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  1. Thanks, i did write to Steve, but could not get an answer till now, i will try again. And maybe just should try shift and foot brake on the same side… Regards
  2. Well the rear brake plate is on the left side and with right side pedal and brake cable there is no good feeling for the rear brake. And back in the days Schreiber, Berlatier and others used a left-side mounted rear brake pedal. I think they knew what they were doing. So if possible, why not try...
  3. Hello, does anyone have and would sell a conversion-kit* to change the gearshifting from left- to the right-side and the brake-pedal from right to the left side? Or just this part 1320.13.300 (#41) from the spare-parts-list? Regards Peter PS *for the T350
  4. hi … you don't need carb tuning, original yet-sizes work fine, you need a air hose, for example take one from a beta rev and the points from a old Lampretta scooter. What tank is installed? gP
  5. i had one too, its a really good bike, still today for a clubman. But I agree with Rustybay… pricey and the parts…
  6. MODEL 50T The homologation number is 50.135. Production from July 1980 till October 1982 with ca. 1,500 mopeds produced. The Chassis number begins with the number 25.001. The original motor is by Minarelli, like the others SWM, Aprilia and Fantic, but different modificated. There has been a version with 80ccm too. Regards Peter
  7. psla

    italjet piuma t250

    Hello, due to the information from the book “Trial made in Italy” by italian journalist Giulio Mauri and Fontsere Valenti. These units have been build… Italjet t250 piuma: 20 unities Italjet t250: 370 unities. Production from september 1982 till march 1984 Regards Peter
  8. psla

    Rear Brake Pedal

    Some rear pedals: First from left: original (welded/repaired) Second from left: broken Third from left: Late original (just a little bit squezzed) Fourth from left: modified mounting (working as good as possible) The problem ist the original mounting/bearing and the less space to the pegs. I had to cut the bolt head of the right peg to get more travel for the pedal. Another modified pedal, which ist working quite well. some more pics > Italjet Rear Brake Pedal Regards, Peter
  9. some pics for you, hope they may help. Peter http://s351.photobucket.com/albums/q474/italjet_psla/gear%20selector%20spring/
  10. they are not the same size, the connection sizes are different PHBH available in 26mm or 28mm 36mm elastic connection to engine
  11. on ebay search for swm+ei [url="http://cgi.ebay.de/Maxi-Ei-SWM-Trial320-grun-70er-STEG-SCHACHTEL-/270614842799?cmd=ViewItem&pt=
  12. Hello, can someone tell me, how much play/clearance/backlash between immersion tube and standpipe is permissible, or is usual (Betor-Forks). The 0.15mm feeler gage can be pushed between them well. And in another case the backlash is even so large, that the shaft seal does not fit any longer. Peter
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