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  1. They are MZ forks looking at those pictures. Usual item these days on bantams
  2. Are you at libberty to say which practice ground it was ?
  3. The trial was run in the wrong part of the country! TMX now stands for T'MX news its a northern thing ! The staff there dont know what there doing,its run by non motorcyclists,the trials reports are crap and the motocross has lots large pictures to fill the pages cause they dont know whos who and what to say. Thats my View.
  4. Hi Stuart,if you have a drayton bantam you will be accepted into the BMCA with open arms 90% of the entries are draytons.The B in BMCA as now been changed from British to Bantam.They do a by monthly newsletter with tricks and tips on the bikes also a bike of the month .As for Scotland well the draytons are allowed and for the last part of your question your guess is as good as anybodies.
  5. The reasons for the decline are that firstly certain venues have been lost either to new land owners and people illegally on the land aswell.As said above people have moved on some clubs ran very efficianlty whilst being supported by family members whilst little johnny riding.Clubs and entries have dwindled as no new faces have taken up the sport. When i started riding compepative trials in 1983 there was club,centre and national trials on through out the year and there wasnt many weekends when there were nothing on.Some clubs could only do events on saturdays as the calender was full. I think its a sad affair now as most of the riders have to go out of centre to get a ride .
  6. Marcelle barrels were used for both scrambling and trials.If it came with those size carbs it stands a chance it may have been used for scrambling. OTF is correct by saying that a 26mm is best for trials ,thats what we all use.The only way to tell is if someone who knows what there looking for to have look at the port timing to see what you have on your barrel.
  7. The Pre65 Scottish trial came about originally to occupy the spectators who went to watch the six days trials.Now this trial as its own recognision as its popularity as grown over its 30 years of running.The concept of the event was for britsh bikes to be used for a trip down memory lane.So the cut off point was 1965 which as we all know was when Sammy Miller won the event on a Bultaco and changed the history of trials as we know it.So why are the commitee of the pre 65 scottish allowing the bike which was the reason for creating the trial and the rules in the first place .?
  8. They might be listed by the end of January ! like they did this year.
  9. to all who have never ridden in the isle of man,its absolutly brilliant.if they run the event similar to how the the classic trial or the 2 day nationals are run you wont be dissapionted.you will ride on all types of terain from on the beach to streams,mud and tree roots etc.it looks like i could be there 3 times next year.
  10. Hi,is the issue you have is to stay with using points and not change to electronic ? i have never used points ,but i know that the ones that villiers services do work well. also they aren`t that expensive.
  11. My advice is if your going to build a pre 65 up from scratch is to have a figure which you think it will cost the double it.Ive built up several bikes over years for people and that as been the general rule of thumb. Or buy a bike already done,Im very lucky that i can make componants that i need. If not i`d stick with the modern bikes. I know of folks that if they had known what it would have cost they wouldn`t have bothered to start with. Many parts tend to one off made because certain things aren`t remanufactered and thats when it gets expensive.
  12. Hi Marty , are you having a mid life crisis ? you can get counciling for it you know.The electric shocks arent that painfull ,once youve been given the first one the rest dont really hurt.
  13. If you screw in the adjuster to take up the nearly all of the free play this will make the clutch work properly. It will alter the angle of the flat on the clutch arm ,this will allow the clutch to clear when pulling the lever in on the handle bar.leave some free play in so the clutch wont start slipping when the engine gets hot. On my earlier Fantics i had about 3-5mm of free play on the arm.If there is any wear on the plates this helps ,on this set up you get more life out of the plates because of being able to keep adjusting it up until they are worn out. Hope this helps Best regards
  14. I was there right by the barrels when JR crashed,it happened so quick.It gave me a right sickening feeling in the stomach. Luckily he didn't break any bones,still nasty though .He will look like an action man now ??
  15. hi,its paul cowley aka shedworks
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