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  1. 07 GG TXT Pro 250/280/300 Ignition

    If I remember correctly it is some odd size like a 7mm. Whatever size it is, I don't have a wrench for it. As sad as this sounds I usually use Vise-Grip (locking pliers) or regular pliers to get that out. Might be able to do the jam nut technique.
  2. 02 txt 280 pro kickstarter

    I often will lean the handlebars on a tree when starting my bike. I can start it with my left foot on the ground, but I must admit it is easier to start if I am "up on the pegs"
  3. Gas Gas 280 Pro 02 carb to airbox gap

    I installed one of these carb to airbox rubber adapters and made installation much easier and better to secure the airbox hose to the carb. It is also slightly longer than the OEM rubber adapter. http://www.vmar.com/carb.html
  4. Gas Gas 280 Pro 02 carb to airbox gap

    This may be what you are looking for: https://trialstribulations.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=26&products_id=2206&zenid=l0vmq58jonjciaok1s0plful96
  5. Best trials bike for 2018?

    For me the best bike for 2018 is my current 2003 GasGas 300 Pro. The Old BAGG is more capable than I am, and as long as I throw $$ at parts she just keeps trucking along. (I have had good experience with her being a 15 yr old bike and the abuse I have given her) Yes, I am whining about not being able to buy a new bike. Personally I would go GasGas, but that is just my opinion. I tried a 2017 Scorpa 250 and the riding stance just felt "odd" to me
  6. Crankshaft seal

    OH good point on the clutch cover, I forgot that bit. I do normally leave the cover and clutch line hanging on the bike when I pull the engine. Best to buy a new gasket here too, even though I have had success re-using the old one, but it is a real gamble. And what peterb said about the oil hole. (can be seen in the first pic of my post)
  7. Crankshaft seal

    Short answer: Yes I believe so. Long answer below: You will want to have the engine removed from the frame for this. You will also need a new center gasket, it is really thin and not reusable. If you want to leave the radiator in the frame (can be done, but really is easier to just pull it with the engine) remove water pump and disconnect the hoses on the cylinder. remove anything else holding the engine in place, place engine on bench. Pull cylinder, you can leave the head attached. pull reed block. (May get lucky and reuse gaskets, but not likely) Pull sprocket off pull flywheel/stator and Allen bolts for case half and voila! case half should pop apart. Be watchful for various thrust washers/collars on gear shafts Next is to determine which crank bearings you have, I am not sure what the 2006 has. I found this at trialsandtribulations.com (stated for credit, not necessarily advertising. I have no connection) This states for 2005 onwards, the crankshaft bearings/seal/O-rings are all integrated as one unit. Which may explain why the seal was too small to pull with a screw Older versions like mine have on the ignition side: going from outside in, Seal -18, bearing-19, washer-20 and another seal-21 The crank also has a collar with an O-ring between the collar and the crankshaft. Numbers 1 and 2 in bottom photo. I believe the single unit above replaces all of those bits. (images below found at Lewisportusa.com again just for credit no other reason.)
  8. Wavy discs Why ?

    Wavy disc looks cool.
  9. Jet washing bikes

    The scorch marks were on the inside of the case below the bearings, they could be seen with the bearings installed. If I remember correctly they cleaned right off with some brake cleaner. (has been a few years since I owned that bike) Main bearings were so bad at time of rebuild, if I tapped the end of the handlebars with the engine off, you could hear the crankshaft wobble and clunk. Also the bike used more fuel after the rebuild, almost like it was recycling it
  10. Gas gas 03 280 txt pro suspension

    As a fellow "fat kid" (well north of 200 Lbs) I also have a 2003 GasGas, the forks are original in springs spacers etc. I run 5 wt. fork oil. and they seem to perform just fine. My forks are the 38mm GasGas produced forks, no manufacturer markings just a part number cast into the lower fork tube. I suggest riding it as is for a while to see if you will need stiffer springs and then decide from there.
  11. Jet washing bikes

    I did try to run the 2000 Sherco 2.9 I had under water........... did not stay running after sucking in water. Long story short, pumped water out spark plug hole and finished the event. 2 yrs later the crankshaft bearings were HORRIBLE (creek had a ton of silt crap in it). Tear down bike, It had what looked like scorch marks on the cases under the crank bearing locations - rings leaking by? and there was silt/dirt caked into the corners of the intake path of the cases. She was still running................ although she ran much better after the rebuild.
  12. Gas gas 03 280 txt pro suspension

    Yep, just throw some $$$$$ at it.
  13. Ty 175 to pump or not to pump

    We removed the pump on ours when I was a kid, I am pretty sure my dad removed the pump on his brand new TY250 way back in the late 70's before taking it out for a spin.
  14. To good to be true?

    I even have it linked to my PayPal (paranoia runs deep within me ) There is always room for more beer in the house, good idea