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  1. I did Ask they said they are getting them when I don't know.
  2. 5 speed final end gear.
  3. The gear in my B and the spare gear cluster I have are both 25mm as wood say if the final end shaft is 30mm it would need a bigger sprocket where from I don't know I've had a few Bs never seen 1 I know the spacers can also be different ii guess its because they was running out off parts at the factory and Just Used what they had.
  4. Yes I have a spare 5 speed gear cluster I will take a photo latter and upload it.
  5. That's easy the only difference is the 5 speed is flat on the rear face the B as a recess on the rear reason for this was to fit the extra gear in.
  6. Privet sellers they was the only ones they had sadly.
  7. Hello Woody they came from Spain I bought them for some 1 that needed them however I also bought 1 from France for a spare and the complete gear cluster for the B
  8. Job well done
  9. Sorry for got about the hole its like that to make it easy to get the spring in hope you manage it ok should be enough so it springs back.
  10. Neil No not a regular thing to change the spring should likes years. only cut a very small amount off. I. Use I spring puller to wind it round the shaft needs to be in the correct position so you can get enough preload. Happy sore knuckles
  11. 199b gear box and New spare sleeve gear. this is a spare 199B gear cluster not easy to find.
  12. I bought 2 last year brand New.
  13. This is a crank I had done at my local engineers top job.
  14. As above you don't need a inline filter as you have normally 1 in the tank and 1 in the carburettor why do you need a 3thd.
  15. Yes ill come over in my privet jet this Afternoon. thanks for the info I think ill stay with points on the 340 and if I do decide to buy a electronic ignition I will buy the cheaper 1 from over here the ones I get are £100 cheaper.