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  2. Presumably that's the same quantity in both legs. Does that leave an air gap at the top? Behaving as an airspring? Is there any preload adjustment?
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  4. This type of alloy mounting was not one of Bultaco's more successful designs........ Makes good sense to replace it with a steel fabricated item, as fitted to the later bikes. (like the white one in this pic.) Also, when you refit the engine to the frame, pay particular attention to the condition and fit of the head steady .
  5. Strip down time,definitely main bearings ,hopefully big end OK,hard to hear anything else
  6. I just thought I'd add a photo of the mod that saved the day when I accidently pulled my camshaft out. I take no credit for it as a local Tiger Cub Guru from Pluckley (thanks Henry!) told me what to do when I was rebuilding the cylinder head. It obviously has a nice shiny ally plate that covers the access hole. It may help somebody else.
  7. I think so but you may be better checking on the bike
  8. Worn vintage Alpinestars don't really go with the image of the latest sparkly TRS! A pair of Wulfsports for just over £100. Strong, durable, comfortable and cheap, which will last for years might be a better choice - traditional style too.. However, not the very latest fashion, so like the vintage Alpinestars, I'm unsure if they would match the trendy TRS. Perhaps something in pink or purple might suit Sir?
  9. never get over the fact of how different cabbys sherco sounds.
  10. ...which is no improvement on ten years ago.
  11. Pretty sure that it has been said for mono forks to work properly the steering head angle needs pulling in A different brake plate is also needed due to how the brake is secured on the mono fork
  12. Well you are partly right. All Gas Gas did was go to a lighter spring. Which you can do on any bike.
  13. Perfect Hope you get riding soon
  14. Went ahead and ordered a complete front and rear brake braktec setup from Ryan Young today. Going to keep an eye out for an older AJP clutch master but since mine currently works figured i'd save that for another day.
  15. Another possible option is check classified for a dead Sherco to buy for a parts donor. One other thing to be aware of is Sherco's up till 2010/11ish used a clutch master cylinder with a different pivot point to make lever pull a little easier, they look just like any other AJP (lever is also different).
  16. Trials bikes next?,20606
  17. You do not need to spend hundreds on boots...go to Ebuy and get a seconhand pair from around £30 for a pair that have hardly seen any use and proper makes aswell.
  18. suits him.
  19. Thanks magic,appeared that way,I can buy on in my country cheaper than importing it,just need to ask seller about centre bolt size. Want to check points and timing and relocate condenser....cheers
  20. Hi, im getting back into Trials after a long time away from the sport. My boots have been stored away in the box for all these years and are in really good condition, but the plastic buckle straps are going brittle. Does anyone know where i can get some from, as i really don't want to spend hundreds on new boots, especially considering i've got to buy everything else new already! Hope fully thanks in advance.
  21. Yes go's without saying,no intent to modify it extensively,everything will be reversible, I intent to make it more user friendly for my needs. feetupfun,yes got that on the wheel base past owner had pulled it back to early 348 and later 349 when I got it so I'am back out to the original spec or a little more if the chain will lets me. Will report back,cheers
  22. 30 x 1.5 mm is correct.
  23. Steering head bearings are 25 x 45 x 12. Available at
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  25. Sounfs like mains.
  26. Thai-ty, Thanks for your reply. Point taken. The gearbox uses standard engine oil and I am running a (dry) diaphragm clutch so I could probably get away with using modern 20/50 for both engine and gearbox. Moleman, Again, thanks. I read the article with interest. I managed to relocate the push rods as the engine was at TDC (without the valves lifting). I removed a little access plate I put in the head when I built the engine originally and managed to locate the inlet push rod into the rocker shaft. I was then able to hold both cam followers up and pop the camshaft back in! I think being a side point engine probably also helped. I have fitted my modified gearbox cover to check the end float on the main shaft. (as photo) I also removed the primary case outer cover to do this but I think I'm also going to have to remove the clutch diaphragm and basket to measure the end float accurately. I also need to fit my spare kick start shaft oil seal on final assembly! Oh well, at least it's progressing slowly :-)
  27. Sounds like piston slap through the choked up the engine warmed up fully or did you just start it and its still cold.
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