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  2. Mapping Cota 4RT 2017 vs. 2018

    The P.N. is 16400-NN4-M11, so that's the standard TB/ECU for ED/2ED street versions. It has a Mode 2 map (green/white wire connected to green ground wire) that's used when the O2 sensor, catalytic converter, and intake / exhaust restrictions are on the bike. Its Mode 1 map (green/white wire NOT connected to green ground wire) is used when the catalytic converter and O2 sensor headpipe is replaced with "race" headpipe and the intake / exhaust restrictions are removed. Map switches are not normally used with this TB/ECU. The wiring is changed (green/white removed from 4-pin connector) to put the TB/ECU in the "full power" map when all the street version (ED/2ED) restriction is removed. Here's a link to Full Power Version 2017 instructions. Look at pages 4 & 5, they show pulling the green/white (map selection) wire from the 4-pin connector to use the "full power" map on the 16400-NN4-M11 TB/ECU. If you can get your friend with the 2018 bike to pull the fender, you can see if it has the 16400-NN4-L31 TB/ECU. That's a two-map "race" TB/ECU that comes on 3ED/4ED racing version bikes, and it has dry and wet terrain maps (see your Owners Manual, page 1-9). I suspect the 2018 bike is a racing version 3ED/4ED, and the difference in feel is the 16400-NN4-L31 TB/ECU. The 16400-NN4-L31 TB/ECU should be available from Honda OEM parts suppliers like KFM.
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  4. new to trials central

    No it is for very hot weather that we rarely get in Yorkshire.
  5. Compression Release

    SY250r, has anyone made a compression release to let the engine be started easier. When I say made, some of the vintage open class MX machines came from the factory with a small hole drilled above the exhaust port. This bled off a portion of the compression pressure while kickstarting, but was a non issue while the engine was running. Granted the TY250Z engine used in the Scorpa starts pretty easily, but certainly has a bit of compression to kick through.
  6. drain bolt

    I believe, and can check next time I drain the oil, that is a second drain plug. If the Scorpa had a left side kickstand, you could remove that drain while in the kickstand, rather than use the lower one where the bike must be vertical to drain the oil. The parts manual shows it simply as a straight bolt / plug. No special detent or anything, just a plug.
  7. drain bolt

    Drain plug on a Bultaco should be in middle half of timing side crankcase. Bash plate usually has a hole for access.
  8. Where to Spectate - with my young lad!

    Demand that one of the tv companies televise the whole event. Now select most comfy couch...sorted.😉
  9. Gas gas 03 280 txt pro suspension

    Without appearing to be weightistish.....why not consider putting your body on a performance regime and tune that up, before spending out on parts that may not work any better;) because you may still be carrying too many ounces!🙂Wish I could trim down a bit, it’s very easy to talk about getting fit, it’s another actually doing it. Once you are riding trials you may find that gives you the ‘kick start’ needed!
  10. 2 stroke header sealant

    Select a socket that is an almost exact fit in the mouth of the front pipe, use and extension bar and clamp bar in vice, gently force pipe to take out bend. DO THIS CAREFULLY and you may find you don’t need sealer. If hear can be applied to bend area this will help. Sealant on the front pipe is not s good idea as any leaks will cause the temperature around exhaust port to rise and probably cause seizure of piston/rings. If you must use a ( considered a bodge) sealant get a high temperature spec from an automotive parts supplier, Europarts, Halfords....there are many about.
  11. Front brake pulsates

    Lift front wheel clear of ground, second person spins wheel and looks to see if disc appears to wobble. This may be very slight, but any disc movement will be translated back through the hydraulics to the brake lever. Brake judder/ shudder caused by warped/ buckled disc, incorrect caliper to fork leg assembly, sticking brake pads causes binding. If bike is brand new, don’t beat about the bush getvit back to the selling dealer. Haven’t dropped bike so the it has landed in a way to hit disc?
  12. Show Us Your Ty

    My first twinshock ty175
  13. Trials club around Lake Maggiore Italy

    Born and bred in the Dark Peak not lived there for a good few years but as they say home is where the heart is.
  14. 2 stroke header sealant

    high temp. silicone sealer
  15. Front brake pulsates

    Floating disc, does it move on the bobbins?
  16. Where to Spectate - with my young lad!

    Look at routes, on a daily basis and all the info is in the excellent programme (which can be bought at parc ferme or shops on FW high street) I generally pick one in a morning, maybe one at lunch (if they are close together) and one at about 2-3pm Some days you can 3-4 sections in, other days maybe only one in morning and one in afternoon I usually park at least 0.5 to 1 mile away from a section and walk in, to avoid parking hassles..........however with a 5 year old this may not be possible, so get to a section early, park close and take something to amuse him, as you might have a wait for the bikes
  17. Gas gas 03 280 txt pro suspension

    Yep, just throw some $$$$$ at it.
  18. 4rt improvement underway. Any thoughts ?

    responsive or smooth delivery is all on the ptb, mitani pipe 280 or whatever....and its not a full 280cc.
  19. New TXT 300 Pro Questions

    the new gassers seem to come with grease on most things, its a step up on what s come before.
  20. Mapping Cota 4RT 2017 vs. 2018

    This is my ECU the number wich is printed on in "NN4 G24"
  21. Mapping Cota 4RT 2017 vs. 2018

    Circut "open" is (big button down, this is a standard killswitch from an other motorbike) full power map, small button down, circut closed rain map..... you yust have to look at the electric-plan at the end of your manual, there you see everything....
  22. Where to Spectate - with my young lad!

    It's hard to say until the routes are out, but you'll find at least one spot every day you can get to without too much hassle. Most of the popular sections are easy to get to, but you may have to park a bit away depending on when you get there. The programme is normally pretty good at telling you where to go. On the subject of routes, last year each day's route was published on the SSDT website on the morning of that day. It was a bad idea which I have to take the blame for as it made it hard for those heading up through the week in planning their trip and deciding where to go. It won't be repeated this year.
  23. Mapping Cota 4RT 2017 vs. 2018

    I think big button big map. Bottom end seems very similar but I find soft map runs out of steam At the top end compared to the bigger map
  24. Front brake pulsates

    Warped disc.
  25. Time Left: 27 days and 18 hours

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    Gasgas 250 Pro 2011, road registered, lots of upgrades, just serviced, new wheel bearings, suspension linkages greased, recent brake pads, always well maintained, over 50's owner, excellent condition, ready to ride £2295 . Please contact me for more info 07768 505958 Somerset / Bristol / Bath/ area

    2,295.00 GBP

  26. Aussie new to Trials and this forum

    Thanks mate for that info, now you've got me thinking. It has a stamped frame or id number up on the steering tube and ive gone thru heaps of info in forums about this but still cant work it out. Ive attached a pic let me know if it can be deciphered. Cheers JK.
  27. Front brake pulsates

    Hi guys. My buddies montesa 4ride...when applying front brake ye can feel a slight pulsating feeling thru the lever.? Wat causes this. Bikes brand new...only 10 miles on it..
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