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  1. Hi there, does anyone have any experience about this bike, how it rides, reliability, ease of maintenance. I have always ridden a Beta Evo 250 and quite fancy a change. I haven't noticed any used one's for sale yet, have many of this model been sold in the U.K. ?, Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. He still advertises on e-bay.
  3. Was that at Crabtree Farm today.I was competing there and saw the bike. Sounded like a Honda to me.
  4. I haven`t really noticed the sound quality. .What I have noticed though is the commentator cannot pronounce some of the riders names, notably Cabestany and Raga. Over a long period of time it does get very annoying.
  5. We have Peugeot Bippers at work, they are the same size .as the Nemo,they are very small and you would struggle to fit a bike in them..I would suggest a Vauxhall ..Combo as the best small van. Loads about and you can pick up a good one fairly cheaply.
  6. I thought the bike was been unveiled at the bike show on the 4th of November. That`s less than a week to wait. I am looking forward to it, hope it is something a bit different from the norm.
  7. I have a mots carbon fibre helmet, it`s very light, comfortable and excellent value. The only criticism I have of it is there are no spare helmet liners provided with it,
  8. If your bike hasn`t been used for a while, 2 -3 weeks. The clutch will be sticking. Simple solution, sit on the bike,.by hand put it into third gear without using the clutch. Then pull in the clutch and rock the bike forwards until the rear wheel moves freely.
  9. Did anyone on here attend this test day. I would be interested to hear your views on the 2014 models.
  10. I didn`t know that you can practise around Osmotherly.
  11. Hi, thinking of changing my car in the new year. Quite fancy an x-type but would like to know if they are any good with a bike rack on. I know they will have plenty of power as I will be going for the diesel. My only concern really is ground clearance at the back when laden with the bike, They do seem to sit lower than my current car which is a Mondeo. Would like to hear from anyone who is using an x-type with a bike rack. Many thanks, Stephen.
  12. Why don`t you look up the importers- Malcolm rathmell sports (MRS.), they have a list of dealers on their website.
  13. The combo with seats will have less space than a normal van. With the seats folded down the floor of the .van will be higher and a bike will not fit in.
  14. I have a 2011 evo and I have also cracked the front mudguard, I glued it and put a metal plate .underneath. I then put a sticker over the crack, I thought about buying a new one but I would probably just damage that one as well. I must agree with you that they do seem to be very .brittle and there must be stronger ones out there. .
  15. Mine will only bump start in 3rd gear and doesn`t always do it every time.
  16. I think it is a 2006 model- but only .guessing.
  17. Thanks for that info, westygas.
  18. Thanks for that, but it is the wider rubber that goes from the air-box to the carb, that I am looking to replace.
  19. Hi , I am looking to bling up my Beta Evo with a red silicone air box hose. The one that goes from the air box to the carb. Can anyone tell me who makes them and where I can get one from ?. Many thanks.
  20. .There was a build up of dirt in the reservoir. .The seals were beyond repair, Once new seals were fitted, the brake was easy to bleed and the lever soon started to .regain some bite,
  21. Hi, I recently went to check my bike over after not been on it for 3 months. There was no pressure in the front brake and the lever .would go all the way in without stopping the bike.Naively, I thought.I would regain the pressure by bleeding the brakes, .After trying to bleed them for quite a while I realised that the lack of pressure in the system was stopping the brake fluid from going .round the bleeder pipe. .I then took off the brake caliper and removed the brake pads..The pistons in the caliper were all the way out..I pushed them in and since then I have not been able to get them to come back out... How do I get them to come back out ?, also how do I get the pistons to move freely in and out. If I solve this will the pressure return to my front brake lever ?. Thanks in advance for any helpful hints.
  22. Hi, I have a 2011 evo and have not been out on it since last November. Today I decided to check the bike over. The front brake was not working at all. Tried moving bike forwards and backwards with the brake on. This didn`t seem to make much difference. I was wondering if the pistons had stopped working due to the bike been not ridden for so long. I am hoping it`s an easy fix and any help would be appreciated.
  23. I still have the flywheel .weight fitted,
  24. stephen1967

    Boyesen Reeds

    I have a 2011 Evo 250 and it seems to lack bottom end grunt, would fitting Boyesen reeds to it make any difference, what are people`s views on them ?. Also there are a few different type of reeds, which are the best ones to go for to improve my bike ?. Many thanks,
  25. . That was going to be my next question. What do people think of them ? do they make a difference ? which type should I go for ? and finally , are they easy to fix ?.
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