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Fourstroke Lumps In Twinshock Bikes?

marky g

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Hi Guy's.

Time Flys doesn't it.

Ah well probably need to get on with my dream T****-Shock bike again as well then. :banana2:

Regards Charlie.

Yes time does fly by, ever thought about putting a BSA C15 or B40 into a modern frame, I guess the big question is the overall height of the motor?

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Hi Guys.

Just thought I would update you on the Dream Twinshock?

Well I did buy a frame late last year from Craig,one of the last four Mini Majesty frames he had.

I have managed to get most other parts for the build from ebay etc. I already had a pair of TY 250 forks and front wheel.

Swinging arm is a Honda XL 125 unit the motor is a 230 Cg copy.

Well I can tell you that motor is tight in that little frame. Some of the fins on the head need modification.

I struggled for a week trying to use the engine mount tubes that originally held the Yam engine.but ther was no way I could get the motor sitting anywhere near square or true using these.

So the mini cutting disc came out again ,and I removed the obortion of a mount,

I might add that this little Godden frame was built in a very agricultural maner, I know Mig welding was new at the time, but a pigeon could have made a better job of the welds , brackets made of bedstead angle by the first metalwork class at junior school.

I have hated it for the last week, until I finally got the engine squarish in the frame! I now love it again, and can't wait to get it on the wheels. Back wheel is Jialing by the way JH 125, new after getting parts from several dealers new old stock. I bought a GF tank seat unit from Craig and will take a mould from this to incorporate a rear guard as well . Would I go through this love hate thing again? Well I don't know? Could get some copy frames built in Taiwan ,that the engine fits strait in. Or I could just press on with the Mini Otter frame to take the same engine or one from a pit bike?????

You can follow the build on bsaotter.com

Regards Charlie.

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This is something ive been working on and is almost finished now. Just a few jobs to finalise to make it complete and lots of ride time to hone it into something hopefully competitive. 


Wanted to build a Yamaha with this rear suspension just like Mick Andrews factory OW10. Ive built another one which is slightly different in areas with help from a friend who's helped me design and build the fibreglass tank/bodywork along with the paintwork.


A nice feeling knowing that there are only 2 in the world like this and we built them both.


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Iv put a 140cc pit bike engine in a bultaco sherpa 125 rolling chassis works OK, but the gear ratio's aren't the best even with changing sprokets it's abit of a scrambler realy, you will find the same problem with the upright air cooled engines  as thay are all geard for the road realy and don't have the flywheel weight of the original engine design , Still a fun project though and still a usable bike, mines even got a hydrolic clutch, it's better than a rolling chassis sitting in the corner of the shed, And makes a change from the rev 3. 

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I mostly use the same gear to ride the sections ( again mostly ), so I think that after a few ride you will have an idea on what ratio you need and ajust the sprocket acordingly.

That is a super nice machine, hope you enjoy.


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