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  1. Could a standard machine do those sections ?
  2. I saw a report saying it was an easy trial !!! If it was easy what happened to Dabill and co ?
  3. Indeed, I dont ride anymore but still follow the results, World rounds and local club level. I attend Sheffield arena yearly. This man is a credit to trials and I was so happy to see him win again.
  4. neale

    5 Or 3 ?

    From the cameras angle I would say 5 but what view did the observer have ?
  5. Garden ??? do you have a map to find your way around ?
  6. neale

    Fantic 240

    I would sell it as it is and let someone else spend the money doing it up.
  7. what were you doing going over to the darkside Jimbo ?
  8. Manuel Giro and Co-Pilot Francisco Bulto
  9. I think Fuji lost a finger nail....big difference really.
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