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  1. Yes totally agree the Trial2 is a little over crowded and a 50/50 style route should be there for the top 5% of T2 and lowest 5% of trialgp
  2. The 301 RR I have been told on good authority that it is a new bike. It will be close to that of what grattarolla, marcelli, Moret and the boys from Trial 2 ride. It is also been known that the repsol and standard 4RT will be updated as well for 2020. Patience is a virtue and you will all have to wait and see. Its only 1 month away.
  3. This thread actually makes me laugh. How many of you were there? How many of you actually know the situation? my guess is none. The whole dispute isn't about Marcelli stopping. He took the marker out. Then the observer blew for a 5. Which then certain country men booed the observer and officials from the same country got involved and hounded him until he changed the decision. THIS IS WHERE THE ISSUE IS. This is not Grattarolas fault nor is it Toby's. Just be proud of how professional the situation is been dealt with. I know the riders and they both are ashamed as how this has ended. So instead of been keyboard warriors just be grateful that maybe something might change in trials. But I hope not for the worst as this has brought so many new faces to the TRIALGP paddock making trials more accessible to riders and spectators.
  4. milkybarkidtech

    2015 Beta?

    Yes only the 250 and 300 have the new 12 volt electrical system, All the bikes are fitted with a new fuel tap. Also a much better shocker has been fitted. The graphics are on the same lines as the new graphics fitted to the 2015 RR endure range. If you go to Beta UKs facebook you will find all the info. I'm sure Andy will post it when he gets the opportunity.
  5. Yes if you put exempt trials bike they will accept.
  6. Hi Steve. The techno base gasket is obselete to buy as a part. what colour is your base gasket as the green base gasket with blue piping on is for rev 3 onwards. There are two options you can go down to get a techno base gasket. 1 is to buy a full engine gasket kit from beta-uk and 2 is to buy some gasket paper and make a new one. If the base gasket hasnt been replaced it could have a slight tear.
  7. The contact details of the sec are in the tmx
  8. Does any know if you need some one backing up with fuel.
  9. Hello does anyone have a postcode for the start of the bemrose? Any help would be great full Cheers
  10. Hi I have had my entry accepted through the ballot for this years six day. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what clothing is best to wear? Your help would be really helpful.
  11. If your not in the list you will recur a email to add yourself on to the reserve list then it's just a sit and wait.
  12. Hi It is not as easy as you say. The big wheel 80 and small wheel are diffrent bikes. Although they look the same just diffrent sizes they are totally diffrent bikes. The big wheel has a larger frame and swinging arm. Also on the small wheel the frame is alot smaller, and again swinging arm is alot smaller. Changing the bikes would make the bike unrideable. and it will create yourself a bit of agrow
  13. Leonelli make Jitsie's killswitches. i would think it may not be earthed
  14. Hopefully it wont be a problem. It was on the final saturday in 2012 and 2013. As they havent used leanchen on saturday since 2011
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