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What Did You Do To Your Fantic Twin Or Mono Shock Today !


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Well I just installed a new pair of footpeg brackets , Thanks to Fantic 303 ! I tried for months to get some from that shop in France , but I could never get a response from them ... But '303 saved the day for me :) What a difference pegs mounted at the same angle make ! whoda thunk it !



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no mention of a nova1 ?

Is this a form from HMRC if so no.

The guides are a bit ambiguous on this but probably applies when you are actually importing new or used vehicles and registering them for the road. Hence it states that HMRC must be contacted within 14 days of import

This part initially put me off but I concluded it was not relevant to my application. It seems so,

The main problem with registering an old bike like the Fantic is that it may well have been registered before and that then would create a problem with regard to ownership.

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regretably my 1953 AJS is hung up on dvla paperwork as i cannot produce a nova 1 and i m still waiting for hmrc to say they have no interest in it..

Have you sent your application off or are you just thinking that you need a nova1.

If DVLA are requesting HMRC clearance for a 1950s AJS then I count myself very lucky.

If you have not sent the application off I would just fill in the form together with MOT. insurance etc. and importantly a dating letter with frame and engine no. from a recognised expert. My thoughts were that without the dating cert the vehicle details could appear vague.

Good luck.

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Mounted a new chain and sprockets yesterday to my 305 and shortened the gearing a bit, 10 to 41, it was original, 11 to 39.

What a difference this makes!

sudently she will lift her frontwheel just on the throtle and she will crawl trough a section like she should! :D

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Blew the rear fender off my 309


Had to say"I'll just do this big climb with step at the top one more time then I'm done for the day"

And a couple of weeks back murdered my aftermarket 240 tank


Cracked through just below the Fantic decal :wall:

Again,5 minutes before I had planned to be done riding for the day...

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Finally got my motor, rebuilt by the Tryals Shop with 303 barrel, new piston bearings etc . It's a lot easier to install a 300 motor than it is a 240. Exhaust hooked up, new chain. Just had to put the body work on to have a look. Almost there1


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