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  1. Hi Guy's, Hi Ben , Thanks for helping the cause, on both counts. Nice one. "Twins the Ones that Wins" check it out. Regards Charlie.
  2. Hi Guy's. Look I am not going to get into deep discussion about these little bikes. I have done my own thing in building one? well I am building two and it is on the jig, and that is for me to play on, The first bike now lives in the Isle of Man, and is being tried by several riders that Brian lets near the little bike. The interest I have for these from the rest of the World is staggering, And Yes I am hoping one day there will be a class separately for these machines, to be honest, it is totally unfair to ride them against a modern or old bikes, Why? Because they are so much better to ride, and the weight not more than a heavy down-hill mountain bike. So when a few more get built, and they will by other people, (I have done my bit and have other things to challenge me,) I hope separate trials or add-on classes will become available for them. In the mean time Just go out and have plenty of fun on what you have built. Or go ahead and build one yourself. Sorry Tesco, but "Every Little Hellps" Regards Charlie.
  3. Hi Guy's. Hi Oni, I just Can't believe anyone would build one? as you say Total RUBBISH! Bring back the SIX grand modern bikes, at least you know where your well earned dosh has gone. Regards Charlie.
  4. Hi Guy's. Hi Paul, Why? Stop it , your a lovely Guy. So why cause so much trouble. It is so much easier to get on with people. By the way "Bessie" sends her love, and people are interested in parts of her again, that you created, so you see, you are liked in "Parts" Regards Charlie.
  5. Hi Guy's. The CCM is "British" and it is collectable. to someone that collects machines to safeguard the history of such. If they had been that good a tool there would have already been a spate of copies built by the commercial sector. But unless someone is prepared to construct a New copy engine, in years to come that engine will be worth the asking price? Have you tried buying a BSA GB B40 engine and parts lately? And these were said to be not a good choice of BSA engines for trials in the first place. This must make the "BSA C15 G" engine worth its weight in Gold. Anyway the good thing is, my collection of BSA "Otter's" have just gone up in value over night, and I am still making them,and now with the correct frame as-well. Regards Charlie.
  6. Hi Guy's. Hi Dave Mick Dickinson is the guy that patterned and casts the barrels. I have links to him on my website, if you look. just type in the bikes named under my name on the left and you will find it. Hope this helps, Regards Charlie.
  7. Hi Guy's. Hi Deryk, Don't forget my connection to the Bultaco story. You can read it all on my website. Rickman Bros became distributors in late 1964 guy's. Regards Charlie.
  8. Hi,Guys, Hi Jc2, Yes that's about right, other little bits, but that is the story, Pity they were not made for sale. As I say More about the bikes on my web site shortly. Regards Charlie.
  9. Yes Charlie,

    'Tis Rob himself, I believe tring out Peter Edmundson's demo model.



  10. Hi Guy's. I have done my history. And the Six trials bikes built, were built in the Hodaka factory, and not for sale to the general public. A page on my web site shortly should explain the story. Deryk, Is the person sat on the bike the Late Rob Fitton? (road racer)? Regards Charlie~Oo>
  11. Hi Guy's. Hi Deryk. Look on the USA trials page, I have got you the page back up, that I could remember reading years ago. This is filled with posts by guy's that used to work at "Hodaka." "Malcolm Smith Page". They seem to have built the trials bikes in the factory, copying the Sarascen frame, now there is a company that lost out big time trying to get into the USA market. Regards Charlie.
  12. Hi Guy's, Hi Deryk. You know when stuff is right under your nose! Well here is a true case. check out "Bullfrog." I knew I had read this before when we spoke. Regards Charlie.
  13. Hi Guy's, Hi Deryk. Just to update what you have said above. Sadly Andy Ross died in a tragic shooting accident, on his grouse moor in Scotland.a few years back. We Have a NEW update on the ELStar page of my web site later today. Regards Charlie ~Oo>
  14. Hi Guys. Deryk, A true "Classic" to me and an unsung Icon over the years since its introduction in the early eighties is the late Harry Foster built "Otter". Now this Iconic frame set as been copied by several companies since, and by individuals like me, and I have tried to encourage people to build these frames, and a good job a lot of them have made. But it is not until I now own a genuine "Foster BSA "Otter" that I and others that have lived with my collection of copies, for years, realise that the real thing just stands out from the rest by miles. And this is what a True "Classic" should do. Stand out against the rest. Don't you think? Regards Charlie.~Oo>
  15. Hi Guy's Hi Deryk. The outfit Is probably the "Kenman" if not Mettise, with AJS motor. the crew well Ken and Des Kendall. Dont forget that most of the sidecars of the period were built by the Kendall's to there unique shape and most crews that could afford one had one, even Jim there brother Malcolm Sparrow. The engine to there outfit was a 350 Ariel and they were about the only crew to use this capacity Ariel motor. Barry Kefford had by this time 1964 just about started to build his chairs and went on to supply a stream of them up until the nineties. Another bit of worthless information now-a-days. Regards Charlie ~Oo>