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  2. needle jet
  3. as above, if you took the main jet out and put air through the carb you could blow the brass needle guide out which would give you these symptoms, easy done.
  4. Not sure what its called but you might have blown out the brass ferrule that the needle slides through
  5. Yesterday
  6. Similar to Dabster.. been told it’s done - Fajardo and Busto Dibs - not sure. Beta I assume
  7. I saw this on ADV I guess the thief sold it to somebody who was not aware it was stolen... once they figured it out the new owner gave the bike back to its rightful owner Even more amazing is the trials community has pulled together through crowd funding to make things right... Makes me proud to be a trials rider... got to say $1,500 for that bike was one heck of a deal !!!
  8. Where did you find those service manual pictures I've been looking everywhere for a shop manual for my 2008 rev 3 270
  9. ill give it a go tomorrow the pilot jet is clear so must be inside the tower where its blown deeper in to the small hole exit. ill keep trying to flush it out before opening it up
  10. You might have screwed it with carb cleaner and air. The o ring under the tower (torx screws) is not available. You enter at your own risk. You could try just contact cleaner through the pilot jet. There is two holes it should come out . Under the slide and in front of the slide.
  11. Interesting. I'm wondering if there is a different friction material in the thicker plates, which might be the cause of sticking. As my 4T has all thick plates (I assume this is correct) that might be an explanation of my problems. I think I remember reading somewhere that "thin" plates are 2.7mm and "thick" ones are 3.0mm. Can anyone confirm? Certainly my plates measure 3.0mm.
  12. And riders that knew how to ride a mucky rut or a grassy bank!!! lol
  13. would I be right in thinking theres a bit of dirt trapped near the tiny exit hole and be better getting the security torx fitting to clean inside the tower better?
  14. Or maybe to make you believe the tyre was holding air..... At high pressure a badly fitting rim tape is forced against the rim and seals, low pressure less force so it leaks.
  15. the carb needed cleaning on my evo 300 so I stripped it down and carb cleaner and air lined it all jets etc was clear. put it back together and it will tick over but bogs down or dies when revved. it will run nere on perfect with the choke on or the air mixture screw all the way in. ive stripped it back down a few times and cleaned it again but I'm thinking a bit dirt is trapped beneath the pilot jet which I cant seem to get out? do those security torx screws need to come out or is there a specific way to blow through that circuit? ive got a trial tomorrow and going to have to borrow my dads carb but want to get this sorted asap.
  16. I was under the impression Fajardo was already a done deal. I think the only question mark is Dabil.
  17. They are. The old ones were tricky with a seperate valve, but I could always get them to seal
  18. Description: Only 7 months old Filter cleaned every ride, Regular oil changes, In very good condition. View the full article
  19. About time Beta addressed this problem,diaphragm clutch like the other brands?
  20. A friend of mine used a RE Constelation in trials, but there was one section that he would not attempt as it could be painful. It was a muddy section with a two foot tree log to cross. Not so impossible on a TY175, but a team rescue job for the RE. .
  21. I used to do Mountain Biking as well as Motorcycling, and found that some of the more expensive chains took about 3 hours to bed-in. During this time they would jump the small 11-13 tooth rear sprockets (why I don't know!).. The cure occurred quickly when riding through mud, as they would soon wear-in. To check if they were excessively worn, you lay the chain on the bench, and 10 links would be 10.0 inches. When this changed to 10.1 inches the chain was worn, and if it reached 10.2 inches it was knadgered. We sometimes used anti-fling chain-saw oil on our chains, as we had a few gallons of the stuff. .
  22. Is it possible that Gas Gas succeed in signing Busto & thus don't sign Fajardo?
  23. Hi Whitevancam, If you'd read this entire thread (it would take a while :-)) you might have seen my experiences. My clutch was just like yours; literally pushing a locked front wheel forward! I did the whole de-glue and tab rounding thing and found very little to zero difference but what I did in the end (which worked) was to replace the two thicker plates for standard thickness ones, filled up with Putoline nano-trans and Bob was my Uncle. The difference was night and day, it's perfect now and I can even select neutral with the engine running as easily as one would expect to be able to. I don't really know why replacing the two thicker plates had such an effect but it did but I also absolutely swear by the Nano-trans oil now too. Hope this helps mate
  24. Will be leaking through spoke nipples rim band buggers to seal
  25. Yes the air screw does make a difference, the books say set for a peak of the revs, but setting a bit further rich may give a better response to a blip of the throttle. Chain-saw manuals always say to set the fast running jet for maximum revs then richen to reduce the revs by about 1000rpm, to ensure the best mixture when under load. .
  26. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I'm fairly sure the momevment is correct but haven't physically measured it, I've been moving the clutch lever with the clutch cover off and looks good. I don't mind buying new clutch plates, they are a wearable item after all, but in my mind, as the plates wear you get clutch slip, not clutch drag. I don't want to chuck £70 ( or whatever they are ) at some new plates if that isn't going to solve the problem. I'm out on the Enduro bike in the morning but in the afternoon I might have some free time. I think my next steps are to physically measure the clutch movement with a vernier or dial gauge, I've also found that Beta USA clutch set up article so I'm going to check which way my 'top hats' are facing, then ride as much as can up and down the street and doing figure of eights in the drive and get some proper heat into everything and see what happens. Then I'm going to have the clutch cover off again while everything is hot and re-measure everything.
  27. Yes I'll take it. Pm me a price please. @canada280i
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