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  1. Magic response chaps thank you - just gotta hunt someone down with a newish gasser to let me have a go at the next trial!
  2. Ok chaps, im in the market for a new bike, Got a Beamish and a 99 mont (which will be going, its lovely hint ). Had always wanted to try a really new bike to compare to my 'modern' Montesa 315 and yesterday i got the chance to ride a '13 beta 250 - it was a different class to the old mont in can tell you, grip and turns we amazing. Now i had always fancied a Gasser based on looks, as i had never riden a new one of either, however the beta has seriously turned my head. what are your opinions on say a 2011 GG v 2011 Beta Evo. Im just doing clubman stuff... tar Dan
  3. So - any news on how these Golden Tyres perform??
  4. I love my 1981 250, only do local club trials on the red route (daan sarf). I put new renthal bars and betor shocks on and it does me proud. great fun to ride... http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10150322682021853&set=a.48706611852.69934.557061852&type=3&theater
  5. Thanks a lot - i'll have a looksee in the morn
  6. Hello all i noticed towards end of last weeks trial that my bike was running pretty fast. i was hoping after a week it may have been coz it was plating up a bit after a very long lapped trial - but just started it up and its still doing it i normally adjust the throttle screw on the carb to get it ticking over right but its not making a difference and is almost all the way out now which cant be right. any ideas? ps its a 1999 ta Dan
  7. Beamish Suzuki RL 250
  8. Maybe cycle trials as it's 'city centre' I'm recording it anyway!
  9. Hi All - I read on here that rear shocks should be 340mm on a Beamish - however i have found a decent second hand pair of 360mm betors, will this be detrimental to the handling? what are teh consequences of longer shocks? many thanks
  10. cor that sounds interesting! thanks all for the feed back, i must admit i would like to loose the tiller steering
  11. Hi all, i have a 1981 black engine model and am upgrading it a bit, new shocks, footrests, chain and sprockets etc. I want to get rid of the original 'Cow horn' bars. They have a massive rise on them, my question is what sort of rise should i go for on some renthals. I am tall at 6,3... any advice greatfully accepted and see you at fort william on Friday if you are there!! Dan
  12. The ever popular North Hants Summer Season is back! Here are the dates of our
  13. So does anyone know when the 2011 indoor trials is going to be on TV??
  14. Crikey - I cant see why that is any better the 'normal' trials infact I dont think it is. Is all that really 'cos you guys across the pond cant get your heads around 'lowest sore wins'. - You lot love golf. just think of it like that!
  15. Damn it only just seen the post so missed it. Does anyone know if it will be repeated? I wonder if Eurosport do some kind of alert service to email when its gong to be on. They put it on at such random times, i'm not sure how i'm supposed to stick the old SKY+ on with out checking listings EVERYday!
  16. I think i have sussed it - item 11 yes?? http://www.apexmotosports.com/montesa%20parts%20book/f-2.htm http://www.jimsandiford.co.uk/mastercylind...3-305-258-p.asp
  17. Hi all, some kind of seal appears to have gone in my Grimeca master cylinder, in the lever somewhere as its weeped out all teh brake fluid and i have no brakes. Can anyone help me out as to where i get a new seal kit for it? cant seem to find it online - lots of AJP ones! 1999 315r many thanks Dan
  18. U could always get one of these but rest jobbies!! http://www.buttrest.co.uk/ NOT TRYING TO ADVERTISE I HAVE NOWT TO DO WITH THEM!!!!
  19. Hmmmm may have answered my own question... I reckon i should put a new one on http://www.apexmotosports.com/montesa%20pa...20book/f-12.htm http://www.jimsandiford.co.uk/exhaust-seal...r1-680-68-p.asp what say you experts??
  20. Thanks all. Should there be a 'proper' gasket where the front pipe goes in the engine. As i seem to remember it just looked a bit liek clear silicone or sort of off colour rubber. I reckon i need to put a new kind of seal on there - what should i use??
  21. Aha, gotcha muchos gracias! I dont think it is though (will check) the noise deffo sounds like it is coming 'from within' which is a worry!!! in answer to initial questions Did it start suddenly or has it just got gradually worse? Well i noticed it on Saturday and have never heard it before so i'd say gradually. It hasn't got worse (rode a trial with it like it on Sunday) Does it happen in a particular part of the rev range? Nope just always there in the background, no change in performance Thanks in advance to anyone who replies. I really really appreciate it. Ta Dan
  22. ha. Yeah i get that, but i due to my lack of the knowse i don't know why refitting the exhaust could cause a knocking/rattle. Is it because it is not sealed/air tight?? and what does that do to make the noise?? sorry for all the questions. But i guess that's one of the reasons for a forum??!!
  23. Thanks for the reply! Well it started this weekend, never noticed it before. Funny you should say about the exhaust as i had had the front pipe off to spray it this weekend and i think it was after i replaced it that i noticed the noise, could that be it??
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