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  1. Nice music on the first one, How old d'ya think they are?
  2. You missed out the highjump. All finalists cleared it brilliantly.
  3. Picture the scene... Adam Raga, the self proclaimed "king" of trials is on his back wheel on top of the biggest oil can ive ever seen! The crowd is silent... then one guy sums up everyones feelings at the time: "WHO ARE YA!? WHO ARE YA!?" Amazing night!
  4. Definatley, shame i can't have a new bike.
  5. Can you get away with "nadgery" in scrabble?
  6. Doug on a Gasser would leave the rest in the dust! I think we all know it, but gas gas dont have the money? Or are they concentrating on their national riders? I dunno, but the best rider in the world on the best bike in the world would be amazing
  7. My dad had the same problem and solution on a '04 raga (which is basically an 05...)
  8. My freinds tele has a seymour duncan in the neck, its so smooth, and even sounding its just amazing. Shame about the huge neck, and boring appearance...
  9. The 125 i tried was very nice, easy to move around and i loved the suspension. The 250 i tried wasnt.
  10. How much does it cost to host a site like this Andy? (I wont be offended if you'd rather not say) How much more would it cost if there were loads of videos being downloaded everyday?
  11. I'm not joking at all here. The rule you're talking about is a godsend, esp. for rubbish riders like me. The feeling of getting a 3 in a sections is so much better than a 5, and it makes all the sections attemptable in some trials, for people of any ability, for example, if i had to give up after 5 dabs (assuming you can still score no more than 5) then i would just not attempt some sections, because i would no theres no way i can get through in less than the required amount of dabs. The rule encourages people like me to just have a go, rather than 5ing everything, or even asking for fives. (I really have to learn when to end my sentences.)
  12. Welcome. I'm not new but i still know nothing.
  13. Cheers nath, i'll keep checking, but its gonna have to wait cos theres a fender stratocaster out there calling for me and my money.
  14. It would be funny if it wasnt so worryingly true
  15. My dad took 13 for me on my first trial. There were gale force winds. It rained. It was well below freezing. We were up on the moors. I retired after just over 1 lap. Gimmie a 13 anyday, just dont give me another 5!
  16. Scorpa easys arent far from the newer ones are they?
  17. Whats "Comerfords"? Its in quite good condition everythings good mechanically, but the tank has a bit of bubbling in my dads attempted paint job. Sorry can't post a pic i dont have a digi. camera.
  18. What is it worth? Average condition. Thanks (for my dad.)
  19. Thats a bit vague innit? Yeah i was wondering about that kinda thing too, but i can be more specific. Lower price range, 20inch wheels, preferably maguras. cheers.
  20. I dont understand, what did you do before mich? And where did honda rs go? i didnt realise he was gone actually, but he was a damn helpful guy...
  21. You could give me a prize for lairiest ride!
  22. The moors are good. Well i've had bad experiences, but in general theyre good...
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