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  1. 2009 250 problems

    These two sentences seem to almost contradict each other! Are we looking for shiny or non-shiny tyres? or just shiny black, but not wet tyres! Also check linkage bearing movement. Not a big one to repair, but it is a common wear area. I always look under the bike - the bash plate and rear linkages are a good indiction of the sort of treatment it has had. And check inside the airbox, lots of clean bikes on the outside reveal all sorts of interesting stuff when you pop the airbox cover! it's a good reflection on owner maintenance.
  2. 1979 Honda TL200RII

    Time Left: 2 months and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    In 1979 Honda’s Racing Service Corporation (the forerunner to HRC) built a very limited run of the TL200RII Competition Trial bike. The story really began in 1976 when Honda first let the Racing Service Corporation arm of the company produce a very limited number of hand built trial bikes purely for competition use. The RSC Honda TL200R was the first of the dynasty of nice and competitive 200cc RSC Honda trials bikes. This first model started using the TL125 (coming from Honda XL125 engine) 125cc engine (no CDI yet) upgraded to 200cc. In 1979 they produced this bike the TL200RII. (not to be confused with the production TLR200 of later years). Like the other Honda RSC hand built bikes the RS200T and RS220T this was produced in very small quantities (360 units white colour and 150 red colour). Frame numbers began from number TL200RF-2001. The engine number on the crankcase began with the RS letters. TL200RII had a tubular diamond steel swing arm that later was replaced for the right-angled aluminium one on the RS200T. The engine was painted silver grey. Front forks were Showa 31mm diameter. This engine is was derived from the venerable Honda XL125. It was developed by RSC Japan to 197,74cc . First equipped with CDI at camshaft with 1.59 Kg/m maximum torque at 4.000rpm We recently acquired this fine example out of Japan. It’s frame number is TL200RF-2125 and it has just fabulous classic Honda trials lines. Painted in classic Honda Racing red, white and blue, it just looks amazing, and shows why Honda and the RSC/HRC division went on to win so many World Trials events and Championships. This is the genesis of a line of bikes that were truely dominant four stroke trials machines. The Hell Team have made this bike available for sale. We can ship globally and are happy to crate and freight this bike to any destination. It has new tyres front and back, fresh oils and filters. New modern style footpegs (originals included in sale). This bike would make a fine addition to any trial enthusiasts collection, and is an important part of Honda’s Trial development and history.

    4,480.00 GBP

  3. Keihin Jetting for 300.

    RACING and GP spec non homologated Gassers are now standard with 48 pilot (up from the 45 of a few years ago)
  4. Cant start up the bike

    What year, model? Is it a battery model? You may need to charge or swap out the battery found in the top of the airbox.
  5. oil change in TRS 280 RR

    Definitive is as per the user manual (below), but your TRS dealer may be able to offer up an alternative. We have had very good results with GRO Extreme 75w
  6. Rebuild 2011 txt 280 clutch

    A standard 2011 TXT Pro, Racing or RAGA it is a mineral oil system. (and has been that way since 2004) It has had the incorrect Cap and/or Master cylinder put on it at some stage. Even though the master cylinder pistons look identical, the seal material is different. For the mineral oil kit the Gas Gas Part number is BT460102811 And the manufacturers (Braktec) Part number is 150.00.602C
  7. Rebuild 2011 txt 280 clutch

    Dot 4 will swell the seals in a mineral oil system. You will need a new Clutch M/C kit (mineral oil version), two new slave cylinder seals and a flush of the lines to get all that DOT4 out. If it has the original AJP M/C cap, it will be green, not black, and say "WARNING Use Mineral oil" on the top.
  8. There is actually two thicknesses of Belville springs, but you would have the thinner one (1.5mm) in a 2014 bike. Part number MT280632015 There was a 1.7mm spring that is part number MT280232015 that was used from 2002 to 2005 Still used by some riders who favour the greater clamping force.
  9. batteryless kit harder to start

    It should not be like that. The Batteryless kit needs a completely new version of the Software installed, and the TPS and Gear selector recalibrate. Just check it has OEM_250 (or 300) V2.00.Biker110_Vertigo#170(Biker110#320).WnjTwr installed Did you do the installation?
  10. Keihin slide return spring

    If you get an OKO carb spring (they are a copy of the Keihin) they are significantly stiffer than the Keihin spring. It's a good and easy conversion.
  11. Sy 250 broken crank case

    Kickstart shaft support bearings / bushes flogged out.
  12. Jotagas 2013 Parts

    Have you tried Googling the part number? Water pump shaft is 1502867
  13. 2012 jotagas Kickstarter issues

    When you reinstall the Kickstarter you need to pre tension the spring. Do this when you replace the clutch side cover. Place the cover back over the kick start shaft and align it with the engine case, but dont push it all the way home. You want about a 7 or 8mm gap between the clutch cover and it's mating surface on the engine casing. Now put the kick start lever back on the shaft and rotate it anti clockwise until the lever touches the footpeg, hold it there and then push the clutch side case all the way home. It basically rotates the tang on the kick start return spring passed the kick start stop you just fixed. Then when you push the case home and release the spring it comes back against that stop and is under tension. The kick start lever will now return once you kick it over. Sorry I have made it sound a little complex, but it is not. Also do this with the clutch basket out, you can fit that later, and it makes it easier to see what you are doing.
  14. Why isn’t everyone riding Jotagas??

    They are producing bikes. I saw a production line with bikes being built, parts being shipped, and people working. Oriol Noguera was there testing a bike, and it seemed to be business as usual. I was only there for a few minutes, and didn't see Josep around, but it was definitely a hive of activity.
  15. Jotagas jtg 2013 WATER PUMP SEALS

    Absolutely no need to remove engine to change the seal. You can remove rear brake pedal to make it easier, but the clutch side case will come off with the engine in the frame. The water pump is mounted in this.