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  1. AAhh Machining on a budget. I also do similar things "Any engine will fit any frame, but it may need to be convinced a little" Hoping the liquid metal works for ya, but you may want to invest in a puller, may need it for future maintenance.
  2. what is the engine you are using? And do you know why it has those gouges/holes in it?
  3. My wife calls it the "Front Room", even if it is not in the front of the house.............. and my GasGas is in the garage. (but the garage is heated)
  4. I may be wrong, but I think if the center bolt is installed and properly tightened the clutch basket should not be moving in and out. The bolt should be an allen head with a hole through the center of the bolt to allow oil to pass through. Some run without the bolt.
  5. Well the hair in your avatar is a bit Troll looking.
  6. Woo Hoo first "TADAAR" is @biffsgasgas Dude you're famous now.
  8. and the higher the bounce????
  9. Looks like rust to me, I believe the Exhaust gasket at the cylinder is a soft metal "crush" type gasket. Most likely the problem you will have getting the exhaust bolts out will be stripping/almost stripping the heads not breaking them.
  10. I would imagine there is more strength with the middle fingers for pulling in the levers, and a more "balanced" grip for the fingers.............. but feels weird as all hell when I try it.
  11. I am about 5'8" tall and we will just go with a little north of the 250 lb mark...... I can do an ok splatter, a decent zap, can finish a trial without dying, hop the front and hop the rear around. I do have bar risers, mainly because it was cheaper than buying a new set of bars with a high bend. (low back was sore leaning forward) My biggest difficulty, sadly to say, is getting my boots buckled, damn belly gets in the way. But I can find traction pretty easily with all this gravitational pull. I ride a 300 because I like how they perform/react etc., a 250 will do the same stuff, just may use slightly different throttle inputs etc.
  12. Of course, and stare longingly at it as well
  13. Whoa, what the hell, all of this weight shaming is getting out of hand.
  14. What is your secret to getting the wife to clean the helmet?
  15. On those two day events where an evening campfire is the norm, make sure you store the helmet well away from the fire. I wonder if there is something particular to vodka that does this or if it is just the alcohol killing smelly things?