her legs.
  20. Personally, I thought he was trying to screw up the trick so the judges would vote him off and he could go home and play with his RC car at the pond party this weekend. Now Uncle Circe may have to hunt down an airline ticket and add some excitement to the act. Gawd, Pat looked p****d last night when Howie told him he had to stay another week in Hollywierd.
  21. Some birthday party Ringo threw. Happy Birthday, Ringo.
  22. Yes indeed. Noel, and his wife. In the 33 years I've known her, she's never gotten that excited.
  23. Famous quotes: "Sometimes I have to stand up, then they go over me..." Rad Grandma Here's the video.
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