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  1. I don't mind a few mods, as I'm only going to use it for practicing
  2. Thank you for the help , I'll keep looking for a pro wheel then
  3. Will an early gasgas TXT rear wheel fit a later TXT Pro model? I’m after a replacement wheel, and I have found an earlier one for sale at the right money!
  4. I'm old and have been know to have a go on an xbox
  5. been doing it for 20+ years without a problem!
  6. I have an 04 250 pro and it still has the same bearings as when I purchased it 6 years ago (I've never touched the motor), I change the oil every 6 or 7 months! and it still runs as good as the day I purchased it! do people really change there oil every 4 hours, that means I would be changing mine 15+ times a year !?!?!?!
  7. I've had another look, I can still only see November's results?
  8. Are you sure, I can only see the results from November? Or could just be me as I’m useless on facebook!
  9. Does anyone know where I can find the results for last Sunday's trial?
  10. Does anyone know what the concrete ruins were at Earl Shilton?
  11. Yes, thats what I have done, did it for 15min with some cheap 20/50 & engine flushing fluid And just done it again after an hour on 20/50 Sounds fine, but I was just worried about the big-end as they are quite a fragile engine!
  12. Just bought a BSA B25 and stripped it down for a service, on inspection I found quite a lot of sludge/carbon in the oil tank strainer, is this normal? Don't think its dirt as the bike's never been offroad When I collected the bike it ran fine, All the bikes I’ve previously owned have always been clean
  13. I’ve kept my bikes in a shed for a few years now, but this winter it seems extra damp. my bikes are constantly wet, I’ve tried a small tube heater but it hasn’t helped Does anyone else have this problem?
  14. When I started doing trials I was cleaning my air filter every ride Most of the time it was still spotless clean, so now I only clean it every 3-4 trials (unless its dusty) Does anyone else do this?
  15. What's the difference between the D803F and the D803GP? and are the D803F front tyres any good?
  16. Shame it wasn’t better advertised, not everyone wants to buy the TMX News, maybe it would be better to advertise on TC fixtures or a least put the details on the ACU?
  17. Maybe you could do with a longer swing arm?
  18. I would guess Loctite is the way to go
  19. What’s the going rate for a full engine rebuild?
  20. What’s an acceptable amount of wheel rim run-out? I have a few workshop manuals and they all recommend checking run out when tightening spokes but none give actual tolerances!
  21. What security did they defeat? help others make it harder for the thieving scum!
  22. Someone told me today that all trailers should have a chassis plate or the police can seize it. I know all new trailers need a SVA cert, but I built mine a few years ago (before the new law) Do I need to fit a chassis /vin plate?
  23. I was always under the impression that 2 strokes had more advance at lower RPM (due to poor cylinder scavenging) and the curve retarded with higher rpm. The opposite to 4T engines?
  24. Doubt very much SM would been seen dead on a bike made from Chinese bits And as pointed out it’s not really a cheap bike, when a decent twinshock could be purchased for less! And who gave it classic status?
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