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Fourstroke Lumps In Twinshock Bikes?

marky g

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Ok how about this............... a real Montesa Honda...............242 Mont fitted with 306 Honda TL motor.

Nearing completion in our workshops now.........its a tight fit but sits and looks the dogs.......b

best and last of Montesa twinshock frames, but the 242 engine was'nt up to mixin it with the big boys.

Will be used for French twinshock championship and I'm sure its gona/kick some Honda arseS;;;;;;;;;;;;

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i once did an engine swap: put a xl250 in a Beta 250gs chassis

due to de weight of the (heavy) 4stroke engine

the bike lost his balance - front tended to dive on jumps

maybe different with trials frame, but something to keep in mind


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Hi Guy's.

Just wondered if Jon Bliss is still building the "Cotswold Majestys", and can you still buy a Mini-Majesty frame from Craig Mawlem? Just seemed to be cracking little bikes at the time.

Regards Charlie.

If I see him on sunday I'll ask him,he often rides Golden Valley trials.I'll ask Craig about the frames too,I do know he only has one of the 250/320 types left as he offered it to me a few weeks ago.

Really must get around to finishing my TY/Serow engined bike,should have a bit more time now the Ariel is running.....

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