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  1. The dates as confirmed by Sport 7 are July 21/22. However, Jake told me in his words"this year we have managed to run on all the dates as the calendar was scheduled and we expect the same in 2018, but we cannot control unforeseen circumstances in which the on-the-ground organisers would need to change". That allows them to hedge their bets, but being realistic, accept that the date is cast in stone. I've just booked to go to Portugal so like you, I'm hoping it goes ahead as scheduled.
  2. Faussy obviously misses my sense of humour!! However, it's basically true that if you can't park the big trucks that attend world trials, then you haven't got a venue, that's a simple fact of life no matter how much you don't like it. Can you see Honda (oops Montesa) turning up with three Transit vans?
  3. Parking the trucks is the first priority - like it or not!!
  4. So where are the trucks going to park?
  5. The idea of having an Elite Youth (only for the best A and a few B riders) and a separate Youth A class in the Acklams series, we hope will result in a greater number of A class riders competing. When the A class was only available over the Expert route in the Keedwell BTC series, there was nowhere for the less able A class riders to go for a championship. We know of many A class riders who were simply not good enough to ride the Keedwell rounds (even though some did), but now there is a championship for them which hopefully will bring them on so that as they reach their last year in A class they can move up to Elite Youth. All sports need stepping stones to progress and with this change we hope to provide the stepping stone that has been missing for the past few years.
  6. Why does it sound like a mess, perhaps you haven't read it correctly, response so far outside of this site has been positive. Perhaps you might like to explain further what YOU would do.
  7. I have been to Camprodon when Vertigo launched their first bikes in 2015. The trial will be based (I assume) at the hotel and grounds owned by Manuel Jane, the owner of Vertigo and the sections are down a long lane which is used as a practice ground. The problem as I understand it from last year is that there was no public transport supplied to get spectators from the start area to the sections and it was a very long and quite arduous walk and it was not possible to drive there. I've no idea whether access will be improved or changed or even if it will be in the same location, but my guess is that it will be. Facilities were also non-existent according to reports I have heard. Perhaps by the time May comes round, more information will be available.
  8. Let me explain. Incorporated into the RT Keedwell British Championship for 2018 there will be a Youth Elite class - NOTE that this is not necessarily just A class riders, but could also include the very best B class riders. Those who rode the Youth A in 2017 which was in the BTC series are automatically eligible for the 2018 Youth Elite. Others who wish to ride the Youth Elite in 2018 need to apply (later - not now!!) for approval. There will also be Youth A and B classes in the separate Acklams Beta Championship. Riders in the Youth Elite can also ride the Youth A/B in the Youth championship, but points can only be scored in one class, i.e. if the rider scores a point in the Youth Elite, he can ride the Youth A as well but will not be eligible for points. The Acklams Beta sponsored Youth Championship for A/B/C/D riders has attracted several applications. Some clubs have requested to run all four classes on the one day; others have requested to run C/D on one day and A/B on another. Some clubs have requested to run just C/D or A/B - all the applications have been granted, so it is not the ACU who have specified how the series will be run, it is down to the clubs themselves. A very provisional set of dates was released earlier this week, but inevitably, once that was released there were requests for alterations which we have done our best to accommodate. What SHOULD be the final set of dates is likely to be available by the weekend in time for Centre's potential meetings on Remembrance Sunday. Let me say that it has been a horrendous task compiling the dates and trying to avoid clashes and to keep everybody happy. It is not possible to totally avoid potential clashes, simply there are not enough summer weekends to achieve that. Some clubs have not helped; late applications, missing information, applications sent to the wrong e-mail address etc, equally, in trying to sort everything out there have been some mistakes made by us. However, it is now just about sorted though inevitably there are could still be changes later due to unforeseen circumstances. Accept the fact that we have done our best but we recognise that not everybody will be happy.
  9. Beta UK for spares. Depends where in SW France you live as there is a very good English trials rider living at Montreal de Gers who moved there 2 years ago.
  10. You should note that the wearing of a camera on the helmet or the body is forbidden in trials by ACU regulations. What you do outside an ACU event is of course up to you.
  11. They are generally cast in stone subject to Federations pulling the plug.
  12. It seems likely that the dates calendar will be made available for the Dirt Bike Show at the end of this month. I've completed 95% of it and am now waiting for the last few applications to come in and some date changes. The danger of course that if it is presented early (like now) clubs will see their dates and want to change them even though in virtually every case they are getting the date they have asked for, though not necessarily their first preferred date.
  13. I am working on it now, but it's unlikely to be published for several weeks as we try to avoid making alterations once it has been finalised. Looking at it now, it's a nightmare trying to avoid clashes. Let me explain. World rounds, and European rounds control everything and they take priority. Then BTC rounds and Ladies and Youths have to go in but have to avoid the Worlds and Euros so that everybody gets a fair crack at the championships they want to ride. Putting the Normandale and sidecars in is easy, but then the S3 rounds can't clash with BTC and to some extent the ladies. Then it's a case of trying, where more than one event is on over a weekend, to get them sufficiently close together to make it practical to ride, say an S3 on Saturday and a BTC on Sunday. Non championships nationals come next and we try to avoid a trial which would be attractive to riders possibly chasing say an S3 championship but also want to ride a high quality national. Anybody fancy sorting that lot out. And when it is eventually published, guaranteed there will be complaints about clashes, dates different to what the club has chosen, dates the riders expect the trial to be on and late applications as even now, though the last date for applications was September 30, it's obvious some events haven't yet been applied for. It will all come together, but don't expect much before November. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear, but it's a fact. And now I hear that one of the Euro rounds has changed date and it's only 90% certain. Mike Rapley
  14. An electric start trials bike, put me down for one and save my knees!
  15. This proposed regulation looks like it could put an end to trials on the road, particularly with regard to the need for an ABS braking system and due to the nature of how trials and enduro bikes are used, such a system would not be practical, particularly as locking of the rear wheel is often a fundimental way of riding a trials bike through a section.