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  2. Loosen the exhaust at the barrel , let it blow and see if it improves a bit. If so then blocked exhaust .
  3. You won't go far wrong with this .....
  4. If you are considering a c15 then Charlies site is worth a look .
  5. Or a Bantam ...
  6. Loads on Charlies site.....
  7. You can just unplug most of the loom and reg/ rec and just leave the ignition. You will need to wire in a kill switch unless you keep the Honda one.
  8. Thanks Charlie, the strap I am talking about would be 120 / 150mm diameter
  9. Does anyone know where I can get the front fuel tank retaining rubber strap, the type used on the Holtworks style tank that hold around the mushroom / bobbin type thing at the front. Thanks in advance
  10. That's not a Drayton, it is one of Stavs over priced bikes . There have been 2 Draytons for sale this week and both have been sold.
  11. Engine is a WR 250
  12. On later bikes especially Japanese what was a fashion was also a money saver for the factory as the casting and alloy content could be of a cheaper quality, not a problem if any markings in the cases as they were going to be painted. ACF 30 is a good protection for blasted cases. Being nosey what sort of price was the vapour blasting ??
  13. Exactly Jon, trouble is as you know they are fitters now not really mechanics any more, more so with a main dealer ship. Fair play to your lad for pursuing the trade and seeing through it for what it is. He is best to get relevant paper work and move on . Car and bike trade is full of people who can plug in a gizmo and fault find. The argument goes on and on, no real metal work classes or lathes in schools etc etc .
  14. Because he gets involved in things that can make good viewing. If as mentioned he had a camera crew then it would boost the sport , classic trials outside of Scottish pre 65 needs as much of a boost as possible. No new young blood coming into the sport etc etc etc ... In all fairness there was probably no time to get a crew to do much, there is no 2nd take .
  15. Well OTF I could have penned those words myself to the letter. Pity Guy couldn't make it to the presentation .. No , I still can't find those rose tinted specs.