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  2. Thanks for your help. I dont have the original parts manual for MH 349. it would be great if you can share that one with me. At the moment I could make the fork function by manufacturing custom spacers under the seals. Without these spacers the fork tubes rub againgst the fork outer aluminum lower tubes under compression and this makes great friction. May be this problem is becouse I am using aftermarket seals. these seals can not hold the stanchions co axial with lower tubes, so with hard plastic spacers stanhions is held in place and on the same axis with the loer moving part.
  3. A few pics.
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  5. Looking forward to the Alwinton two day trial next year
  6. Got the springs off (I use a loop of picture wire) but could not get the pipe off. May try warming it all up by running the engine. If that does not work will remove the manifold. Only looking to clean and paint it so won't rush on the manifold as it looked as if the rad needed moving to get at the bolts.
  7. Hi Mark. BillyT here. I live in Scottsdale AZ. I may have some Beta 4T 300cc information that will interest you. You can e-mail me at or call me at 602 570 6877. Billy
  8. I've attached the page from the MH 349 parts manual showing the fork internals, looks to me like only 1 seal per leg and no spacers. It's the same in the 349/4 and 350 manuals I have also. No extra threaded hole in the head for a decompressor on any of these models.
  9. Sounds like Montesa had you in mind when they designed the 4Ride?
  10. That's like saying you can't buy a football because you only want a kick about and aren't interested in joining the local team. Lots of people enjoy their bikes and riding for what it is (supposed to be) and relaxation! You sound like your going to start press ganging people as your next step. It may be worth listening to what the people that don't come to trials have to say rather than telling them their just wrong.
  11. Holy Smokes! night and day feeling so much more confident to tackle this stuff and learn more....knowledge is power!! thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and kindness in this forum, esp senor lahey who seems the most effervescently resplendent mechanically minded TY chap this side of the galaxy!
  12. Hope I didn't sound like I was knocking ether... I favor the Montesa myself as noted by my ownership of both an 07 Montesa 4RT and a 2017 300RR but not having been on a 300 Beat 4T I attempted to add some thought on what I know of both close as possible with regard to the difference between it and the 2T I have experienced...
  13. You really need to ride both. My son has a 300 Beta with all the bells and whistles. But the family I work for has a 2017 4rt, 4 2016`s and about 5 2006`s. For the most part I prefer the Beta. If you want full power get the Factory model. I really like the 300rr over the std 4rt which I have ridden both the 2016 and 2017. The Beta is a better fit if you are taller, my son is pushing 6 `5`. Either four stroke is a blast on the trail vs my lowly 250 Beta 2 stroke that I still prefer.
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  15. Also when you tighten the shock mount screws, do it in a way that avoids the shock mounting rubbers being gripped. The shock mount rubbers need to be free to rotate on the mounting pins to avoid side-loading the shockie oil seals as the swingarm goes up and down. Falcon shocks and many others have mounting rubbers that are wider than the Yamaha mounting pins are long. For this you can use spacers to effectively lengthen the shockie mount pins and tighten the screws up against the spacers, or don't bother with spacers and just Loctite the screws in the position that allows free movement.
  16. It is probably a fairer comparison between the 300rr Montesa and the Beta 4t as the displacement is comparable.I have spent a fair amount of time on the Beta 4t and now own a 300rr. Both are good bikes and I wouldn't want to come off as bad mouthing one over the other. You can direct message me if you would like some input.
  17. Mark, I haven't been on a Beta 4T, however the Beta 2T I have been on rides more like a Gas Gas than the Montesa 4T dose and from what I understand the OSSA is also more Gas Gas like in its ride. On that note for trail rides I would expect the ability to connect the long range kit directly into the fuel system will give you a much more enjoyable fuel experience if your riding is often more than about 23 miles as that is about the best I have ever had on my 07 4RT (250cc). The current 2017 Montesa's don't come with a seat, and with the cost of an after market one I would think being able to get one with a new Beta or if you have one already it might be the better option. Not having to jet on the Montesa dose have its advantages and I myself like the ride of the Montesa over the Beta as it's feels a bit more stable in tight corners as it's tendency to tuck is less. However this would likely be more apparent in trials than on the trail. the part I cannot speak to is characteristics of the Beta 4T's engine as only the handling is similar on the Beta 2T over the 4T
  18. Space the shock with washer.
  19. alright dear friends (who are probably tired of me by now!)...totally the last question i promise then i will go into hibernation mode.. after fitting my new falcon shocks today i notice i have very little, if any, clearance between the spring and the chain. i can fettle it by hand to get a few mm's but if not they are touching. is this how it should be or have i messed something up? any suggestions/solutions? thank you, thank you and verily thrice fold thank you always. humbly yours, 'novice junior mechanic' johnny jazz over n out.
  20. Do you mean you couldn't shift the pipe, or couldn't shift the springs? To help remove the springs you can by a T-handle with a hook on the end. It's much better (and ultimately less painful) than struggling with a screwdriver or other bodge-tool. If the problem is removing the pipe, I'd suggest remove the springs and remove the silencer. Then the only thing holding the pipe to the cylinder head is the stiction, baked mud, exhaust sealant, or whatever. A good wiggling and thumping should get it clear.
  21. Mark your 27 is stunning, thanks for putting it up. Sorry I didn't reply earlier it's been chaos the last few days and just didn't have the time to come on. I'd like to rack your brains at some point if that's ok? There are few bits with no reference to in the manual, e.g. Fixining point of the silencer, whether the the rear mudguard had a recessed pressing to cover the chainguard/silencer.. Be nice to see the other side of your bike too.. all the best for now Gary.
  22. I want to say a huge thank you to all. Without all your help and advice I couldn't of got the parts organised so quickly! I'm almost there. Complete top yoke is sorted, nos levers sorted (the handlebars are a possibility), inlet manifold for the IRZ too! There are still a few bits but mainly cosmetic which I can source here and in Spain, so once the post starts arriving I can finally make a start in her. Can't wait!!! Honestly a huge thank you to every one of you, your great guys. all the best for now Gary.
  23. Changed the oil today, and the spark plug. Oil looked good and clean and nothing untoward in the filters. Looking to change the coolant. Is it best to pull off one of the hoses or is there a drain plug? Would like to take the exhaust header pipe off to give it a clean up. Manual suggests it is held on by to springs to the manifold, Could shift it though. Anyone got any suggestions for detaching the pipe from the manifold?
  24. Montesa 4RT260 vrs Beta 4T I could only find pretty old discussions. I'm considering picking up a 4 stroke for my trail riding. I already have a great bike for that (OSSA Explorer) but it does have quite a lot of hours now and with parts probably getting harder to get in the future I'm thinking of adding a bike. The Beta 4T is lighter I know, great reports and look very well made. The Montesa has FI, reported to be very reliable and well made. Anyone have a fair amount of time on both and offer comparisons? (I won't be riding trials with either of these I doubt, but super tight 'pseudo' track I like to ride so much. I'm an intermediate trials rider, quite a lot of experience in riding in general, no longer want to go fast) mark edit: Does the Montesa still come with the removeable seat? I actually have the Beta 'long range kit' so know about those.
  25. That's a much more difficult question. If the practice (ie not competing) is insured by the ACU the riders need to have an ACU trials affiliation (ie licence) - which requires you to go down that medical route now other places do private practice without any insurance or insurance via another provider or through another federation. The places with any insurance (that is worth anything) would/should be asking the same basic medical questions the ACU is. However there are still many places without insurance to try, but as others have said exercise caution for not just you but the other riders around you
  26. Thanks all for the help. I'll have to speak to some rules/decision makers I guess. I wasn't sure if it was something which could be done without competing or where I would stand insurance wise. Spent, once I get a few bits figured out, I may well take you up on that offer. Thanks guys, Rich
  27. This is the top yoke fitted to a model 10 I had up until 2009 since gone to France. Assumed by the "S & M" stamped on the clamps that it was a Sammy Miller item, different to the one shown above. Bike was also fitted with what I assumed were a Sammy Miller brake pedal and mudguard stays, and an M27 "style" alloy tank with monza cap. Oh and by the way those are what I believe to be the original handlebars with built in perches for the levers.
  28. Description: TRS 280 Our last 2017 bike TRS one unit and has been reduced to make way for the 2018 bikes. New and un-used Changes To The Graphics For The 2017 Bikes Can be registered for the road at a extra cost Call the shop for more details on 017683 71070 Thanks MHB MOTORCYCLES Dealer note 23/5/2017 We will beat any written quote on this unit by the end of the month. Give Martin a ring to find out more. UK delivery can be arranged. View the full article
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