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  1. nitsua


    Hi who’s the tigercub specialist in Yorkshire I have dealt with Martin Adams in the past . I
  2. Don't hold your breath.
  3. Hi the number between the stars * -----------* is the number that's required in the UK the other numbers are irrelevant.
  4. nitsua

    lost it ?

    Got to agree with you on that. I first started watching the SSDT in the late sixties and I have witnessed a defininate decline especially since the modern trick bikes came on the scene.
  5. When I had my bike nicked I visited all the places in a 10 mile radius where most scroats ride off road 6 weeks later bingo, no Police sorted the b*****d myself unfortunately bike was not fit to ride.
  6. Could it be vertigo are not having the success in selling enough bikes to sustain more than 2 supported riders?
  7. I changed to varivocals many years ago I was a machine tool fitter and have always thought they were the best thing since sliced bread no problems distance or close up Don't know if it's because I always have had Zeis lenses.
  8. Get well soon Peter, hopefully with a full recovery.
  9. Hi Back in the days when I watched Scambles most riders had two bikes usually a 500 goldie and a 250 there were quite A lot of Dots used by some of the big names in the Scramble world but unfortunately Dots management was not as keen to develop to the extent Greeves were.
  10. Hi Deryk The Dot factory lies behind Hume Church I lived close by its in Manchester not Salford.
  11. Strange evoalian has owned 3 but doesn't rate them very highly.
  12. Hi Deryk sounds great but how many original bikes still exist they must shurly have all been modded by now. I know I have spent a small fortune modding my Dot not to mention the time involved, I would be very reluctant to undo it all.
  13. I've never heard such vitriol for a guy that just wants a bit of recognition for the lads&lasses who have achieved at world class level and yes the offials at the acu should do more to promote our fabulous sport.
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