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2018 beta


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I've heard several theories (guesses) that the reason they moved the CDI (or the rectifier... whatever the metal thing with fins is) up under the headlight was to make room to add fuel injection, but I guess we'll see. 

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3 minutes ago, jimmyl said:

I heard they had the power and engine response spot on with the prototype fuel injected bike - just finalising the jet that squirts fuel direct onto the floor to maintain the beta tradition. :P:P:P

OK that made me spit coffee.

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It would be interesting if they where going down that route , and especially if they keep the layout the same , I really don't like the vertigo and the old ossa because all you can hear is the bike sucking air from the airfilter infront of you I think it sounds abit old fashioned 

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12 hours ago, oni nou said:

And 'low friction'  open main bearings instead of sealed .....so that's what the leaders in design and fashion think about diaphragm clutches.and Efi.

They could be silicon nitride but really no big whoop. The bold new graphics are basically, "Screw it, let's not paint it."

As for the diaphragm clutch I see just as many people complaining about setting up the diaphragm clutch as the old style so...


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Don't think many trials riders are fooled by this I think most buy new bikes to keep maintainence down to a minimum.Frankly I couldn't tell the difference between any Evo beta and much the same goes for Gas Gas and Montesa.

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