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  1. Kip Web #20 and the Wickers?
  2. If you were in California USA you would have got a ticket with a heavy fine!
  3. dabnabit

    Endurocross 08

    Has Ringo crashed yet?
  4. dabnabit

    Endurocross 08

    Ringo needs his approved California green sticker to ride! I think I have a copy of that in case he lost it.
  5. Late bloomer didn't ride motorcycles till I was 28 (1980). Moved to California and my dad had some bikes. G5 Kawasaki 100cc XL 175 Honda. Went to the library to look for some books on the subject of dirt riding. Carl Shipmans Boonie Book...Trials oriented. Worked my ass off riding the under powered 100cc Kawi on rocky and tight trails, but I learned. 1981 IT 175 Did all the wrench report mods. Motoed out, rode alot of tight trails and rocks. While the IT was apart for suspension mods a friend lent me his 74 TY250. Went to a trials school at Saddleback Park. After riding the TY and attending the school, it was all Trials from then on. 1974 TY250 Fantic 240 1984 TY250 1991 Fantic 309 2003 ScorpaSY
  6. dabnabit

    Ken Block

    Heck....they drive like that in LA every day.
  7. That's why someone was sent for us.............okay I'll leave now.
  8. Well the 74 would have been better with the 360 or 390 FE engine instead of the raised deck 351m engine with the 3" main bearings.
  9. How about....Crazy Mary Dirty Larry?
  10. In some parts of the USA they call Vaseline boy butter!
  11. How about free NVU HTML EDITOR It's a, "What you see is what you get editor" WYSIWYG
  12. Originally from Saugerties and Hunter is great. Years ago a guy from NY was out here in california riding one of our events and said they had events there, I believe in the 80's.
  13. dabnabit

    Andrew Oldar

    Ah just tell him to Kramit!
  14. Hey Martin...........Do ya still root for the California Guys? Good job Cody and Andrew
  15. Well I'm here in the Great NW and I have to inform you that the video is not me just a link. I do it much worse but..... I do have the beer helmet..you know the ones with the holders and solar powered pump.
  16. Garage Practice It actually helps. That much better on a Scorpa! Straight ahead much more difficult.
  17. I had a similar problem with win2000 and zone alarm. Read HERE I deleted the hotfix and my problem was solved.
  18. dabnabit

    Fantic Parts

    I check Craigs list quite often and came across these parts. 1981 FANTIC 240 Engine Case, 1984 FANTIC 300 TRIALS I'm in no way connected or know this person. Just thought it would be of help.
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