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  1. steviet

    Bultaco yokes

    Talk to Ossy at Audit CNC, they make them for all of the classic lads around the country and may give you a better Geometry Tel: +44 (0) 191 3718888
  2. Sam talk to a friend of mine Ossy at Audit cnc here in the North East of England He does the mods but also makes the yokes and loads of other stuff for Pre 65 trials etc
  3. What year is your Vertigo?? Looks same as mine but you have Red Wheel spindles and mine has light Green What do you want to achieve from what is setup at present?
  4. steviet


    Hello Sergio If your Vertigo is running rich then your dealer which you purchased it from should sort the problem out You shouldn't need to buy the WiFi unit to cure it!! The dealer if he is any good, and he supposed to be if he has been chosen to distribute the bikes for Vertigo, test the bike with you and you can show him your richness problem, then he can sort it I haven't heard of any Vertigo riders in the Uk having such a problem!! regards Stephen
  5. there's absolutely nothing wrong with the original gears or Sprockets, a Master helped design this bike along with a fantastic design team, first 4 gears are trials gears and very usable 5th and 6th are for road. I use first in almost all sections any faster and I might as well do Enduro lol!! Fit the correct sprockets and just ride
  6. Mines Standard at 10:42 as Lowbrow's cannot understand why you would change the ratio as the gears are perfect!
  7. Yep pleased with my 3rd gas gas in a row, a 2017 Racing, one of the first first batch's to come into the UK after starting back up Don't beat yourself up!! Go buy one!!
  8. I have just picked up on this and I am guessing that you have a 250 gasgas racing like mine.. I had lots of pinking with loads of different combos of carbs (delorto n kiehin), jets and settings The cure...... Head insert to lower the compression a little Now perfect Not touched the carb or settings since I did this last year, I suspect the piston/cylinder was making a little too much compression!
  9. Does anyone know if there are any Trials Clubs and Club/Public Practice Areas around the Glasgow area? I have a friend who lives there (Houston) and wishes to take up trials riding but to find out first before he buys a bike. thanks Stephen (nr Durham)
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