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  1. Sounds like your suspension needs fine tuning. Do you have the sag with you aboard set at approximately 2"? Setting the ride sag would be a good place to start. Are you in the USA? I have an 01 Rev and I weigh 235lbs. I had to experiment with different brands of oil to get the right viscosity, but after finding the right oil my suspension works very good using the stock springs. I use the same oil in the forks and in the shock which I service myself. When I get home tonight I will look at the bottle and post up what it is. Edit; This is the oil although I didn't buy it here this is a good deal. I put this oil in the shock and the fork. The bike feels very balanced front to rear. Not to fast or slow. A advanced rider who is your size rode the bike after i serviced the suspension with this oil and felt the action was fine for their weight skill level. If the fork dives or bottoms too easily you can raise the oil level a few millimeters at a time until you get the action you like. http://motul.co.uk/product/shock-oil-factory-line/ http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/21092/i/motul-factory-line-400-v1-shock-oil
  2. liviob

    Fly Wheel Weight

    I have a 01 Rev 250 and i ended up removing the clutch side flywheel weight. Its behind the water pump. The 250 is pretty smooth even with no extra flywheel weight on the crank. Great bike!
  3. Maybe you rode the bike with the chain set too tight and destroyed the bearings in the wheel and counter shaft?
  4. liviob

    Rev3 Shock Oil Change

    Your ability to notice the effects of a oil service depends on how sensitive you are to bike setup. I change the oil in mine every three to six months. It gets dirty fast and i notice the action change after three rides on fresh oil. You need specific tools to service it.
  5. I installed Boyeson 112 pro reeds in my 09 290. They softened the bottom hit and made the engine nearly stall proof. The engine is much more tractable than with the stock reeds. I can slow the engine down till i can count the pops and it docent stall. Most install the 665 power reed.
  6. Try these they work great. I use them and they solved a back ache problem i had while riding. Im 5'10". https://secure.rypusa.com/prodpage.cfm?cat_selected=116&product_selected=140&startrow=1
  7. liviob

    Clutch Slipping

    I have a 09 EVO 290. I did the DW clutch mod and put 1.5m-2mm washers under the spring retainer bolt and washer assembly to reduce the spring preload which softened the lever pull. The cross hatch needed to be removed on the clutch cover or the clutch spring retainer bolts will scrape them off when you pull the clutch lever. I lowered the trans oil to 480cc or watever is close to that on the ratio right. I use GM type 2 transmission oil and the clutch works great.
  8. liviob

    Boyesens Jetting

    Those are definitely signs of a lean pilot circuit. When i rode my stock 09 290 EVO at sea level it ran a noticeably lean. Im sure the dealer here installed a fifty before i took delivery. He also lowered the floats a few millimeters. At very high altitude I installed the Boyeson reeds and went one up on the pilot from the dealers delivery setting. Im pretty sure i am using a #52 pilot. I left the needle and main alone. High altitude jetting is different than low altitude jetting. My air screw is 2 1/2 turns out. Try one more larger size pilot to see if you can get the air screw out to 2 1/2 turns out. Some may disagree with this, but i have found that my 290 is smoother and noticeably easyer to ride and the plug looks fine no fouling.
  9. My 09 EVO 290 makes the same distracting clack sound.I wonder if Jeroni's bike clacks? Dan's Teflon tape solution will help. I think i tried that and could not get the tape to stay on the stem when sliding the tree back into place. Maybe clear office tape would work. I didn't try that so it will probably work. I even tried to fit a feeler gauge into the slack and cut it off below the nut, but i couldn't find one thin enough to fit. I ended up tightening the steering stem nut just at / under the point of causing steering friction to get it to stop. I don't understand why Beta made the steering stem hole in the top triple tree oversize? Do stupid things faster. Drink more Coffee.
  10. liviob

    Boyesens Jetting

    Dannyb what altitude do you ride at? <What are warning points?
  11. Here in Colorado we had a trial event near Denver on Sunday the 29th. which had a large showing of riders. I had once considered going to the national in Arizona but lack of time and money were my limiting factors. I'm guessing the reasons might be similar for others whom otherwise might have gone to your trial.
  12. liviob

    Rev 3 250 08

    Congrats on the new bike Charlie! Is this your first motor bike? After you warm the engine up will it idle with the transmission in neutral? or will it not idle when you have the transmission in gear with the clutch lever pulled in to the grip? Was the clutch dragging pulling engine RPM down? As others have mentioned you can clean your air filter with solvent and reoil it before reinstallation. If after installing a clean and oiled air filter your engine still will not idle properly try turning the idle screw "its the screw on the side of the carb with the spring on it" in 1/16th turn. The idle should raise some if it doesn't try adjusting the air screw "its the slotted brass screw closest to the intake bell of the carb" It should be set anywhere from 1 turn out from full closed to 2 1/2 turns out from full closed. See where its set then reset it to 1 1/2 turns out from full closed position.
  13. liviob

    Boyesen Reeds

    I have used the Boyeson Dual stage reeds in my 09 290 EVO . If your looking for a softer, smoother, much more flexible stall resistant bottom then use the #112 reed. I have not used the #116 reed yet "which is the reed that all of the shops sell", but hear it delivers a more robust response than the stock reeds and the #112 reeds.
  14. liviob

    Boyesen Reeds

    The v force reeds work very well. They made the bike feel like it was 25cc bigger engine on the bottom. They made a very noticeable improvement to button torque and quicker RPM spool up of my 02 rev3 250. Midrange was slightly improved with no change to topend. The only drawback to them is that you must modify the intake manifold to accept the v force reed. The protrusions which fill airspace in the intake track must be removed.
  15. liviob

    Boyesen Reeds

    You will at the very least need to adjust the air screw. You may need to change the pilot jet. Its nothing complicated and the reeds give instructions for the tuning adjustment.
  16. I hope not. Carburators work fine. Why mess up a great bike with an overly complicated fuel system? Beta have you seen these? They work better than the carbs you currently use. Better torque and horse power, better fuel consumption and better emissions plus check valve internal vents so no fuel spilling. They also automatically compensate for altitude. Set it and forget it. https://secure.power...-difference.php
  17. My first trials bike was a Scorpa. I didn't have any fuel related problems with the tank. I sold that bike and ride Betas now. Last year i found a product called StarTron. It is an enzyme additive which neutralizes the alcohol and water in ethanal. I don't need to use it in my bikes because i have found a fuel station nearby which sells unleaded premium with no ethanol mixed in, but use it in my vehicles. It seems to work as described as my toyota truck now runs smoother and after a year of using it gets a 3MPG improvement. I have seen different concentrations of the pork chop shaped bottle, but the bottle that i found has 8 ounces and treats 128 gallons. A little goes a long way. I think this product might solve the problem of the ethanol attacking the plastic tank. http://mystarbrite.c...00/136/lang,en/ http://mystarbrite.c...15/202/lang,en/ http://mystarbrite.c.../4/208/lang,en/ http://mystarbrite.c.../14/37/lang,en/
  18. I used 5wt once and the damper was too slow. Use Motul 2.5 wt shock oil.
  19. Ok, I think i've got it. Nimbys = a nimble minded dimwit who wouldn't recognize commen sense even if they were told it was a super power ability. Bannits = Oh look over there dear. Their having a bit of fun. This definitely should be banned. We need to report this activity to the athouritys immediately.
  20. What are middle-class nimby's and bannits?
  21. liviob

    Sunday Ride

    This is an area i like to ride. There are more sections here than can be ridden in a day. I spent about two hours filming this section. I call this area Margaritaville because in the spring all of the vegetation is lush green. This is an intermediate section. Its on a slope and its off camber. Its rocky, lumpy and slippery even when dry. If you know this spot please do not reveal its location.
  22. I shot this video of the NATC Cotopaxi trial section 8 with my cell phone while checking. The video doesn't do this section justice. Keep in mind these riders are the best we have here in the U.S. It was a very difficult section and some of the riders made it look easy while others struggled. if you recognize the riders post there names. The first rider is Patrick Smage
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