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  1. I had a 98 TX 270 for 8 years and it never let me down.
  2. When you fitted the new seal kit did you make sure you filled the caliper with brake fluid?. what I mean by that is when you were pressing the pistons into the housing was there fluid in that side of the caliper. If not then it will be an absolute pig to bleed.
  3. I have always used a semi synthetic at 75cc per 5 litres and never had any problem. I was advised to steer clear of fully synthetic due to trials engines not revving hard enough to burn it efficiently.
  4. I've had friends come and watch over the years and they found it not that interesting ( club level). as for Toni Bou..... one day he might come good.
  5. It's always better to be safe than sorry. I got everything for just over
  6. get a new side casing and seals. you will need to flush the gearbox through with ATF and also you will need to flush out the cooling system. common fault on Beta's.
  7. If it's trials boots your after try Hebo. I've had mine 12 years and their just starting to look like they need replacing.
  8. cracking photos.
  9. I've looking to get a new 300 Gasser......... from what I've heard I'm now not sure what to get....
  10. Move over Pam Ayres.......... there's a new kid on the block.
  11. Take the chain off and check each link. you will find one is tight and will be stiff to move.
  12. Great idea. would you aim it at children who have never ridden?
  13. mine took 5 days to arrive.
  14. I've always used BP5ES in mine.
  15. I used to run my 90's gasser on 60c oil per 4 litres and used a semi synthetic oil.