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Back Tyre Coming Off The Rim


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Hi all

Had my 16 Sherco delivered today, couldn't stop myself taking the afternoon off work to go for a ride. After about 40 minutes the tyre came off the rim, after s few choice words took the bike home and popped the tyre back on the rim with the compressor took it back out and it went flat again after about 15 minutes ? I then pumped it up so it was rock solid and managed to ride for 20 minutes without it going down ( which is fine but obviously not ideal for trials)

Is it possible the tire is slipping of so what's the best way to fix it ?

... It's a Dunlop tyre running at 4.5 psi

Any help much appreciated !

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After seeing the new 803GP available at the SSDT I put one on my 13 RF Gasser, with the flanged rim.  It popped off after a less than a lap of a muddy southern trial (no rocks) just like an IRC. Mounted same tyre on older style spare rim, no problems, in fact I really like the tyre. I do acknowledge that both Montesa and Beta were using them at SSDT. I think its the same old rim compatibility issue that we've all seen with IRCs, new spanish flanged rims need to have Michelins, end of.

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I've recently bought a 2016my 250 new and on its first outing the tyre would only stay up for 15 mins at a time before going completely flat.

After reading this thread I contacted the dealer and he apparently had sold another that also had this issue. I requested a tyre swap from the Dunlop to Michelin but he would only swap the rear as the front was ok.

I'm a bit miffed with this response as to my way of thinking if I have to swap tyre manufacturer to one that is compatible with the rim they should swap the front and rear together.

I've been told by the dealer to contact MRS direct and make the request to swap the front - I'm also not very pleased with having to do this.

I'm ok to listen to reason so am I being unreasonable in my requests?

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Thanks for your responses guys. I understand that running different tyres front and rear will not cause any issues this is more about the principal.

I wouldn't expect to buy a new bike and see it's got 2 different manufacturers tyres fitted.

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Been following this topic of tires coming off and I think the way to narrow what could be the problem is to identify the tire on a certain rim.

If people having success with the Dunlops and IRC's list the year, make/model and if possible rim manufacturer, and also people having tire failures do the same we could better ascertain if at some point the certain rim manufacture changed the inside flange/bump or diameter that holds the tire in place.

This seems to be from reading this thread the best way for people to know if a Dunlop or IRC will work on there perticular machine or if they need to go with a Michelin which must have a slightly smaller inner circumference which is more forgiving.

The Dunlop tire is a fine tire it works well especially the new GP, it just may be made to a slightly different inner circumference which may work fine on say pre 2012 Shercos for example but maybe the rim manufacturing tolerance changed.

So if we know you can put a Dunlop on a 2015 Beta but not a 2015 Sherco, we can possibly figure out what changed and when and those owners can make a better decision on what to purchase.

Ultimately, we could possibly make a reccomendation to the manufacturers to take a look at this problem.

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