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  1. thanks for the info I thought it would be easy but seems not my tank is not to bad to be honest so ill leave it cheers.
  2. Hello All can any 1 tell me if they have painted there tank?
  3. ok guys thank you for your Help i have the case off so may as well smarten it up going to buy S/S bolts Also. been trying to find a Water pump cover to protect it but having no Luck also the clutch and ignition case cover protector would be nice but no 1 seems to make them for the Scorpa.
  4. hello bult360 tryed the Water pump shaft in the New seal its a very tight fit.
  5. Hello what are you guys using to spray the Engine case? what shade off silver?
  6. Hi bulto360 thanks for the info there's no rot all clean am New to striping the modern bikes I wouldn't off thought the water pump shaft would get worn with it only going throw a rubber seal. but am only Guessing probably Wrong. but ill check it when I get round to it. on a different Not I took the clutch plates out dose any 1 have photos off witch way the steel ring goes?
  7. cheers budy ill let you know how it gose
  8. yes I have a new Water pump Seal. the old 1 was not easy to come out. Another question when I put the New coolant in do I just top the rad up to the top Sorry am New to modern trials Am use to the bultaco
  9. thank you may be that's the problem ill put fresh oil in and see how I go cheers.
  10. Hello Guys need your Help my 2007 Scorpa I just got I drained the oil to change it and Notice it being a Milky colour I have read a thread on hear that it may be the water pump seal or the head gasket I have took the clutch case off impeller on first glace the Water pump seal looked ok But looking closer at it the centre bit had a small rip not sure if this would be the problem? the coolant was clean green. the bike I was told had been stood for some time. any help would be great cheers Bondy.
  11. HI if I take my Exhaust off do I need to replace the O rings or can I reuse?
  12. hello what is the torque for the exhaust flange?
  13. IS PUTOLINE light ATF GEAR OIL OK??????????????????
  14. cheers guys mines 2 stroke what oil do you reomend ?
  15. Hello Guys help needed please just bought a 07 Scorpa SY 250 can you tell me what Engine oil is best also is it all 1 oil clutch and gear oil? cheers bondy.