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  1. A bit further north, Richmond Motor Club run a series of Clubman Easy Trials starting this weekend in Wensleydale , full list is here http://www.richmondmotorclub.com/richmond-motor-club-events-dates/ Also Ripon Motor Club run a Saturday evening series. All excellent events
  2. mike64

    Fuel cans

    There is also a Husquavana spout which fits the Aspen 'low ethanol' cans https://www.worldofpower.co.uk/husqvarna-fuel-spout-for-husqvarna-petrol-can.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiKKHx7_f1wIVzbvtCh1kwgLbEAQYBSABEgLlufD_BwE
  3. Another good way, wheel to one side, stand up without holding bars but with rear brake on .. i found it a lot easier.
  4. Thanks Neil's on wheels, I got the topeak pump from Wiggle delivered in 2 days. Looks a decent bit of kit and pumped my rear tyre up to 5 psi easily. The nice bit of detail is it has a flexi tube built in to attached to the valve Top marks and quite cheap direct from wiggle cheers
  5. Hi, can anyone recommend a decent bike pump you can carry in a bum bag? I've had 2 before with a co2 inflator built in but neither work well. Looking at MTB kit but seems expensive Cheers
  6. That looks a great 315, is the bike a lot lighter than the 4rt ??
  7. Let's face it guys we all would buy a 2rt if Honda built one
  8. mike64

    Honda 4Rt 4Ride

    This new 4rt based bike looks good http://youtu.be/01_yXdz51bQ
  9. Get there an hour before start, with money and licence if required, get signed on and enjoy a cuppa chat etc, no need to walk sections before the start, riders usually go to sections and walk them before riding on first lap. Don't worry about failing we have all been there,if the sections are too difficult just have a ride round anyway, there may be some easier ones to have a go at. Remember to have fun, a day on the bike is better than nothing. Cheers
  10. Look out for 3in1 oil spray at Aldi £1.99 for 200ml. Not always available but does the job. Both products will wash off after a trial so save the money ?? Also pound land often have 100ml on offer , but can't remember how much
  11. Thought I'd share what I've found to be the best for waterproofing boots. http://www.altberg.co.uk/leder-gris/product/leder-gris-xtreme/ I've used it on my black Gaerne boots since new and it's very good and only £5 a tin which lasts ages. It's also available in Clear which will be good for the pro's in their white boots - ideal for Scott cheers Michael
  12. Hi, here's a link to a website I've used in the past http://trialstribula...pha_filter_id=0 I'm sure either them or Birketts will be able to send you one out cheers mike
  13. Buy one of the new Airoh helmets, very light with vents in them, bit like an mtb helmet,
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