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  1. Link please.
  3. Is the breather tube still properly connected and routed as the clear tube in this picture, that's connected to the gearbox in front of the sprocket?
  4. ... the history of trials
  5. Sad times when a 12 year old has more sense than the president of the USA.
  6. Here is a picture of the complete CSP skid plate:
  7. Luckily it fell in the good hands of Gilles Escuyer and his father than.
  8. I seem to remember that a rider broke his neck in an event at Bilstain in 2004 or around that time. Can't say for sure if he died.
  9. In 2000 they were testing the limits of how far, or how high in this case, riders would go without safety nets, it seems:
  10. Countries like China and India are moving forward while the US is moving backwards in regards to environment protection. Sad! The US is failing bigly under Trump.