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  1. so people are still riding big twins, jammy if a sponsored ride as well
  2. I swear by the cheap supermarket multi surface cleaner, rinse bike, spray cleaner all over, brush in and rinse, works a treat
  3. I would say get a Beta Rev 50, been the TY route after an auto mx type bike. He picked up clutch control very fast, kids eh, & its 30yrs ahead of a TY80.
  4. I've got an original Leonardo Da Vinci LDV van, got to be worth a fortune on flea bay.
  5. Truly amazing
  6. Hi, had same problem with spark, was a duff ht coil breaking down, afternoon before boys 1st comp too, easy cheapish fix, new coil. Choke should stay down until flipped up. Hope this helps, Pete.
  7. I use supermarket multi surface cleaner, about 99p a litre, and a soft ish brush, paintbrush for the fiddly bits. Works just as well for me, tried most.
  8. Looks like a Yamadog
  9. Beta Rev50. Mine had a Ty80, then a Beta 50. Chalk n cheese, but then there's 30yrs difference. Mine was definately handicapped on a TY against all the others on modern bikes. Lighter, easier to start, more grip, so much difference.
  10. Hi, my 8 year old has a Rev 50 6 speed, 2007, also very pleased with, fantastic, just needed decent tyres. I'm sure which ever you chose, neither will dissapoint.
  11. Always a pleasure to watch a genious at work. Awesome.
  12. Priceless, loved it when the bike arrived upstairs on its own. Dont 4rt's sound good indoors! If I'd done that missus would have skinned me. Now I know why I left her.
  13. 6004
  14. Hi, I don't know how relevent this is but I had a similar problem on my nippers ty80. Bike would work perfectly intermittently. Tried a coil off any ty worked ok. Purchased a new coil, same problem. Had the source coil rewound (south west windings, excellent service), new condenser and points, new wire to coil, still no good. Turned out to be faulty new coil, needent have spent the extra money/ hours head scratching. What I'm getting at, have you tried borrowing known working parts, could be a duff new one. Try connecting a volt meter to your codenser output wire and earth when bike is hot, kick it over and see if you get a volt reading. good luck
  15. Ran a new Mitchelin today for the first time after only having experienced vee rubber. Riding in slick clay mud the difference in upright grip was very noticable. Cleaning climbs the vee wouldn't get half way up with less speed. Cross camber though it doesn't appear to have any more grip. I use a tube in mine and was inflated to 3psi. The vee has done 300 miles of road work and still good for another 300. Bet a Mitchelin wont do that ! Happy dabbing.