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  1. drain bolt

    Can any 1 tell me what the bolt is under the front sprocket looks like a drain bolt it as a copper washer
  2. Detent plunger function?

    your better off just striping it there easy to work on done loads over the years the gear drum has what i describe has a flower where the plunger goes neutral is the bigger groove on the flower. make sure all gears are working before putting the other half off the crank case on and there's a small spacer that a lot lose that goes on the end off the kick start shaft.
  3. Bultaco 199a Frame Mods

    they look horrible if not done proper i have seen some nice 199As with the loop removed but i don't see the point n ruing a frame if its not done by some 1 who knows what there doing just my view. i do miss my 199A but i still have the 340 in bits when i can be bothered to rebuild it.
  4. Bultaco 199a Frame Mods

    the oko carb is just as if not beter than the Mikuni and a fraction off the price. the 199A is better left with the loop on in my option. just restoring another 199b
  5. scorpa sy tank

    I have looked on the web cant get it for plastic tanks hear in the uk the stuff for metal tanks wont work on plastic tanks.
  6. scorpa sy tank

    Checked to see if they sell a sealer for the plastic tank they don't only for alloy or steel so that's a dead end

    HI no this is a brand New carb complete with jets slide spring needle ECT I will not be touching it I will make somehing to go over the choke
  8. scorpa sy tank

    Hi I thought you could only seal metal tanks with that stuff I will have a look to be honest the paint is original and looks tidy few light chips but nice looking tank its the decals that wont stay on as you say this stuff will stop the fuel getting throw so the decals should stay on am just leaving it for now as I don't want to ruin a nice tank

    what is the capacitor? is it the metal box behind the cdi unit? its really tight in there not much room to play with ill have a closer look at your photos on the forum. I have put the Air box and everything back but I only did this to get an idea how things fit. this is brand new for the scorpa sy
  10. CDI UNIT

    OK PMK thanks JUST LOOKED good photos that's a big help ill have a look cheers.
  11. Carb

    I think it just perished and came off
  12. CDI UNIT

    thank you ill have a look tomorrow see if I can make it fit ill put some photos on hear
  13. CDI UNIT

    hello All the CDI UNIT on my bike is right on the top off the carb iv'e noticed its stopping the carb going into the reed block all the way is this Normal? there is a slot on the reed block and a lug on top off the carb to push into but the CDI UNIT is stopping it going any more forward? any help would be good. cheers bondy.
  14. Carb

    Hello pschrauber its the rubber that goes over the choke I will see if I can find something that will go over the nut on the bottom off the choke.
  15. Carb

    Any 1 any ideas what I can use for the choke rubber as it's worn I have a brand New carb in box spare but don' want to pull it spat.