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  2. TLM rings

    Hi, Does anyone have any contacts for getting rings made. I am chasing some oversize rings for a 1990 TLM 260. Or if someone has a piston and ring kit available also would fix my problem. I know these are beyond rare to acquire.
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  4. Piston slap confirmation

    And did you really put this out of spec engine back together - purely to post this video here?
  5. 2015 Montesa 4rt

    Time Left: 27 days and 20 hours

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    Montesa 4rt 260cc Fantastic condition Been maintained and looked after very well. Husband has now passed road bike test and lost interest in off road biking. Many colour coded extras in red -Snap back levers -new lanyard -brand new high seat & fuel bottle used once -New renthol fat bars - bar stoppers -new back Contact Paul 07852332996

    3,300.00 GBP

  6. Piston slap confirmation

    Funnily enough the slap goes get a lot better when I rev it, it's worse when it's idling. It's worse when the engine warms up as well.
  7. Monday music on Weds!

  8. Gas gas 250

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    Gasgas 250 , 2016 only done 3-4 trials ยฃ3500 tel 07876141802

    3,500.00 GBP

  9. mikuni carb set up on tiger cub

    thanks both of you for the input
  10. Piston slap confirmation

    Think I'd get it rebored and a new piston rather than ride it,itll never go like you want it to.It looks superb
  11. 74 ty250 seat base brackets

    Does anybody know where I can possibly get any of the rear seat brackets from? Thanks
  12. mikuni carb set up on tiger cub

    Just to give you some more unhelpful input - the Tiger Cub is notoriously difficult to tune. Itโ€™s not just about jet-size and air-screw settings - but also gearing comes into play , to keep the revs higher to prevent flat-spots at the lo-end. 19mm seems to be the sweet-spot - but this can be achieved by sleeving a larger carb. Before spending extra cash - it would be a good idea to research your project fully. My first port of call would always be the BSA/Otter website. Their Super-cub used a Mikuni 22mm unit , but they removed 4-5mm from the pulse-magnet to retard the timing. A good night on the BSA/Otter site is time well spent , for anyone interested in bikes. In your case - it would be essential.
  13. Speedies gone to a new home, thanks for your help guys

  14. evo main bearings

    What no cribbing then either! ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿปโ€๐ŸŽ“๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿซ๐Ÿค“
  15. bultaco model ?

    thanks for infomation if I'm not sure I ask .so many of these frames look very similar I'm not a bultaco specialist archivist . would you rather have options of experience or trust your inexperienced eye ? I'm great full for any help . As far as hearing what I want to hear! would I be taking the p*** out my own bike if I was that close minded to professionals advice . No would be the answer
  16. bultaco model ?

    thanks for that I'm thinking may be welding process on bultacos might be a give away my later 175 has been mig welded and this one seems to be very crude gas or tig welded only an idea on how might give dates on some frames ๐Ÿ‘
  17. evo main bearings

    The mains are - 6206-2ZC4, originals are SKF and have to be C4 fit and the seals are - 25*35*7 BTSL. Make sure you get the right crank seals! The Beta seals are quite expensive so I used KTM125 SX seals, much cheaper!! They should be part No 0760253570 but do your own homework!
  18. bultaco model ?

    I think your quite right as a welder my self I am some times required to stamp a traceable stamp Mark to my jobs in case of any problems . it's an old practice so yes I belive your keen eye for detail is correct ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘
  19. Well, Speedy has gone off to pastures new. I'd like to thank all on here whom have helped in the past when I've had queries or needed helped, when I was but a rookie SWM owner and not the Uber Anorak Owner I later became. Martin at Moto SWM needs thanking too, like Dave at BikeTech GasGas it's great when someones business is also their passion. Honestly getting parts was far easier than for my late Yamaha WRF's I've owned....chatting with some bored and spotty 16 year, who grunts when distracted from the smartphone is not a fantastic experience I'd like to share. cheers guys, all the best
  20. Bultaco M80

    From having had in my possession an ex ISDT Triumph a long time ago now, I can say that from a conversation that I had with Roy Peplow I learned this. There were 5 bikes specially built, frame number one was EXP 01 and this was the jig original. This stayed by the jig for assembly and fittings to be added or modified, the design buck in other words, it was not for use as a finished machine. EXP 02 was the build frame from which 3 more bikes were produced, EXP 03, 04 and 05. Roy was able to also inform me who had which bike, that they were all 500cc or there abouts and had Police spec exhaust cams. On the road they would all manage 100mph ( brave). He then told me he could remember all of this easily as he had all the details in a little black pocket book. At the time I was more interested in selling the bike having just put the bike through the workshop ( I took it in p/x as a non runner in bits against a new bike) as I was a bike dealer then, even the man himself Sammy Miller had a ride on said EXP 05 the bike in my possession. Having travelled a fair distance with the bike in my pick up all the to Mr. Millers place in Hants, he conformed it as a factory bike but wouldnโ€™t pay the price I was looking for so I returned to my shop and sold it the next week for ยฃ1200 (1979 prices). If only I knew where it was now๐Ÿ™ I add this factual story as an indication as to how a manufacturer might number their โ€˜specialsโ€™ .
  21. Bultaco M80

    My M80 frame number is about 30 numbers before yourโ€™s and the reg document states 1972 so we can accept that year as true๐Ÿ™‚
  22. Bultaco M80

    My M80 frame has 4mm thick gusset plates and the frame tube walls are 2 mm thickness. But itโ€™s not gas pipe or water pipe or conduit tubing either. How do I know, because one of the previous owners must have used the bike in a rock breaking trial and flattened the bottom frame tubes, so I cut them off and made replacements using 1.5 mm seamless tube. Itโ€™s still a heavy frame though! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™‚
  23. Piston slap confirmation

    Ouch, i feel bad for the motor just ticking over, i dread to think what it sounds like when you rev it
  24. mikuni carb set up on tiger cub

    Iโ€™d have said โ€˜developed rather than devolved because you now can appreciate the finer character in the older bikes. Some one who has and runs a Cub will probably be along to help you. Maybe you could ask the same question in the bike specific section of this website.๐Ÿ™‚
  25. evo main bearings

    Nearly all bearings and seals carry identification serial numbers eg 6203-56 etc. and possibly you already know this. Although there are many bearing and seal suppliers, Simply Bearings have been excellent in supplying me with all my needs they have an excellent website that allows you to compare and choose from top quality to lower priced components for application needs. Have you not kept the old parts to refer to? Take off the seal carriers and you may be able to identify the seals and bearings, I may be wrong here, either way Iโ€™d carry out a bit of a flush through to remove any metal particles if the bearings are seriously worn.๐Ÿ™‚You could try Feetup Trial Sport e-bay store, they may give specs or supply if the prices meet your spending needs.
  26. Kenny The Rooster - Contains Adult Humour

    Police Monkeys: A man walks into a pet store and is looking around when he spots a chimpanzee in a cage marked, "$1000". The man looks a little closer and discovers that the chimpanzee is wearing a tie and a hat and is twirling a set of handcuffs around his finger. Curious, the man summons the shopkeeper and asks him what the deal is with this thousand-dollar monkey. "Sir, You have discovered our Police Officer Monkeys. This one is our basic Patrol version. It's got a POST Basic certification; can fire 'Expert' with a Glock, Remington 870, or an AR15; knows the Penal Code and Traffic Code by heart and is up-to-date on Cultural Diversity and Active Shooter Response. Very good value for a thousand dollars!" The man is suitably impressed and moves to the next cage, which is occupied by a gorilla -- also wearing a hat and tie, but is gnawing on a pen instead of the handcuffs. The price on this one is $5000. Shopkeeper exclaims, "Ah, sir! You have discovered the Sergeant model! This one has a POST Advanced certification, is capable of training any other monkeys in basic firearms skills, mechanics of arrest, physical training, investigation and small unit tactics! It can even type! Very good value for five thousand, sir!" Impressed, the man moves to the next cage. Inside, he finds an orangutan, dressed in the same hat and tie as the others, but holding only a coffee cup. "What does this one do that he's worth $12,000?" asks the man. The shopkeeper clears his throat, "Ah, sir, well .... we've never actually seen him do anything except drink coffee and play with his dick, but he says he's an Inspector."
  27. Piston slap confirmation

    Well the bike looks good, some engines are quiet and eventually start to make noises. Some Bultaco engines were noisy from the start, luck of the draw on manufacturers accepted tolerances. As you identified over tolerance on the piston to cylinder bore clearance naturally itโ€™s going to โ€˜rattleโ€™. Your engine could go for some time before mechanical kindness kicks in, bear in mind that excess clearance will affect engine performance and itโ€™ll not do the piston or rings any good in the long run. Better to remedy this sooner rather than later. If the barrel is on its original bore size then a reborn and piston to the next size or two up. Small increase in capacity will be an advantage but not by much. Try for a Mahle piston, not cheap but as original equipment OE depending on Bultaco Factory finances at the time your engine was made.
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