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  4. Softening a Vertigo

    So fitted flywheel weight, rode trial. The bike seemed better to me and I didn't stall it once, something I had done in previous trials. I felt it was better when rolling off and coasting over stuff like slippy rocks and roots. I was happier with my result than the previous few trials. Add all this together and I'm pleased with my modest attempt at fine tuning a bike to my preferences. I don't think I'll change the throttle to slow action as I already have that feature as standard in my age group.
  5. Im looking for a trials bike, new to the sport, but ridden trails for a while now. Wondering if anyone can tell me about availability of parts for the different brands, or even different bikes? Or are there any that are hard to get parts for? Looking at modern bikes. Thanks in advance for all advice
  6. Looking to find out what brands or ccs affect trials bike Road insurance? Not got a bike yet, but will want to use on the road also so looking for info on how trials boke insurance price is affected?
  7. Im based near Barnard castle, near scotch corner. Looking for clubs locally, can anyone suggest whereto find lists, or inform me of them all please? Im new to trials so looking for one to guide me into it. Need to figure out the right bike etc. Thanks in advance.
  8. RTL 250

    What age RTL is it? On the twin disk model a Montesa 4RT, Sherco, etc. sprocket will fit. I run a 9 to 42 setup but this does need a 1/2 link.
  9. Softening a Vertigo

    I think it depends on the ability of the rider. Someone has recently wheelied round the TT course. Not sure if the bike had a flywheel weight though.....
  10. Gasgas clutch fluid

    How do I find out what fluid to use in the clutch of my 2003 Edition, the lid on the reservoir has been changed for a blue one? Thanks.
  11. 2012 290 difficulty with summer jetting

    Hi all Now that summer temps have arrived, I've been having a bit of a problem with the pilot circuit on my 290. Presently... Altitude: 2,500'/800m +/-. Temps: 80-85°F. Pilot: Keihin 48 Needle: DDJ (if I remember correctly), clip 4 Main: 128 (aftermarket) And I believe the original owner installed a titanium 125 pipe with an additional crush gasket stacked in cylinder. In the winter-ish cold temps, I noticed a rich burble just off idle, but I was able to tune it out with just a tweak of the air screw. Now, I started to notice some issues a few weeks ago, but had no idea what was in my carb, so I waited until I could break it down. When I did, I found the needle in clip 5. So I dropped it back to stock 4 position. But it doesn't seem to be responding to turns of the air screw, all the way up to 3 turns out. I don't see spooge out the exhaust, nor do I hear surging idle at 3 turns. As the problem seems to be a little worse on descents, my next thought was the float level. I opened up the carb again, but found the float at 22 mm(!) so the previous owner had set it even lower than the stock 19mm. Seems they had encountered the same problem? I know the float needle valve is fine, since I just realized today that I've been putting the petcock in the "res" position instead of "off" when it's parked. Doh! (Pointing backwards is off, right?) Even on level ground, on slow approaches to a log, I have to clean it out just a couple seconds or so prior to the first blip. If I don't, it'll stutter and break up my rhythm. I will say, though, that at between 1 3/4 and 2 turns out, with the bike idling in neutral, a hard whack of the throttle sounds smooth, without hesitation. But when riding, the idle tends to want to keep declining until it nearly stalls. So I'm a bit stumped at this problem. I've just recently REALLY started applying myself to tuning my 2t KTM enduro bike, so I've been getting a little braver with making changes on my somewhat new-to-me Sherco. But I'm no pro, either. Im not sure if the characteristics of this trials motor, with such a heavy flywheel and straight pipe, are the same as the enduro bikes. The bike was originally owned by a local pro, so I somewhat trusted the settings Yes, there was another owner between, but he didn't seem to even care enough to have ever gone into it. He was a young guy who planned on learning trials, but I guess just didn't take to it. Any suggestions?
  12. 2006 4/RT - Heat Shield, Header Pipe

    Thanks for the helpful replies and photo. My issue was in front of the bike - behind the forks trying to save a crash/endo. I ended up shielding my pants. I had a leather patch added to the crotch of the knee (can I say that...?) and will find a new line down that hill, continue to learn and keep my feet on the pegs always, amen. STEEP Muddy downhill switchback (choke) and I melted my pants on the exhaust "U" bend, right off the cylinder. There was so much melted Klim pant cloth up there it looked like oil on the pipe - but there was no smoke. I got small tattoo as a memento and a $70 bill to add glove leather behind the right knee on to two pair of riding pants. Maybe I should use the money towards some fromal trials training!
  13. Poly Fork Guards?

    I made mine out of shop vac tubes. The brittle carbon fibre look guards that I bought lasted a couple of months before they broke. The shop vac tubes are not brittle stand up a lot better. Just cut them out with a jig saw. Neoprene fork gaiters too to protect the seals.
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  15. Beta evo 250 carb issue

    If every thing else fails, remove the jet tower. The part with the security torx screws.
  16. Softening a Vertigo

    I think the main problem with wild two strokes, is that the exhaust is styled to be an expansion chamber, which gives the engine a peaky power curve. So if you want to dull it down a bit, then look at changing the exhaust system.... Maybe start by welding a washer over the pipe where it fits onto the exhaust port...! In the days of Villiers and Bultaco powered bikes, we used to be able to wheelie any trials bike for hundred of yards because the power delivery was so predictable. Try that with a modern trials bike and it will depart from you, with a mind of its own. .
  17. Beta evo 250 carb issue

    Hi guys, Wondered if anyone has had a similar problem.. my bike will kick over fine and run sweet as until you go to blip the throttle. It just splutters and dies but is fine if you give it a big hand full of throttle.. been over the carb and everything is clean and to the factory settings..
  18. Poly Fork Guards?

    Made my own from central vac pipe, bottom ones are especially good as the simply snap over the bottom of the fork
  19. Brilliant day riding with a trials legend, learnt a few things, hopefully, i can remember them all lol.
  20. TXT Pro Sachs Rear Shock

    I’ve rebuilt the shock using the above video & info off the net, it was quite a simple fix. The only bit I wasn’t keen on was drilling it to let the pressure out! I will post some photos later
  21. TRS 300RR 3017

    Time Left: 27 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Road reg . Good condition well maintained after every ride .newish tyres .new break pads .only used for local trials .great bike

    4,200.00 GBP

  22. Poly Fork Guards?

    ...I'm using fork boots (gaiters). They keep all mud and dust out of seals and give some protection from rocks. https://www.instagram.com/p/BjCt3t2Boo5/?taken-by=leocm74
  23. ACU licence in Italy

    I would like to know if I could ride trials in Italy using an ACU international trials licence, or is that only for international events? It seems an Italian trials licence is the same as a mx and enduro licence and would be a lot for perhaps one or two events. Thanks in advance.
  24. TRS 280 RR 2018

    Time Left: 26 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    TRS 280 RR - 6 WEEKS old - only around 2 hours use -just run in as new condition !! Suspension set up by TRS - Heavy rear spring - Rides superb Black CSP filler cap - Red Carb adjustment screws plus drain plugs Maintained and looked after meticulously Road registered Carbon lower fork protectors - Carbon ignition Cover - Carbon front and rear exhaust protector, all fitted from new Will sell with or without Carbon protectors - price will adjust depending on if buying them or not. Reason for sale - new TRS on order You will be getting a new bike at 2nd hand price! . BIG SAVING ! Any reasonable ! OFFER ! considered .

    5,500.00 GBP

  25. RTL 250

    Hi Anyone know a good source for chain and sprockets also the correct spec chain length, gearing etc. etc I should be purchasing Thanks
  26. Softening a Vertigo

    Do we need to ridicule ? As Jimmy points out every bike produced is a compromise. Before my TRS my favourite bike was a 280 gg but I'd always fit a flywheel weight. It still had a lot more torque than a standard 250 gas gas. For me a 280 with a flywheel weight was ideal. And while I'm on many infinitely more capable riders than me still tune their bikes to make them softer. Dan Thorpe would be a good example. Just pop along and tell a multi national trial winner he should stop kidding himself buying 300s and get a 250 or 125 or whatever @Solarflares would recommend. I'd think Dan knows exactly what he's doing and over time has a set up that suits him. Take whatever std bike you find is nearest to your needs and then adjust it if you want. The 280 TRS I have is std apart from the carb slide. If somebody wants to calm down a vertigo, given they don't make a 125 it's a perfectly reasonable question.
  27. Beta or TRS

    I've had both but all 2 strokes, I prefer Gas Gas.
  28. Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    Went to take my 247 for a run today and for the first time in years she wouldn't start. No spark so started working backwards from the cut of switch ...finally removed the low voltage coils and it appears that I have a short circuit to earth. So it looks like a burnt out coil - strange that it got me home without an issue last ride. Does anyone know the correct resistance for the coil?
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