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  1. That bike was so bad it was even worse than the long defunct Aspes Yak - I kid you not.
  2. They will be despatched either Wednesday or Thursday of this week.
  3. Buy it, well looked after, ridden gently, well run in, a no-brainer to my mind. Don't know the price but anything James has had will be spot on. Reason he's selling it that he works for a living, has had years of trialing and will buy another bike when his next big trial comes up
  4. Look in the calendar for the trial details entries are coming in fast so fingers out boys/oldies.
  5. I would be angry if I found one abandoned in a ditch.
  6. There was no 183 in the results of last year's Pre 65 Scottish Two Day Trial.
  7. Aldi had some allen key t bar sets for under ten quid just before Christmas if you can find some. They are brilliant.
  8. Yes, Bob McGregor Trials Academy near Kilmarnock
  9. The observing is pretty poor!
  10. Lancs County MCC run five evening trials a year over 4 laps of 10 sections, some observed some we have to put the boards out, though generally, folks do come along uninvited and pick up a board to observe, and if they stay to the end they get a free attendance at the burger van. I think 6 laps of 6 sections would be a nightmare with the queuing that is likely to happen We run 2 routes, a fairly easy clubman route and a dead easy beginners/returnees route, starting at 6pm and usually over by 9pm. You need to understand there is no such thing as a practice trial from an insurance point of view in the ACU. If you have a training permit, the insurers require a trainer/rider ratio to be observed, so it's best to have a normal open trial permit and run it as a proper trial, that way everybody knows what they are there for, it's controlled and the insurance is well catered for. We find that evening trials are very popular and attract riders that wouldn't dream of riding on a Sunday. Wives/partners/girlfriends seem happy to let their men out for a few hours mid-week when they prefer them to be at home at the weekend so don't be surprised if you get decent entries. We charge £15 for an evening trial which easily covers the administration costs and a payment to the landowners. Hope this helps.
  11. Yes, more images to identify p[lease.
  12. This year is my 54th year of trialing and last year when I rode the Manx Two Day it was 50 years since I first rode it - 1966 to 2016 and I have entered it again this year. It was a 250 Royal Enfield Crusader that I rode in 1966 and a Beta in 2016. (I actually think I rode the Manx in 1965 but can't prove it from old programmes).
  13. We have put the twin-shocks and the pre 65s into the new Classic Series (formerly Sammy Miller) but I can tell you now, hour after hour has been spent in committee discussing twin-shocks, pre 65s and youths to a point where you have to make a decision accepting that for some it will be a good decision and for others it will not. But that's the point of an 8 person committee, you throw your own opinions in, discuss them and vote on what you think is best for the sport as a whole. Nobody is suggesting that we can get it right all of the time. The committee is a very good mix of organisers, riders and trials/enduro enthusiasts, mostly with a lifetime of experience in the sport. Those who consider the committee get it wrong are noticeable by their absence when it comes to putting their name forward to become part of the committee when posts come up for re-election every year. There was not one single applicant last November apart from those already on the committee. It takes up a vast amount of time, 10-11 meetings a year, plus stewarding at events, plus attending and holding seminars plus replying to anything up to a dozen e-mails a day plus letter writing - all voluntary. I'm not moaning, just pointing out that it isn't just a case of suggesting what you think in a quick phone call.
  14. I have just sent the finalised dates to the office at Rugby and they should be on the ACU site very soon. It has taken until now to get the last few dates sorted out due to clashes, land availability and requests to change. Whilst we do not anticipate any further changes, they certainly can't be ruled out. We like to get everything finalised before the dates are published but it has been very difficult this year due to late applications, late announcements of the FIM dates and staff changes at Rugby at a most crucial time for the Trials and Enduro committee. There is a committee meeting very soon and once the dates have been agreed by the committee I hope to put them on this website.
  15. The ACU committee does listen to comments made by riders with regard to all the championship events the ACU promotes and in the case of the Normandale series, quite a few riders over 50 found that the 50/50 mix for their class, where they had to ride some hard sections and some of the easier sections, proved to be too difficult for many of them. It needs to be borne in mind that there can be a big difference between the abilities of a rider aged just over 50 and one about to turn 60. As a member of the older category, believe me that whilst the mind may well consider that you still have the ability to tackle a particularly hard section, the body frequently finds things differently. Of course, there is no compulsion for a rider over 50 (or 60) to ride in that class. They can ride in the Over 40 class if they so wish, as can a rider over 60 take part in the over 50 category. But the main point is that the committee wanted to ensure that entries remained strong in all three classes and to make the series even more attractive, there is the new for 2017 Air cooled monoshock class, on the easier route, for riders of any age.