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  1. Hi,Guys, Hi Jc2, Yes that's about right, other little bits, but that is the story, Pity they were not made for sale. As I say More about the bikes on my web site shortly. Regards Charlie.
  2. Yes Charlie,

    'Tis Rob himself, I believe tring out Peter Edmundson's demo model.



  3. Hi Guy's. I have done my history. And the Six trials bikes built, were built in the Hodaka factory, and not for sale to the general public. A page on my web site shortly should explain the story. Deryk, Is the person sat on the bike the Late Rob Fitton? (road racer)? Regards Charlie~Oo>
  4. Hi Guy's. Hi Deryk. Look on the USA trials page, I have got you the page back up, that I could remember reading years ago. This is filled with posts by guy's that used to work at "Hodaka." "Malcolm Smith Page". They seem to have built the trials bikes in the factory, copying the Sarascen frame, now there is a company that lost out big time trying to get into the USA market. Regards Charlie.
  5. Hi Guy's, Hi Deryk. You know when stuff is right under your nose! Well here is a true case. check out "Bullfrog." I knew I had read this before when we spoke. Regards Charlie.
  6. Hi Guy's, Hi Deryk. Just to update what you have said above. Sadly Andy Ross died in a tragic shooting accident, on his grouse moor in Scotland.a few years back. We Have a NEW update on the ELStar page of my web site later today. Regards Charlie ~Oo>
  7. Hi Guys. Deryk, A true "Classic" to me and an unsung Icon over the years since its introduction in the early eighties is the late Harry Foster built "Otter". Now this Iconic frame set as been copied by several companies since, and by individuals like me, and I have tried to encourage people to build these frames, and a good job a lot of them have made. But it is not until I now own a genuine "Foster BSA "Otter" that I and others that have lived with my collection of copies, for years, realise that the real thing just stands out from the rest by miles. And this is what a True "Classic" should do. Stand out against the rest. Don't you think? Regards Charlie.~Oo>
  8. Hi Guy's Hi Deryk. The outfit Is probably the "Kenman" if not Mettise, with AJS motor. the crew well Ken and Des Kendall. Dont forget that most of the sidecars of the period were built by the Kendall's to there unique shape and most crews that could afford one had one, even Jim there brother Malcolm Sparrow. The engine to there outfit was a 350 Ariel and they were about the only crew to use this capacity Ariel motor. Barry Kefford had by this time 1964 just about started to build his chairs and went on to supply a stream of them up until the nineties. Another bit of worthless information now-a-days. Regards Charlie ~Oo>
  9. Hi Guy's. Bulto. There are also the stories from Pat Slinn testing the WD BSA B40's at Bordon on my "Otter" site. Take a look. Regards Charlie ~Oo>.
  10. Hi Guy's. We Keep getting this wrong. Did I know about this event? NO. You Know I will do every thing I can to get bikes back out of sheds to ride any event. So we need the publicity ! For Rappers to say it is not the AC-U's place to advertise events, just adds another nail in there coffin ,that authority that are governing sporting trials. It can advertise Enduros on the continent but has nothing to do with a Classic trial that is part of British trials History? it makes me fume. It is alright passing the buck and saying put your adds onto TC, but how many Classic Trials riders actually look at Trials Central? A lot fewer than you think, It is an age thing again, that has been stated. Yes some would pass it on by word of mouth, but not all. Rappers is right in saying most Club websites are rubbish, but the same goes for them. If you look on them once and they have not been updated for a good while you don't bother looking again, do you, So If it is a AC-U regulated event it should be publicised on that website, make no mistakes about it. Where else can you confidently go to find this information? If I had seen that trial advertised on the AC-U website I would most defiantly placed that information on the current news page of my website. So where do we go from here? you tell me!!!. Regards Charlie.~Oo>
  11. Hi Guy's, Can't believe they found a NICE sidecar passenger, I thought I was the last of that bunch way back in 1967? I seriesly hope that the Nice person was not trying to persuade a stalwart observer that his marking was wrong? We have great difficulty as it is trying to get people on a Saturday or Sunday morning to come out in the foulest of weather like we had in the Manx Classic, to stand out in pouring rain and be eaten alive for four and a half hours with midges, to do a god awful job to stand and mark your scores, this trials game is supposed to be fun, and losing a mark you thought you did not is not like loosing the crown jewels, or buying the wrong lottery ticket. I may have all of this wrong. But what I am saying is. A little respect for this person as we Name "an Observer" is well over due. And if they stay away the total sport of Observation trials for motorcycles will disappear . Don't forget that. Regards Charlie.
  12. Hi Guy's. Hi Brian. You don't need to lengthen the swinging arm then, check the wheelbase measurements, and if you get 52 1/2" you got the old perfect wheelbase. And we know how much power these little engines turn out, more than a Bantam, and more than a BSA C15. Should be fun I need a Video. Regards Charlie.
  13. Hi Brian, Bit of a trend setter there. I bet "Drayton" will Jump aboard, now they see that this is possible. They have fitted most other engines into a "Drayton Bantam" frame. And to be honest most of the engine parts in a Bantam are "Made In China" . I will update your Page OK. Regards Charlie.~Oo>
  14. Hi Guys. Thanks Deryk, on both counts. Perhaps now everyone on here reading your statement will realise how much hard work has to go into achieving a goal, and it is possible again if a young man or woman would step up and take on that mantle? However he or she would have to be totally dedicated to the history of British Pre unit trials bikes and know there limitations, so can it happen? time will tell. Deryk i hope you and I are still about to see it! And Yes next time I am straight down Boots> Regards Charlie ~Oo>
  15. Hi Guy's. I am only just back from the Golden Isle Of Man, and still suffering the midge bites that I got standing out in pouring rain for four hours on Saturday along with the un-prasied observers, just to take some photos. Then I get back thinking stay out of this pointless discussion, while trying to down load a seventeen minuet video on Youtube that has taken twenty four hours only to be told that it is two minutes over the fifteen that I am allowed , but it has done me a favour because in the last day the constant going around in circles has told me that the few posting on here discourages, any sensible debate on the future, or not on the British Bike Based trials scene. I have done my bit in the past, and would do in the future if only we got help and encouragement to what you the few posting on here want? and you know you are only the minority, most riders don't give a dam what is published on TC or BSA and just get on trying to find a local trial to ride in next week end. The AC-U have left it to late, and are only panicking now that Sam has said enough, and are trying to make it right by giving you the chance to help them out of the moire. Have they contacted Deryk? who could easily give them pointers to, what might work in the future, or anyone else that has put there club and themselves on the line to run trials that will encourage some of the dusty old bikes propping up the shed walls, back out to see daylight, or will they just rot in peace. Unless someone willing to take a chance on losing £10,000 plus trying to organise an event or series for the bikes stated, the best thing is to shut up and let Allegory take its course. Charlie.~Oo>