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  1. Dabill wins this year's Scott trial
  2. You got piston slap mate check clearance an oversize piston could cure it
  3. Here's John
  4. one on ebay listed for mh123 i think
  5. simular to 307 and 310 never actually seen one but would snap one up if had chance make sure gears select OK most parts can be sourced even pistons engine same as 310 reed valve electronic motoplat ignition conventional forks Nicosil bore
  6. Try inline cable clutch lightener
  7. tension after cover mark
  8. easy when we know how , hey ian .dont know why marks would slip though after 5/6 times
  9. Well tried wigg
  10. Might be easier if you lads just send me yuour engine
  11. chain tensioner is prob from inmotion just a hole drilled through engine cradle and mounted from there ,, originals were mounted to lower engine casing but when chain comes off it breaks the casing
  12. bit of a ticking going on there not loud though, you after listen past the normal engine note / induction noise ,prob will find the problem by removing the cylinder but will prob be ok as is for some time unless worse in use or hard use
  13. as above
  14. hi it was bought as a non runner and was the early cota 200 a later frame came up ( with the engine guards and narrower top shock mounts ) already painted ready to go so i transferred the engine and other parts adding other parts which i had to build what you have today , the seat prob came from another bike i think its just the standard seat with a red leather cover been made ,, it was originaly for sale from Middlesbrough poss on gumtree or piston heads , then paul hanley from crook bought it he didnt get to do anything with it and i ended up with it ,rebuilt it and past it on to a neighbour which sold it to you so non of us actually used it , it did have a white frame with an extended swing arm all in all it made a fairly decent little bike
  15. this is what you should have mark i removed bearing and no shims ,, i have never fitted shims on input shaft right side it could be possible the spacer 2nd part from right comes in differnt thicknesses