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  1. If it dose it excessively could be the voltage regulator.
  2. gasgasthermo

    Ttt Beta

    No red hoses or rims tho !
  3. Yeah you can still buy them, there were some on ebay not sure if they are still listed although about
  4. you might have tweaked the floats if you have taken it apart so check the float height.
  5. could polish them with metal polish !
  6. That could be down to a number of factors thou ! e.g handle bar position, leaver height etc
  7. progrips on the racing which is what i assume you are talking about ?
  8. he has been doing a few enduro events but i don't know if he has given up trials.
  9. gasgasthermo

    Taller Bars?

    oh rite good hope that sorts it
  10. gasgasthermo

    Taller Bars?

    Could Try V-mar, the uk dealer being Road&Trials, not sure if they will fit your Montesa though but might be wort asking ?
  11. you might as well pop a new little end bearing in whilst you have the top end off.
  12. how much do these barrels and pistons cost from s3 ?
  13. are gasgas doing a 250 raga this year then ?
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