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  1. I use Castrol Power RS 5W40, which works great in my 350 Sherpa with a modern type clutch (from InMotion). No drag, smooth action and no slippage in higher gears. When I've run out of that oil, I'll be testing Castrol Power-1 10W30. I would go for the 10W... instead of the 15W... because it's viscosity in colder temperatures, is closer to the 5W... oil
  2. And Steveo, if you're going to quote me again, do it statement by statement, so it's clear which facts you disagree on. If I'm wrong about some facts, I want to know which ones exactly, so I can answer to the point, or admit I was wrong.
  3. Steveo: "To lay the blame on Trump because you obviously dislike his straight forward and promised actions shows me you have only a desire for him to fail. What do you mean? You want me to be politically correct!? NOW you want political correctness, because it's Trump!? If you haven't noticed by now, that it's his own actions and words, that are devastating for his credibility, you're beeing wilfully ignorant. I don't want him to fail, I want him to be honest and stick to the (scientific) facts. America and the world deserve it. Here we go again, showing his hypocrisy:
  4. And here's the video I was referring to. "Donald Trump has caused the clock to move the closest to midnight that it has been since the 1950's." Watch it, and draw your own conclusions:
  5. Using the words "straight forward" and "Trump" in the same sentence, just proves how blind you are. It's mind boggling how you can ignore all the lies he's spread so far, and how much he's changed his stance on major issues, and than call him straight forward. You've beaten around the bush a lot in your comment, but failed to refute any statement I made. And don't put words in my mouth: "So you are saying he should continue in the footsteps of his predecessors and be the policeman of the world" "Where is your outrage towards China and India?" So you expect me to list all the things I'm outraged about? Really? This topic and my critique is about Trump and don't try to pretend as if I'm defending any other previous US government or any other country for that matter. "Your obvious love of globalisation" Again putting words in my mouth, based on your own biases about me. And why would you repost a post of me, which I removed because it wasn't complete? Is it to show people how much of an @ssh#le you are? Where's is your honesty? And where's YOUR outrage? (at all the lies he's spread so far?) Don't play stupid guilt trip games with me, unless you also want to be called a hypocrite.
  6. "Just so you understand this, you are more likely to get hurt from the lanyard coming off at the wrong moment than it coming off at the right moment" Don't take this the wrong way, but your anecdotal evidence is just that, anecdotal. I'd rather see some decent research before making such statements. "A helmet has saved me once".... "I`ve had more injuries than most through the years and safety devices or lack of is not the problem" You're contradicting yourself
  7. One For The Americans!? Are you kidding me!? No one deserves a criminal idiot like this one at the helm of the EPA:
  8. For the person that can't be bothered...
  9. If you've ever ridden an older Twin Shock bike, clutches on modern bikes are no problem at all.
  10. After twice grazing the skin of my knuckles, I now wear Fox MX gloves with rubber padding on the fingers. And the Jitsie knee pads, that go into the boot, are a polpular item in our club ( with the older wiser men :-) after some bad experiences. At national events in Belgium wearing a back protector is mandatory. A chest protector is advised. Most kids and younger top riders, have been wearing them as long as I know. Gloves on the other hand (hahaha), are not mandatory.
  11. Like Johnny said. But when the bash plate is all out of whack, and you (or someone more capable) can't get in shape enough so the bolts go in fairly easy, don't try to force the bolts in, you don't want to damage the threads in the frame. Better get a new bash plate in that case.
  12. Got it. Thanks! Now I can also see the difference between the pistons. My 2016 300RR seems to smoke a little bit after I start it, but this goes away once he's warmed up a bit.
  13. A man checks in at a hotel in Paris. The receptionist asks his nationality to which he replies " German "She then says, "Occupation" ?He replies, "No, just a short holiday this time".