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  1. Thanks for sharing , that is a real beauty
  2. Actually the trial on Sunday is at Hut Hill which is Chandlers Ford, bit easier to get to than Southampton from Salisbury, worth going to have a look even if you are unable to take part, directions on the website Matt had in his post, venue is called Hut Hill By the way where are you in relation to Salisbury , I'm 15 miles North
  3. hiya I replied to your other post try Waltham Chase, They have a trial on Sunday hope that helps Dave
  4. Hi Nadder I'm assuming with a name like that , that you are somewhere near the Nadder, I'm north of Salisbury, near Middle Wallop, just started Trials again after 35 years. I joined Waltham Chase club, very nice people. if you want to check them out, there is a trail this Sunday at Hut Hill near Winchester, the map to the venue is on the Waltham Chase website good luck and all the best
  5. well done congratulations
  6. kluson

    Rim Tape Fitting

    Slide it in gently !
  7. Hi Pete I'm not so far from You, I'm about 16 miles west of Newbury. Have you joined a club. Will send you a PM cheers Dave
  8. kluson

    Rim Tape Fitting

    It was only a matter of time!!!!
  9. My Wife and I were watching the news tonight and both said at the same time , doesn't he look like Hitler.
  10. Garene make some waterproof polish which is really good stuff.
  11. cheers ,.... sounds like I need one of those too all the best Dave
  12. Thanks very much for the info. Do you think i would be able to store it on the wall of my Garage? cheers Dave
  13. The exhaust plugs work great . You can find them on e bay, I got mine from Merlin hope that helps
  14. Hi Phil please let us know how you get on with it. I too will be looking for a trailer soon cheers Dave
  15. sorry to hear you fell of, hope you're oK
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