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  2. Entries are coming in and you still have plenty of time as they close on 20th July. Keep them coming!! For travel and/or accommodation needs, visit http://www.iomevents.com/package_page_510590.html#ad-image-0 and speak with the guys and girls for some great offers for coming to the Isle of Man for two great days riding.
  4. For more details it will be better to speak with the guys at IOM Events. I'm sure they can accommodate whatever you are looking to do.
  5. Hi everyone, Entries will be available shortly for the two rounds being held on the Isle of Man, July 28th & 29th 2018. Travel and accommodation packages available... http://www.iomevents.com/package_page_510590.html#ad-image-0 The info is in with the sidecars but it is there! I will keep you posted on when the entries are open. Any question please get in touch. Thanks Gaz
  6. Hi all, The entries are available for the Isle of Man rounds of the ACU Wessex Plant Hire British Sidecar championship. https://www.acu.org.uk/championship-events/trials/34/ We also have some travel and accommodation deals available... http://www.iomevents.com/package_page_510590.html#ad-image-0 Online entries are open as well if you don't want to use snail mail. Hope to see you all there. Thanks Gaz
  7. Ours (Owen/Temple) is in the post so will be with you shortly. Can I just point out that the regs on the website say closing date is 16th September... See you at the weekend. ????
  8. manx2day

    2018 OSSA?

    The articles in that link are also a year out of date.....
  9. I just use Putoline GP10 in mine. Never had a problem and it was initially recommended from Nigel.
  10. When changing the oil, drain from both the main plug that has been mentioned above but also from the clutch case drain too. It is the lowest bolt holding the clutch casing on, just forward and below the rear brake pedal. Circled on attached photo. Draining from left hand side doesn't quite get all the oil out. Make sure bike is warm too, helps get as much out as possible.
  11. Its a very strong rumour as I was told about that yesterday. I was told around September time which does sound promising. Hope it is true and they come back and prove the doubters wrong, be a big shame if they couldn't make it work.
  12. I was going to suggest the plug as I had similar coughing and popping issue with my Ossa a while back. All OK now. Tempted by Vertigo next if I can sell my Ossa.
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    Will the weight they are quoting be a dry weight or is it fully loaded with fuel and oil? The dry weights tend to be advertised more than wet.
  14. Most, if not all of you, should have received your entry forms for this years trial as the entries are now open. If you haven't got one they can be found on our website, www.manx2day.co.uk We have already had a few entries in so keep them coming and do not forget about your travel and accommodation.
  15. Birkett Motorsport will be your best bet. The new black bump stops are a bit taller and stronger.
  16. Mega trial yesterday. Really enjoyed it, thanks to everyone who organised it and to the observers. Couldnt have asked for better weather, sections were spot on.
  17. has anyone seen Adams latest update from the USA on his facebook page? Michele appears to be working on a BETA!!!
  18. What about him going to Scorpa!? Its certainly a possibility. Let's face it, Raga is the man in demand, not the bike. All major manufacturers have a rider capable of WTC podiums, Scorpa currently don't, not in the pro class anyway. It would be a good move for both I think. TRS is a complete unknown and would Raga want to take a gamble like that? It was said earlier, he is the only man getting close to Bou right now, would be a shame to see him drop down the results.
  19. Sounds like it could be main bearings. I had a set go on my old 2013 TR280i. Felt rough, sounded rough and down on power like it was struggling to pull and rev.
  20. Sidecar entries for this years trial MUST be sent in ASAP so the committee can continue to plan the event. Everything is in place, the routes have been decided and all that is needed now is for you guys to lick that stamp and stick the entry form in the post. Alternatively, visit our website www.manx2day.co.uk and go to the entries page. Here you can enter online via the ACU online entries page. Without the riders and passengers the event wont be the same. REMEMBER, book you travel and accommodation ASAP. Any queries, do not hesitate to contact us on manx2daytrial@hotmail.com
  21. manx2day

    Is It Worth It?

    I have heard the same regarding the main bearings. Same parts supplier, dodgy batch maybe, plus GG and Ossa are now working out of the same building so it makes sense that they are having the same issues.
  22. yep, not meant to spin. Right pain to get it back together.
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