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  1. pyramid ones don't fit.
  2. hear this is the blue I use. both B forks the 1 on the right is Monza blue the 1 on the left ford electric.
  3. I get a rattle can made up at my local Auto shop ford electric blue iv'e use Monza blue in the past it is a good blue but the blue that I use is better in my option slightly darker and its proper 2pk not the crap Halfords sell.
  4. yes I do in my work shop will look. to be honest I don't use the setting just do it by feel.
  5. make sure its tight a lot don't tighten them up enough then wonder why the Engine vibrates in some case brakes the ENGINE Mount.
  6. I just have them re balanced if there's no up and down play another way to check is rock the bottom to see if the big end as any worn bearings.
  7. Just done it on a 198 I sold the nice red 1 on eBay I use 2 bottom chain rubbers off a 199A bottom 1 bolts throw the mesh top 1 ii use a self taper screw works a treat.
  8. i use the 26mm and a qiet a few i know use 26mm runs very nice no issus straight from the box at a fraction off the cost just got 1 for my mate.
  9. I do Get them off the dealer.
  10. I have a oko on my 199A runs sweet
  11. It will need running in there's always something to Ajust
  12. You have to cut open the middle section off the down tube there's 2. Ways of doing it first you can cut the rear open where the exhaust gets bolted the Engine second is you can cut open near the bottom where it joins to the rear some 1 will have photos are I think there's a topic on it search for it. You need to clean all. The old crap out there's a perforated tube inside that slots into 2 collars take it out and clean then put back in. You need exhaust packing only cheap there's loose and pad type I use pad type cut into strips and wrap round the complete tube not to tight but not to lose stick the plate back on you cut open and weld up done am sure some have different methods.
  13. As Woody says the exhaust needs repacking I always get mine done on a new rebuild also if your engine as been rebuilt you will need to run the new piston in you will find the carburettor will need a few tune ups until the Engines run in.
  14. just ordered 2 oko carburettors 1 for me and 1 for a friend have you ordered the 26m or 28m?
  15. Mine dose run very crisp