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  1. It will need running in there's always something to Ajust
  2. You have to cut open the middle section off the down tube there's 2. Ways of doing it first you can cut the rear open where the exhaust gets bolted the Engine second is you can cut open near the bottom where it joins to the rear some 1 will have photos are I think there's a topic on it search for it. You need to clean all. The old crap out there's a perforated tube inside that slots into 2 collars take it out and clean then put back in. You need exhaust packing only cheap there's loose and pad type I use pad type cut into strips and wrap round the complete tube not to tight but not to lose stick the plate back on you cut open and weld up done am sure some have different methods.
  3. As Woody says the exhaust needs repacking I always get mine done on a new rebuild also if your engine as been rebuilt you will need to run the new piston in you will find the carburettor will need a few tune ups until the Engines run in.
  4. just ordered 2 oko carburettors 1 for me and 1 for a friend have you ordered the 26m or 28m?
  5. Mine dose run very crisp
  6. Did you put New piston kit in it? Regardless of that it could be a number off things timing have you replaced the crank seals? The Mikuni carburettor can be some times hard to set up. I've just not long ago put the o k o on my 199A runs very well straight out the box. Another thing witch is over Looked has the Exhaust been repacked? This can make a big difference to the running. of the bike my A has had full Engine rebuild by me con rod kit piston kit job lot runs sweet a lot only skimp on rebuilds then wonder why they don't run properly not saying you have just pointing it out.
  7. The carb needs setting sounds abit rough.
  8. Larry was a Good guy I had 1or 2 conversations very Sad RIP
  9. Hot Air gun that's all you Need no freezer if you already rebuilt a 198A then you will have no problem with the B the main bearings are just the same as the 198A I know many have there own method off doing the bearings.
  10. I had a S/S plate made for mine that was the shape off the Air box hat the rear with 2 welded bolts that fitted perfectly also I had a flat plate on the front with a welded bolt. Makes Life easier. If its a New Air box you will Need to drill the holes for the side panels be careful they need to be correct or the side panels wont fir proper I have a old B box cut up with the original holes I use as a template works a treat. The under the top bracket holes I do last so I drill the side panel holes first then put the rubber bugs in and pop the side panels on then offer the box up in position so I know how fare back or forward the box has to go
  11. Hello no spacers needed on the 340 Air box just gets bolted flat against the frame.
  12. Complete waste off time and money if you Ask me many have tried and failed the best tank to use for decals is alloy but don't see the point if your riding it unless you can get hold off 1 off the early plastic tanks with the printed decals they don't come off but do fade over time.
  13. Not if its plastic it will just fall off.
  14. I use the falcons on my 199A witch I find good.
  15. If it was me id just strip the motor down not what you want to hear but at least you will know what the problem is that way you can be sure.